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Goodbye 2009

Welcoming 2010 dengan penuh kesyukuran.
Going to my nephew's 10th birthday party .Its a birthday party cum New Years Party...
Going to the salon..Need a haircut really bad.
Then going to find a baju for tomorrows party.Not for me but for Lil one.I wish I can sew tapi tak reti...I have so many ideas for baju budak budak...hmmm
Okdokes..later bloggies

Outing with sister and cousins

Oh Wow...I am so so so tired!!Its been a while since I experienced and all day outing.Oh my goodness...teruknya kepenatan and I look ugly at the end of the day.Wow no wonder lah my Lil one was quite grumpy towards the end of the day.Tired definitely.

Luckily I didnt shop much.We had something at the loaf this morning and it cost us about rm28
Then got myself a red baju for the 31st birthday party..that cost about rm 116.00 and Got a lil present for my Lil sister's birthday tomorrow.
After that sat down at La Bodega...everyone ordered and we went Dutch..I had to pay Rm 38 something.
Went to Coffee Bean in Mt kiara spent Rm 11 something for my drink.Went to the minimarket got a few things that cost me about rm 25.90
So overall today tak banyak sangat spend.I have to watch out on what I spend on.Need to be frugal but this is once in a while

Back home at 9.30 pm and kaki rasa so lenguh...Oh my goodness..
Lil one is in bed.
I need to sleep

Exhausted meaning what?

I am exhausted.I ni dah tua tapi tak nak mengaku tua..he he he...Anak yang ada playdate,I PULAK yang letih semacam ...Ha ha ha

We went out mula mula to visit Mom and Dad at their house in town...Everyone was there except for my hubby and my kakak's hubby.
Lepak had lunch there and then after zohor proceeded to the playdate's destination.Bestnya they havent seen each other for almost a year and today they met they hugged.
This lil friend of Lil one is living abroad already but me and her mommy try and get them together so that they will always remember that they became friends when they were just 3...This lil friend of Lil one is so tall...
Lepak and lepak another friend came with her baby.So nice to see babies..:)

After that at around 6pm we left to go meet my Cuzzie..lepak for a bit before she had to leave for another cuzzie's house.

I got invited to two dinners but had to offer my apologies...coz I'm so exhausted...
Dah beberapa hari tak update di sini.
Bukan apa,terlalu busy.

Nothing much to tell ...ada la a few but not in the mood to update.
Outing with the kids but sedapnya teringatkan ikan ni...:)

Dessert ...

Tadi lepas dinner at Ajidon ,Lil one wanted Taufoofah so we headed to PappaRich.
You can tell that its catered at an upmarket location coz yang datang nampak ada style...he he he
Yang tak laratnya the servicing staffs...They dont quite understand our language..hmm itu aje part yang susah bila nak order food...Hmm..The owner of the place came to our table to introduce himself and thank us for supporting his business...We had desserts tonight...Full tummy balik rumah
Wonder whats going on in my head at the moment...
Last night in mummy's kitchen we were talking about being pregnant..Nice conversation.
This come as a sudden surprise...Hmm slip of the tongue...Hmm..

Wonder if I'm secretly wanting another baby?I donno.
After losing 3 babies at 8 weeks..I redha dengan dugaan ALLAH
I grieved but never recovered from the helpless feelings.

Swimming and makan sessi

At gramps...
Itulah lauk budak budak tadi...

Coffee session with my cousins and sisters

Bila weather macam ni punya panas teringin pulak nak minum watermelon juice...Lil one dah masuk bilik...
Now is my turn to go have a shower and solat and then come and upload piccas and do some housework.

Happy Birthday LiL nIecE...

Happy Birthday Lil Niece
Party Pack in the bag... We went to a birthday party today.Seronok because we had all the time to chat and catch up with cousin who came back from Down Under..They're on holidays.Seronok because dapat jumpa Lil nephew yang dah pandai cakap sikit sikit and so cool to sit down and lepak .

After party we headed to my kakak's house and we all had a really great time chatting,make jokes,talking ,laughing...We had dinner we had coffee,nescafe,milo...he he...We had so much to talk about ..Seronoknya,just like old time sake. We have plans to go out very soon all of us together cousins...go shopping and go coffee beaning:D Okdokie...I'm tired.Need to shower and go to bed.
Went out for Lil one's class this morning,Hubby went to work so I drove out this morning.Usually Saturday hubby yang drive .I ate breakfast alone while waiting for Lil one to finish class.I ordered for her Spaghetti before driving to my kakak's house to feed the cats.
I looked up the sky and it is so mendung.I regretted not bringing my Canon...
After drove home.Singgah at the management office to pay bil air.Naik atas lil one said she nak tengok dvd ,I said ok go ahead.I need to do housework before sending her again to dance class pulak:D

Starting young

Lil one said she wants to start her own business,selling her artwork:)Kalau ada pembeli,let me know...Childrens drawings..
he he
Since its a public holiday.I started washing and doing laundry .And I managed to do many many loads but since it started raining,haiyo...need to susun them nicely so that it wont kena hujan.
Lil one is having mashed potatoes and I'm still cleaning.
Tadi ingat nak keluar la bawak Lil one but the mood to clean is stronger ..he he

Hubby said later la we go out and eat.

Hannah Montana

We were browsing for clothes and my bestie saw she took one for her and I took one for Lil one...They're gonna wear it together for the next outing:)
Today is a public holiday .Awal Muharam.
Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Today LiL one woke up so late...actually just woke up.
Seronoknya dia school holiday tidur lambat bangun lambat...


Lil one woke me up this morning and then she went to sleep again.
This morning I have decided not to do any laundry because yang sidai tu pun belum kering lagi.Hujan punya sebab:)

I am waiting for Lil one and hubby to get up.I need to go do some banking and then have an outing with my bestie and her Lil one.

And after that need to send Lil one's school books to Lil sister to wrap :)And after that need to go cat sit at my kakak's house.They're off yet again...


Its been a while since my sisters and cousins went out for coffee...So today my lil sister ,Lil one and I went out for coffee...Bestnya and we teringatkan zaman masa dulu dulu...Coffee all the time..most of the time...all together...bestnya...

Cant wait for my cousin to come home for a holiday.We have so many plans!!
Last night my kakak cooked dinner for my birthday
We went there to eat and kopi session after at the gazebo like old times...
Thank you to hubby who listened to Lil one and got me a cake:)

Thank you Sisters for the presents..

Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)
I have been decluttering...What a lovely birthday present eh?
I guess today I'll have the most post . I have just finish cleaning my room and Lil one's room Lil one is in my toilet scrubbing the walls:D Yeah you got to train them from young so that when You're old..they're there to do the dirty work...hee hee Ok now I need to go and check what need to be done... Contemplating going out actually...Kalau keluar habis duit,kalau tak keluar its my birthday...I am entitled to go out and spend a lil $$$ right? See how la coz I am so lazy to shower and get ready. Clothes banyak nak kena lipat...haiyo!!
Hello Hubby,Hello Lil one...Its 1o something already.And Its my birthday,Wake up Lah...

I am washing laundry,what is new eh?Tried to declutter ...heh...this is not the day.

I wanna wait for Lil one to get up so that we can get ready.Planning to go out to shop...
And also to view new bedding for Lil one..Aikk?Isnt it my birthday?Shouldnt I be at an LV boutique?he he...

Well I'll wait for them to get up so that I know what the plan is for today....

O oo Lil one is up and ran to me wishing me "Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy" Oh that made my day!!!

Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)

Happy birthday to Me...

It doesnt matter how old I am now,I know I have grown mentally,physically,emotionally:):) Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday...I love you all for the rest of my life. Mak and Ayah called me up while I was still sleeping this morning and recalled how I was when Mak gave birth to me...How I cried,How I was as a baby...He he Ayah asked,"Are you taking your hubby out tonight?" I said Yeah I can do that..Considering Hubby is not in a situation to take or give me anything at the moment..:D They also pesan to me Jangan Lupa ALLAH,Solat and Berzikir Love you Mak and Ayah To my Hubby who was the sixth person to wish me Happy Birthday,he asked,"How come I'm not number One?:)...he he he Thanks Love!!! With or without dinner or presents,I'm growing old with you!! Both sisters wished me Happiest Birthday Ever..Love you sisters!!!What would my life been like without sisters like you both To Acik who called me just now,I love you Acik!!Thank you and dont worry ,at this a…

In a few hours...

Coz I drank 4 glasses of ice white coffee...I felt like puking 2 hours after..Ha ha...
Ok I cannot drink coffee like that anymore...

Its nearing midnite...

I'll turn another year older tomorrow...Hmmm...

Cannot imagine the pain my mom had to go thru giving birth to me and how she had to endure my colic...For 4 months it was difficult for me to sleep.

And what a grumpy baby I was...

Thank you God for giving me life.Thank you Mak and Ayah for bringing me into this world.
I owe you both for what I am today.Thank you.

I love you both forever...

Happy Early Birthday to me:D

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Went out with my LiL kAZen...We had lunch and spent time talking and talking and talking.How nice...Its been a while..

Thank you Lil kazen for Lunch:D
Today Lil one got invited to a futsal party.
So she dressed up in football attire and went to the party.

I didnt know what to expect out of her because usually when there's only boys at a party she'll just sit by my side..but today since there was another girl who attended she joined in the fun...But its funny tho to see how girls react to the ball coming towards them..They screamed..ha ha and all the mommy's there laughed and saying ,"aww how cute"
Ha ha

After that we headed to my kakak's house.
They arrived from their holiday .As I stood there met all of them...the story about nephew down under came up.How clever he is only at 20 months he is such an intelligent boy.

I miss that lil nephew of mine...Cant wait for them to come back for a holiday

Brother in Law took us out for dinner at Hartamas and then I send my lil sister home.

We chatted along the way and by the time we reach her house,she couldnt even open her eyes...

Lil one said in the car,mommy can we go home …


Counting hours for them to arrive.Lil one is excited as I am.
Ya I miss my baru pergi holiday sekejap aje...dah rindu bagaikan apa..he he

Later we will be going to my sister's house..Yay cant wait..but sure they all tired giler right?Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)

Was about to go and sleep hubby said tolong chargekan camera Lil one.He wants to use it tomorrow,ada kerja.

Alamak...tak jumpa la mana taruk camera Lil one so i transferred all my pictures from my old canon and formatted the card.Told him tomorrow pakailah my old canon but batteries kena beli sendiri lah..he he.

Ok lah I want to sleep nanti terlewat pulak nak bangun esok.

I am excited because my sisters are coming back soon!!I miss them a lot.Yeah we sisters are a bonded lot...We were trained by Mom and Dad to be close to each other and depend on each other masa susah and senang.

So when they're away,I miss them!!


This morning I woke up I took the day so easily.I didnt have to wake anyone up:)I let them sleep in...

I think they woke up at about 10.30 am...

Hubby made french toast for us .
Got ready we went out of the house by 12noon.
Since dah pukul 12 I told hubby why not you drop us at the shopping center and you go for your solat Jumaat and then pick us up after that.

He did exactly that.

Lil one and I browsed for birthday presents for so many little kids...
So many born in December so we went present hunting:)

We managed to get 3 at that shopping center and then Lil one and I headed for lunch so that when Hubby dah sudah,we also dah makan.

Sent hubby to pick his car up and we went our seperate ways.

We headed to another shopping center.Oh mygoodness,silap terbesar la because Selangor cuti so orang ramai yang xmas shopping...hmmm but since I had to go look for birthday presents lagi,I redah lah the parking.Luck was on our side,tak lama tunggu dapat parking.

Walk up the walkalator dengar music so loud.R…
This morning took her to her class and then hubby came and joined me for breakfast...He picked up Lil one and then we did our normal regular thing during breakfast,Makan,dok main game,sembang,main computer...Ya we are very santai family.

After that hubby went off and Lil one and I proceeded to feed cats at sisters house.
Duduk punya lama coz Lil one was watching tv and I cleaned the cats area and played with them...

Told Lil one we kena balik before it rains .

So we got back home she requested for Pasta Goreng.

I made some for her and now she's relaxing by watching dvd's...

I need to fold clothes..ish ish ish malasnya....

But have to do it before hubby comes back:)
Oh We wished Mom and Dad happy anniversary very early in the morning

My bestie and I -outing

Yesterday I went out with my bestie and our kids...They've been friends since Lil Aj was 6 months old and now Lil Aj is 6 and a half years old.Oh wow!! My bestie and I couldnt stop talking and comparing the kids now and when they were younger.Lil Aj is very protective over Lil one..Can tell..Lil Aj is turning into a fine young boy!!
They share the same character,the same ambition can you believe it?:)

We took them to the bookstore and they were looking at books like there's no tomorrow.
After that we just hung out and chat some more and the kids sat down at one corner playing with their Ds and Gameboy.They sat for an hour before they started with something else..

Its amazing to see how our kids are growing up.Lil Aj is going into Year in 2010 hmmm how time flies.

We went off at about 6 pm and promised that we will catch up very soon.
Might go swimming the next time around

Lil one is maturing very fast!!!

I dont know what to feel...because I just had a heart to heart talk with my Lil one.

She was on her bed getting ready to sleep and then suddenly an outburst from her.I terkejut.

She came apologizing to me ,crying and kept on telling me "I'm sorry mommy I'm sorry MOmmy" I was like ok,what happened?You were alright before bedtime..

She said this : You know mommy sometimes I'm naughty,I never listen to you..

I said : Hmm ok ,why?

She said : I'm sorry mommy,I always never listen to you and make you angry

I said : Ok come here and sit down,Lets chat.

I said: You know I'm proud of you,You're always on your best behaviour ,cuma when you're tired or hungry you'll be a lil difficult but after a word or two you'll be alright..

She said : Ya but I'm sorry mommy,like just now I showed my tongue to you

I said : Ya sometimes things like that you do ouf of geramness,i can understand but in the end you listened.Thats more important

I said: You know I love you,w…


Tiba tiba tadi masa hubby tengah masak,I terasa nak rearranged my tv cabinet punya barang barang.So I decluttered.Seronok betul rasa sebab dah lama tak declutter or maybe I was reading a bloggers post today about her being busy decluttering:)

So ada lah lagi sikit barang barang yang nak dikemas.
I'm watching Jon & Kate...

Hubby dok story time dengan Lil one.

Tomorrow I have so much to do thats why nak tidur awal malam ni.

Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)

Cat sit

We keluar from the house right after Zohor and proceeded to Lil sister's house to feed the cats.
When I entered the house,the cats was so excited to see a human..ha ha!! Belum 24 hours kena tinggal dengan Mom pun...Food dah habis.water I gave them food and kemas tempat they all hang out.

After that we lepaked makan Nasi Lemak..

Sembang sembang in the car we lalu at the club coz hubby wanted to see what Lil one and I was talking about...Club dah we proceeded to our next destination next.

Now sitting down having nescafe with hubby...

Our Sunday as a family are spent like this usually:DDo comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)
Maybe because I teringat sangat about the relative who passed away,last night I dreamt I saw a baby...I dont know... I woke up feeling somewhat mixed up feeling I am sad teringatkan **** yang meninggal semalam because it happened nearer to the family. My feelings are somewhat I dont know how to describe. On another note ,I am busy today. Waiting for Lil one and hubby to get up so that we can start our Sunday. Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)

The after thought

I was in a dazed after coming home from the hospital. I thought about the relative who passed away.Bukannya I nak question GOD but I feel so small today..When its your time its your time. I feel sad . I feel empty. I can feel sorrow and gloom I cannot imagine how her mother must be feeling. How she's going to go thru the lost of her firstborn. How she's going to cope in the coming months. How she's going to grief? How the other kids going to face this next few critical days? How the grandmother must feel How her father must feel? I cannot Imagine cuma I mampu sedekahkan Al fatihah

Al fatihah

This morning hubby and I drove out to pick Lil one up from her gramps then mom called saying Lil one belum bangun,macamana nak pergi ke class...hmmm Ok la told mak,I'll pick her up later. Went breakfast wx hubby and then headed to get a birthday present for a cousin. On the way to pick up Lil one,I received a phone call from my cousin from Dad's side ,I picked up the phone,she was crying,I knew something was wrong...I asked her slowly and then she said this," Mommy,**** dah tak ada...Inalillahiwainahirajiun... Ya ALLAH kak,what happened...My first thought was accident ke...And my cousin said no she batuk dah lama but dr cakap there's nothing wrong. Ya ALLAH,Astaghfirullahulazim...Kak,be strong ye kak I immediately call Dad and informed him and Dad terkejut and he and Mom immediately went to ziarah at the hospital. Lil one was left with my grandauntie and I went to pick her up and asked her if she wanted to stay or follow me to the hospital...She said she wanted to stay so I…

Selamat Pergi & Selamat Balik

Went to my sister's house petang tadi to wish them Happy Holidays. Eeee seronoknya dapat travel. Those things I did before our downturn. The thing I love most is travelling!!I love it! Anyway,hope they enjoy every moment of it. Hubby is watching tv.I'm reading a very interesting blog regarding religion.It makes me want to read my books re: Religious books. Pejam celik pejam celik,dah 2 minggu cuti sekolah.In 4 weeks time,they're gonna start school again and the routine begins again. So all of us are enjoying the holidays.No routine but hubby said Bedtime and Makan time still follow the normal routine. Goodnight my blog!! I shall blog again tomorrow

Laziest Day

Since Lil one had a sleepover last night I didnt have to rush for anything this morning. I think this is my laziest day of the year 2009 Washed a load of laundry.Thats all. No folding clothes no clean anything else.MALAS Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)

Dinner -salmon and crabstick salad

Went to sisters house,took a book along but didnt have the chance to read. I received a very disturbing phone call from someone and it worsen my mood for the day.Chat about half an hour and then went inside and lepak at the dining table sembang with Mom ,Big Sister and Lil sister.We talked and talked,best sangat!! After that Dad and brother in law came to join the chit chat session. Hubby came a while after that...Cerita zaman masa kecik ,seronok sangat.. After that about nearly 11/30 semua nak balik. Lil one and her cousin followed gramps.They're having a sleepover...excited sangat sangat budak budak tu..he he... Hubby and I drove home. Now I'm here typing this. Tomorrow yet another session of chit chatting... Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)

A book tonight

Going to my sisters house for dinner.I think I will bring a book to read:)


I think I cried I sad

today is the day to think. Think about what is right what is wrong Today i thought about what makes us vulnerable.What makes us mean something. Today I think. Think about the negativity. How someone's negative energy can make people feel this way Today i am sad thinking that there is such people in this world. Today I made a decision about something very crucial Today I think I think that no matter how you sympatize with ungrateful people,they'll never come to realise that sometimes other people need help more than them. Today I cried.Today I am sad Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)
Want to go to bed now.Tomorrow I hope I feel much better because I need to go run errands.I need to send a luggage to my sister and I need to go and pay a few things.Hmm.. I am going to watch tv and fall asleep. Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)

My books

My books,My lovely books.I read em when I lie down and rest.I take my books everywhere I go.I read my books whenever I get the chance.I cant live without my books.These are my treasured property. Well tengah tak sihat pun I snap picture jugak...Saja menenangkan jiwa.

Feeling a lil better

I am feeling much better.Maybe because dapat attention from hubby:D I kemas the house a bit coz it looked like tempat kucing beranak...but there's still so many things to clean.Tunggu esok Lah I think Lil one have been entertaining herself watching dvd,playing dress up,drawing,main masak masak with her dolls...main mak mak:D Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)
Not feeling too well... Since my period have always been irregular,this is the worst ever.The cramp and the back pain is the worst feeling.I dont know as I GROW older,its getting worse.Hmm Ok la enough about my pain. Lil one had her time on FB just now playing fv . Hubby is still sleeping.He is recovering from our holiday and yesterday he went south for a day trip.So pagi ni I woke him up he said give him another 10 minutes. 10 minutes have passed,he look like he wants to sleep in so I let him. Just hope he tak bangun terkejut and marah me later for not waking him up. Lil one had her soup roast for breakfast and I am trying to clear my luggage yang penuh dengan baju. Lil sister is coming tonight to borrow a luggage.She's going for a trip with Big sister:) Seronoknya they all,hope they will all have fun My duties masa they all tak ada is to catsit my Lil sister's cat n my cat yang she bela. So that should be a fun filled week ahead:D Ok la I nak baring and continue what I have to do later…
Still not feeling to well.I'm going to sleep early tonight.
Hope this headache goes away.I dont like headaches

Honey Pancake

Teringin pulak nak makan pancake honey...Mmm Yummy

I feel a little better already.But I know I need to makan ubat too...

Need this pain to go away quickly..

Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)

Not in the mood

Bangun early jugak this morning then slept back.Couldnt get up because Migraine,pening,back pain,body pain.Luckily Lil one tak byk meragam pun.Forced myself up to make soup daging and nasi.

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