My bestie and I -outing

Yesterday I went out with my bestie and our kids...They've been friends since Lil Aj was 6 months old and now Lil Aj is 6 and a half years old.Oh wow!! My bestie and I couldnt stop talking and comparing the kids now and when they were younger.Lil Aj is very protective over Lil one..Can tell..Lil Aj is turning into a fine young boy!!
They share the same character,the same ambition can you believe it?:)

We took them to the bookstore and they were looking at books like there's no tomorrow.
After that we just hung out and chat some more and the kids sat down at one corner playing with their Ds and Gameboy.They sat for an hour before they started with something else..

Its amazing to see how our kids are growing up.Lil Aj is going into Year in 2010 hmmm how time flies.

We went off at about 6 pm and promised that we will catch up very soon.
Might go swimming the next time around


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