Baju raya.

Yesterday I tried uploading pictures but it couldn't go thru so I gave up didn't update my blog pun. I went shopping with ladies in the house. Got one jubah for second hari raya to match with Lil one's baju raya. Yeah,we still like to match each other :D for first raya, we got the same material and hubby will just use his old baju. Baju melayu can be recycle over and over again coz of its plain colours. This year I chose the theme color.Maybe next year either one of them can choose whatever color they want.So satisfied I got the jubah I always wanted. Cooling and simple. Just need to go and buy shoes.
I think Lil one dah cukup shoes, pantang masuk kedai kasut,ada aje yang berkenan.Lol Nasib dia belum crazy over handbags like me:D.
Bukan apa,seronok shopping time sale ni. Everything is on sale, just choose aje whatever you need.

Ok must get everyone up now.
Wondering where we're going for breakfast.


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