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Its Saturday noon and we're at one of the kopitiams in town.Hubby and the lil one had a good quiet time with their laptop .One doing his work and the other playing games.
Weather is too hot and the music is making me sleepy.
My sissy is also here...K


Everywhere SALE Urggghhh...Turn to the right sale turn to the left sale ..Talking about SALE I'm proud to say that I dont shop like I used to do anymore..I will definitely browse and check and see whats interesting but I dont simply buy.I will come home and think whether I really need that thing that I like or is it just because I needed to buy.Luckily I've grown older and realized that SALE is the time when its so dangerous to shop.
I saw something that I like last 2 months and I've started saving to buy that thing but we will see when I have enough money if I still want that thing.
This is the way I teach my daughter too.
When hubby give her pocket money in the morning she will always say,'No thanks Daddy,I dont want to waste money'hmmm where does she get that from if not me.And then daddy will ask "What are you saving up for" .She replies with this,"We got to always think about other people yang susah" "How other people sometime dont even h…


To my husband's bestfriend and family for the passing off his father.


Today my day started with everyone I came in contact with smiled at me...
Its a pleasant sight.And it made my day.I like to feel that way. We live in a harmonius country eventhough sometimes people forget that to start your day fresh,just smile a lil.Acknowledge the person you come face to face with.
Evershop shop that I passed by today,those people owners I assume smiled and I smiled back.
So today I'm going to let the day go by smiling more:)

Taking peple for granted

I wonder how far does it go .For those who takes other people for granted.Dont they realise that you cant treat people that way.What goes around comes around.I believe in that saying.Never take advantage of people and never allow people to take you for granted.

Salam@Shaking hands

That was the topic hubby and I discussed about this morning.How we train and teach our child to learn her first rule of respecting her elders.We both hope we have instilled in her a good habit .It was a long way journey because we realized that everytime we remind her to salam she'll shut down and act all shy.We keep on insisting because thats the basic rule.If you grow up and dont know how to salam,then your parents sure didnt instill it in you since young.So we both agreed that SALAM is a must...then comes the kiss kiss and huggings..

I grew up with my parents reminding me all the time even till now mom will always remind us.I dont mind,really

We as parents try our best to bring her up with the best possible upbringing.We hope that when she grows up she will always remember that in this world if you know how to respect your elders,people will always think the best of you...We do make mistakes too but we both learn from it.

I know as a Muslim wife I should also do that to my hubby.I…

A good start in the morning

Hubby and I went to the market.He wanted to have breafast there and I had to go buy some meat to cook.I browsed to the usual Kedai Bakul but nothing is new so I saved my money from that shop today.Went to get cupcakes Delicious:)And I headed down to the stall downstairs .There's a man selling books and Cd's of Islam..We bought some books and cd's for all of us.I'm so happy.
On the way home hubby and I chatted about us getting older and getting wiser.I believe its time for us to settle down and go that way in our life.Slowly I guess.

Earlier on at the market I texted my sister and said that we're at the market having our breakfast...No one ever imagined that I hang out at the market:)She laughed by text...hee hee

I know someday hubby,our child and I will go this way in our life...I'm reading more on it and begin to understand more too.Like everyone said why wait till you're older to start with your duties and beliefs but I guess everyone one of us have differe…


Lets just talk about this
what happens when you send out invitations to your child's friend and their parents simply dont bother to rsvp.What do you think of that?I personally think its rude to not rsvp.Some have the chick to reply right before the party and what can you say as a person,You cant just say no its too late but you wished you could say that.Right?

To anyone who is reading my post ,if you have friends who does that or anyone who knows anyone who does it,just tell or remind them as a friend,they should at least have the courtesy to rsvp.
Lets change the way we think,react and behave .Just because we're Asians doesnt mean we're less mannered..Just imagine how you would feel if people do that to you.

I believe some people just need to be taught from zero.We were taught from young how to bring ourselves.We sometimes should think out of the box.Dont be selfish.Think of others as well
This blog is about what  happens in my daily life..Today I experienced something that we Malaysians take for granted..I think I'm a well mannered person...I was browsing in Ikea today and had to cross path with a very rude man I can say...I said "Excuse me for passing thru and he snub me ...Right then and there I said in my heart some of these people they simply dont belong...I hate that feeling when I'm being nice to people and they look at me like I come from another planet.I dont know why these people are just plain snobbish...I am a mommy and I try to teach good values to my child but  sometimes  she tells me how rude some people can be.Then I will always remind her that we shouldnt be snobbish ...We should always be nice to people,hold the door for someone behind you,Say your Please and Thank You's..If you're in a long queue at the bookshop or supermarket and see that someone else is in a hurry ,let them go first.So far my child and I will always remind each …