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Some pictures

Durian tak tahu durian apa
Hard Rock Hotel
The view from our balcony
Another view from the balcony
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Sunday morning in Penang...24-7-2011

On sunday morning,brother in law said lets go for durian...Little did I know that the durian kebun ada animal farm.So cute...There was an ostrich and I told Lil one,daging ostrich sedap tau and she went ewwww!!! kesian the ostrich...
these are hedgehocks kan?
and look at the beatiful nice and peaceful.
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sunday morning

Morning Sunday ....
We are up north...I have showered and having my nescafe in the room while waiting for the rest to get ready for breakfast.

our dinner tonight

Kari Ikan semilang
1st round
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Morning wake up call

This morning Lil one woke me up at 4am,I set the alarm for 5am .She was so excited for the trip up north today and told her to sleep again and give me another few minutes to sleep if not the migraine will trigger the sudden waking up while all that time hubby was snoring music:)

After a liltte while longer,i woke up ...made nescafe and started making food to pack for Lil one.made her spaghetti and lots of tomatoe sauce.Called her to shower and almost immediately she stood up and showered.LOL...How nice if she could get up this easy for school.I wish!

We got ready and finally woke hubby up.Dia muka macam bad mood aje because he had been up doing his work.Bising la sikit pagi ni sampai kena tegur,boleh tak tak bising,I said...tak boleh...he he...My mulut is like this already,what to do.So we all got ready and met the group and started our journey.We stopped by at Rawang to have our breakfast and then stopped at Tapah for another round of makan.Continued our journey and arrived our destina…

cleaning session in progress

I have been ironing,folding,sorting,sweeping,reaaranging since morning. Before that I managed to slot half an hour at the gym.The never ending duties of being a housewife. Hmmm...errr... Especially when it comes to laundry. Arghh!! I cannot see clothes in the dirty clothes bin, I wash all the time and when the ampai is full of baju,I get irritated ,heh... Apa ni !!!Now dah relax watching biggest loser

8.24pm - waiting for malaysia v chelsea game to come on live . Watching in the comfort of my home. In the while watching law n order (svu)

wednesday morning

Morning my blog..finished kitchen duties and heading to wake Lil one up for school.
After that I have errands to run. Need to get some stuffs for our getaway this weekend. Hmmm cannot wait. Luggages almost need to be emptied,I hope to get a cd to transfer all the not forget!!
stuffs to bring is out at one corner. Swimmies and stuffs must not be forgotten.I just hope this flu and cough goes away.

My bestie and her family is joining us this weekend and we get to meet another bestie and her family while there. Its been a while. Bestnya.


Went for my one hour workout session this morning and felt so tired after.
Now I am heating up tempoyak to eat and watch tv:)

Saja ja je...

I am sitting with hubby having our breakfast .He is reading the paper and i am blog hopping:)love it early in the morning,reading blogs and getting ideas on what to write about or do today...This morning I woke up I felt like I want to be in an office.Going to work and feel important.Entah apa lah yang I mimpi semalam lah kan.Ha ha
This morning too I lectured at lil one to have some urgency in her.Boleh tak kalau bila mandi tu tak payahlah nak menyanyi and cuci toilet sekali.Habis sabun and bazir air I rasa.To her,bebelan ibu ni...masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri.Hmm apa apa pun I hope she listens to what I had to say.Nak makan vitamin thiis morning pun she questioned me,"Why do I have to eat this yucky vitamin" ...Ish makan vitamin pun susah.Dah la sekarang ni musim orang sakit.Nanti kejap kejap balik sakit.
Pagi tadi I masak kegemaran dia and habis makan.Seronok tengok she makan pagi pagi so that in school tak lah perut berkeroncong kan.I try to instill in her that br…


Its been nearly 2 years since my last purchase of wishlist...You can read it here  Seronoknya bila dapat shopping macam tu.I have been wishing for another handbag ,been saving up for it but still belum cukup:) H a h a. But this morning i was just browsing the net for the handbags and saw something new.La lagi lama la nak save up to buy my dream bag.Well actualy its not really a dream,just that i need to have it. Tapi as I grow older ni,I can tahan...keinginan untuk membeli...But I want it! Haish lambat pulak duit tabung tu nak penuh. Tried to cut and paste the gambar but cannot.They dont let people copy their pictures.Hmmm
Doalah banyak banyak lagi supaya murah rezeki:) note to self
Saw this at the deco shop earlier,So nice,So retro from my eyes

In the morning,gloomy weather,nice and quiet breakfast session

finding inspiration..

I was reading blogs about running ,cycling . Half marathon.full marathon. Not that I am keen to join but to get an inspiration to go to the gyn regularly again. I have been lazy this week. Arghh. I don't know why but I want to go. I don't wanna miss it. I want to feel and look good. Eventhough I am not losing the kilos but I feel great. Where is the feeling of wanting to go morning and night? Its gone into hiding that feeling. Oh please come back because in ramadhan I know I won't be going. Eek. Nanti baju raya x muat. O h o h!!
The feeling of rushing to the gym at every minute just thinking of it.please come back mood.I need to exercise daily because next week, I bet ya,I will be on food spree...
When I look at people on the road cycling in their racing bikes, I feel like having one and join them. I always wonder if I will ever have that kind of stamina to cycle..looking at their fit bods makes me want to workout harder. I know for sure their life is all about working ou…

pictures from yesterday

Assam Laksa makan di luar semalam
Durian Musang King hubby brought back,Yummy so berlemak
dah tinggal sikit aje i put in the fridge
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Baju raya.

Yesterday I tried uploading pictures but it couldn't go thru so I gave up didn't update my blog pun. I went shopping with ladies in the house. Got one jubah for second hari raya to match with Lil one's baju raya. Yeah,we still like to match each other :D for first raya, we got the same material and hubby will just use his old baju. Baju melayu can be recycle over and over again coz of its plain colours. This year I chose the theme color.Maybe next year either one of them can choose whatever color they want.So satisfied I got the jubah I always wanted. Cooling and simple. Just need to go and buy shoes.
I think Lil one dah cukup shoes, pantang masuk kedai kasut,ada aje yang berkenan.Lol Nasib dia belum crazy over handbags like me:D.
Bukan apa,seronok shopping time sale ni. Everything is on sale, just choose aje whatever you need.

Ok must get everyone up now.
Wondering where we're going for breakfast.


We had dinner at gramps house.Oh my goodness,Kenyang alhamdulillah.SyukurAda ikan belah belakang,Kari Ikan with Bendi,Pumpkin soup,Papadom,sambal belacan...After that we had durians...Ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive:)Sedapnya.Even Lil nephew tried some.
Lil one is busy with her handme down ipad...With her auntie in the room watching tv as well.
The adults are at the dining table,talking ,chatting,laughing,loud and calm voice all mixed together.Cuma tak cukup korum aje malam ni.Cousins semua not around.

Ok i am tired...been out the whole day today.
Gambar malam ni tak sempat nak snap because terlalu lapar.Ha ha!!


I am tired,it's very hot today.lilone came down with a bad sore throat.balik school her voice sounded like a monster,hehe She is doing her homework now by the pond and here I am blogging.
Oh and grandmother just called asking us to go over for dinner...yay Ada ikan belah belakang she said.It's a family tradition to always have that fish.

I am trying to have an easy going tradition with lilone, don't want to stress her too much with schoolwork.Hubby and I agreed cukuplah dah Ada basic foundation yang very regimented for primary school.Athome we want her to enjoy her childhood.once it's gone,it will be gone forever. since I am the one at home,I always remind her to play at home,to just relax and santai....don't take school subjects too skills is equally important.Keep on telling her that she must learn to be street smart as well.If YOU are street smart,you will survive whatever life brings you.

Ok,she is done with homework,playtime now.
I will upload p…
I don't know why I kept some stuffs too long. Maybe a very bad habit from me, semua benda sayang nak buang. But today I angkut all old hamper baskets and gave them to the cleaners. They like it,smiling accepting it. So there is no more buckets or baskets stacked up macam kedai bunga. Next I have to kemas is the clutter that I have pushed aside by the wall for over a week now. Just that I don't feel like sorting. Urghh.Just feeling happy that tak ada clutter in our bedrooms. I make sure that we have the peace of mind to sleep at night...enough about cleaning talk today.

Tonight I want to watch Prada to Nada... Hubby watched sikit last night and said "must watch" , I couldn't because I dozed off while he was starting to watch. LOL.
hopefully tonight I tak zzz again before the movie begins.

Lil one is drawing something bigtime in her room.We both rearranged her study table again. Hope she likes it.

Okdokie, must go find something to do.
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want to travel. Bad:)

Monday blues. Arghh so lazy! So late!! Oh my oh my.
Suddenly I have the urge to go to the airport. I want to travel. When on earth I don't know.I missed packing to travel. Ahhh!!I miss going to the airport eventhough we always have to wait for hubby who does everything last minute. Hah! Pack last minute, reach the airport last minute. I miss the rush of a feeling upon checking in at the immigration. I miss walking at the duty free shop, shopping before boarding. I miss getting on the aeroplane.I miss the feeling of counting hours to reach our destination. Oh I miss everything about travelling. I also miss the smell when I reach the destination. Call me crazy, but I am a sagittarius,I love my travels!!

Tergendala hajat nak upload gambar

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I wanted to upload gambar I took yesterday but this memory card doesnt fit hubby's laptop's.So frustrated.Never mind I will try and upload later.

We had our breakfast.Jalan kosong!!! Parking banyak,Bestnya:)
Roadblock pagi pagi dah nampak 2...different direction.

Lil one is watching you tube,with supervision of course.Hubby dok baca newspaper,Cepatlah dua orang ni,nak pergi dah nanti lambat...
Have a great Saturday you all..

this and that.. banyaklah pulak tulisannya. macam karangan.

I am supposed to sort stuffs out but I am not in the mood to declutter, exercise or anything for that matter. My mood is at a low point right now. With the news of the passing of a beautiful aunty 'b' since last night I was feeling stagnant.couldn't do or think about anything else .just recalling good memories of her.

Daily now I put the music on 24 hours on d ipod on low... I feel like I am living in a hotel minus d housekeeping ppl to make the house looking spotless.LOL..

Lil one woke up this morning dengan moodynya. Well,that's an everyday thing actually. Ha ha! Nak bangun liat but bila dah bangun ok aje.layanlah ragam anak yang masih boleh dilayan. Just sometimes turasa macam nak jerit je pagi. Hubby always bising to me...eleh..he also liat together,tu yang boring with me in the morning.. Why can't they be like me? Apakata I pun liat juga? Biar dia orang rasa macamana I rasa every morning? Hmmph memang tak ke skool,tak kerja,tak breakfast lah kalau I biarkan..


I was playing angry bird when I received bbm from sister saying that our family friend in the UK passed away. My heart dropped. Immediately the memories of her came back. From our visits to the Uk,from her(their) visits here... Everything came back flooding me. When how they opened their doors,took in my mom and dad when after dad had surgery there. They're like another set of parents to me and my siblings. She was ever such a bubbly character.I remembered back in 1999 visiting them in their home with my parents and little sister. The memories of spending time with them ..and another visit in 2005...slept over in their cute little house. How they entertained us and took us shopping. I can still remember. The thing that came to mind. How is he going to survive this. They are each other's soul mate.

Aunty 'b',may you rest in peace. To uncle 'o' from afar, please accept our deepest condolence. I pray that you remain strong during this difficult moment.
I wish I …
I have been reading this one blog my cousin suggested and cannot stop reading.
Today I made sure I finish my housework before getting on the sofa and start blogread...:p

I was cleaning earlier on and texted with bestie at the same as to how I need her in my house to declutter for me. Heh.Sound so selfish kan but she's a cleanaholic.I was thinking about her minimalism and inspired to clean. And she said she feels like a therapist.LOL.

I tell you her house is so clean and very minimal. She keeps her house in top condition at all times and I admire her for that. I am such a messy person but at the same time trying to teach lil one to live minimally. Hmmm. How will I succeed in doing that I am still figuring it out.
I hope I will do better each day.
I remembered when I have just gotten married to the most eligible bachelor in town, his house was spotless but kesian him as he lived with me day by day, he is becoming like me. Haish. Cannot jadi ni. Haritu while I was going thru the d…
I haven't been blogging lately. I feel that I have nothing to write about,but I miss it..haha very fickle. So today I want to blog about me being lazy. Not even in the mood to go to the gym.what is going to happen to me? Ramadhan is coming I know for sure I take larat nak workout.must push myself la like mood at all. I have this round of mood less every 2weeks it me! Housework pun,jangan haraplah Ada mood. On the home front I was cleaning last week like I am moving,seronoknya bila Ada mood because semua benda I nak clean.Tried to organise stuffs ikut container,ok lah since I have quite a few barring to keep,that's the best way to do it.The ones that I don't want anymore,I donate or recycle.