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I Am having breakfast with hubby...sedap minum nescafe tarik panas hujan hujan ni...
The place is packed with people..when you perhati...every table macam macam character manusia... Ada yang makan in silence.. Ada yang reading newspaper ,ada yang ber BB... Ada yang dok menghilai ketawa...apa agaknya joke joke yang didengar pagi pagi ni...macam macam ragam manusia..

As hubby is engrossed with his email checking tu I blog lah...

sunday...the hardest..

Sunday morning... LIl one had her spaghetti bolognese she didn't finish yesterday..hubby is still sleeping. I am waiting to cook..washing laundry as well.

Yesterday while hubby was trying to see what's wrong with the car..he texted me saying.."I don't know what's wrong with the car.. Its not the battery!! "
Our car broke down again for how many times already...
I said,"kesian kita" he said " tak apelah, sabar"

Yeah..when you live in kl.. Without a car means patah kaki.. How to go to school? How to go to extra classes?
Sad la jugak coz after being left with one car..our routines got harder and had to share the car back and forth..but we managed. But with the only car broke down...mati kutu dibuatnya...

Its ok we're being tested..I redha..

Its difficult but I have to show a strong face to hubby and also lil one..

Lil one is learning everyday that money doesn't come eaSy..

Updated: cooked!! Goreng ikan kunyit and daging cili padi.


So happy that Lil one's room is clear of stuffs...its it. When we have the money,just need to change her bed..I think she'll enjoy a queen bed...
The masterbedroom is also cleared of clutter. Just a bed and tv console with tv ontop. Need to change the big tv to a flat screen when we have the money insya ALLAH..
The living room is cleared.its minimal.coFfee table and sofas.

Kitchen still need to declutter.
Dining area need to be minimalised too
Laundry area need to be cleared of stuffs as well..
Then I 'll be the happiest person

I need to clean tomorrow.
Stuffs needed clothes in the closet;)
Food in the kitchen
Some picture frames
empty dining table


Am I a sensitive emotional soul? How come I feel that I am being judged?why do I feel that way? Why do I feel like people are talking and questioning my position?HOw come I have this feeling?
I am in a place that everything I say or do is under watchful eye?

What should I do? Who do I talk to? What should I say? How do I say it?should I just keep it to myself? Should I say something back?

Hmmm... I wonder what people get being like that!!

In normal conversations...why do people have to make an insult of everything?why? Why do people always have something bad to say?why? In my heart I always question why.are we so perfect that we can insult anybody we want? Am I stupid or silly for not joining in?does that make me a bad person or a better person?

I don't understand lah!!!

I don't question people but why do people question me???
I don't like.

I don't know what's going to happen...but I definitely don't want to grow old that way...may ALLAH protect me!!

my best friend lost her mom recently...

Tonight baru ni I received sms from my bestfriend that she lost her mother last day of ramadhAn baru ni... I was shocked eventhough I knew that her mom had problems.inalillAhiwainailairajiun.. Al fatihah.

She and I havE been best of friends since standard 3.she is one of the 3 primary friends that I keep in touch with.

To my friend I pray that you'll be strong . I cannot imagine the pain but can understand the loss you're facing...I hope you my friend stay strong and redha dengan kehendak illahi.semoga rohnya ditempatkan dikalangan orang orang solehah.amin.

like a resort

Can I live like in a hotel? Maksudnya...I can not have clutter and stuffs! Can we just have a closet of clothes all sangkut and sparkling toilet with a scented candle?:D imposibble!!!! But I am getting there...tadi was sorting paper clutter and found important recipts and I threw some paper junks and continued with clothes clutter pulak.. I have put aside 2 plastic bag of clothes to be donated and after this going to continue cleaning.

I'd rather have a peace of mind looking at empty spaces than looking at clutter and stuffs yang menyemak kan rumah...
Sikit lagi my dream come true!!yipeee
I rearranged sofas and some other furniture in the house.
Bookshelf, speakers and old amps will be donated pretty soon.

Since haritu I said I wanted to clear the luggage.. Belum datang mood. I hope after this the mood will come back.
Bedrooms are in minimal condition.

So happy!!

Knick knacks need to be thrown away.
There's one big trolley of jumks- off to recycle box soon!! SOON!!


Note to self: if the heaviest woman who weighs 186kg on biggest loser asiA can walk on the treadmill for 20mins I should do better than that right...I have started walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes and on the crosstrainer for 5 mins..I cannot do more than that on the cross trainer because I feel my heart beating so fast..
With their vigorous training, the can lose up to 15 kilos a week.that is amazing!!
Today I missed going to the gym.
I must go tomorrow.

I am the person who don't like to exercise but I am forcing myself to do it.I have a personal target before I turn have to keep reminding myself that I must do this. No giving up!!!


Its monday again and school routine starts again.. Everything is ready for a new monday after a long eid mubarak break..
This yeAr LIl one learned to fast more ..she enjoys it...easier for her cause she doesn't eat much anyway:) great job dear...

berhari raya...

Went to brother in law's house and berhari raya...more to lepak session...Lil one had fun with her cousins...they played for hours...while the adults chit chat coz dah lama tak bergather gather..:)

They moved into a bigger unit.. And I fell in love with the space they have.. be paying so cheap and having that big a space...I started dreaming...
How I wish to have more space...kenen kat hubby tadi.. He said insya ALLAH..soon,sabarlah..
Not to say I tak bersyukur ada tempat berteduh.. I am ..maybe just melayan perasaan kot.

Ye lah terkenangkan we pernah stayed in a bedroom condo then tambah to 3 then to 4 then to 4+one and now back to 2.. Imagine how much stuff I donated and gave away... Sold some..the cycle of life we went thru for 10 years of being married..memang I promised myself that we are going to live minimally.. Even kalau ada rezeki nanti...I don't want to be having a cluttered house full of furniture.. I want basic and simple and less stuffs...

I shall dre…


This is my blog.. I can blog about anything right?
Was watching. A baby story on discovery channel. One big sister who have been waiting forever for a little sister..saw he took care of the baby, got the milk ready,change her... I cried my eyeballs out..
That is something that LIl one will miss... Kesian lil one..
No siblings to play with.lookout for,fight with...joke and giggle with...:(

Ok pms is coming because I can cry watching anything..


25minutes 159 calories
First I walked round the condo..then I walked up the parking way. And then when the gym went empty I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes and tried the x trainer for 5 minutes. Yeah that one made me sweat like anything and mengah jugak so I stopped when my heartbeat went skyroCketted..
But felt good after that.

Went out to pick up the car and headed to eat kueyteow goreng.. Felt guilty but I had to eat right?:D
Well maybe tomorrow I can eat better. Starting the oats diet in the morning again.

Or maybe monday:)heehee

Was watching tv episodes after episodes and then I fell asleep. Suddenly woke up and felt that the tiles is cooler ...oh it rained!! Bestnya!

Now at Nearly 2am I'm having a cuo of milo and termenung..

continue to clean...

Tomorrow I want to open up the luggage and check what's has been in the middle of the living room for quite a few days already...
There's a few more dry clothes need to be sorted out..and bundle them up for hubby to send them away to one of the collection centers for the "pakistan flood victims" I was thinking about how to help people in need.. Since we"re also short of cash...sorting clothes is the next best thing. Oh lagipun.. Ramai celebrity dah tolong with cash right?

LIl one said she wants to help clean up because she's also becoming like me... We need to live minimally. Puas hati bila barang barang not cluttered in the home.

Was blog reading earlier and saw that many moms sew their kids stuffs to sell..bestlah tengok. If only some moms takes orders for kids clothes, it would be perfect.. I can order:)

Taking a break for tonite...

its malaysia day

Happy malaysia day. I am a malaysian and I am proud of it..
Since it is still holiday, everyone woke up late. I managed to clear a bit of stuffs .. There are a few balangs of raya cookies placed in front of the tv...malam malam tengok tv we will munch on em but not too many coz many more to finish:)

Something crossed my mind today again..
How do you live? With little stuffs or you have to have everything in different colors?

I have been using my crocs one only for quite a while now but LIl one and hubby have quite a few more than expected... So I will make them pick and choose which one they love most. The rest can be donated.

Even with luggages...since we're not travelling for the time being, I think we should donate some of our luggages..then I can have more space.

I looked out the balcony and I see no cars on the road..I think ramai yang duduk rumah relax today.

We should be getting ready to go lunch and then LIl one ada mengaji.
After that will just come home and do our own thing..


Outing with Lil one today. Just the two of us. Hubby dropped us off since we're left with just one car..

Went to a clothing shop and lil one bought 2 shirt.oh she loves shopping like how I do:)JUst the circumstances doesn't allow me to shop.
We went into the game store and saw ds xl , ps3,ps2, wii... We checked all the prices and we're gonna start saving for em all. Duit raya tak cukup so kena save up lah. Or wait if hubby let us buy ..:)

After that we went to the pet store. Saw the cats playing.. And got some stuffs for the cats at LIl sissie's house.

Went to LIl sissie"s house to feed the cats..and then went to get a box to post my lil nephew some hand me downs... Since its a public holiday tomorrow,we shall wait for next week to do all that.

Got back home, cleaning mood came back... Cleaned and sort some stuffs.
LIl one is asleep ...hubby watching something on tv and I am clearing my kitchen before I head for the bed.

I love the fact that I can blog from my bb.. Just…


How many do you need? How many do you use in a week? I have don't the wardrobe spring cleaning before raya and tonight I am doing it again.

There are so many people who needs clothes and shelter,love and care especially at tempat tempat bencana melanda. What can I do to help?

exercise again?

I made a promise to myself that I am going to lose weight. Today I started going to the gym again after so so long:) I am in a category where people call obese for my height. So I am targeting to lose 15-18 kgs by end of next year...
Well done to myself for starting to exercise and eat right again:) kudos to my super stubborn will power.
Today I walked 20 mins burnt 108 calories distance 1.16 km:)
Lasr night when hubby came back from golf, he was in a foul mood...aishhh excuse me..we waited at home the whole day ok!!! So don't show me the tired face!!!
We got ready and headed out for dinner before going to LIl sissie's house. Hung out there until about 1.01am..before that hubby took down a whole pile of stuffs to be recycled.. Puas hati I, makin banyak I recycle,makin I feel better about myself.

Relaxed with parents and Lil sister... Sembang sembang..arrived home, washed a load of laundry. Am watching tv at the moment.don't know what time I am goingg to sleep

fourth day of raya 2010

Its the fourth day of raya..its a monday and I don't feel yucky today..hubby went golfing ,lil one is still sleeping..

Watching the updates of the highprofile murder, my condolences to the family of the four murdered. Al fatihah.

As I said to mak earlier, I am going to declutter my house today. Stuffs need to be thrown away .old clothes need to be packed.need to send them off at one of PUteri UMno's collection box for donation to pakistan victims.

3 or four more luggages need to be sorted out.

Old baskets need to be recycled.

I wonder if pos malaysia is open today. Need to bank in lil one's duit raya:)
Also need to some banking and grocery shopping.

persiapan balik kampung

I have packed our stuffs.I am waiting for hubby to say Lets go..
Been following traffic updates the whole day today.

Hope the traffic wont be as bad like in 2003.Bumper to bumper.

Its 1.45 am and -I am still waiting. We are going to convoy!!

LIl one dok tahan mata, tak mau tidur. She said she wants to sleep in the car...
I am yawning like mad... Urghhh
Update at 2.41, tak jadi convoy.

We got ready by 3.45 am we passed the toll. Traffic was normal. Petrol station normal ...
Lil sister started the journey earlier and she updated me with traffic update when the cars all came to a halt...
We got stuCk just before the exit to bidor and stoodstill for an hour. As we passed the scene of the accident... I thought about the lorry driver.. I think with that conditon of the lorry.. He sure suffered. I could see stuffs from the lorry scattered... I could see the divider senget ... Kesian diA. Whoever he is..

Passed thru the rnr and oh my goodness.. Ramainya manusia, banyak nya kereta.

Hubby is driving …

Eid Mubarak

Salam Eid Mubarak @Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri As I am preparing,cleaning my house,folding clothes,I get updates about traffic updates online..So kepala sudah pusing .Will the highway be bumper to bumper tonight?What if people think like how hubby thinks?Sure traffic giler right? Lil one dok masuk keluar bilik telling me to hurry pack up.I have taken out the baju raya's and hang by the door,just need to pack our luggage aje. Weather is really nice and angin kuat tadi buat orang sleepy aje. Big sister is back in kampung,Lil sister is still thinking what time to push off...Wishing Lil cousin is here:( Salam:)
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As people are busy travelling the highways...I am keeping my head busy with cleaning and decluttering of my house.Coz as usual ,we will always be the last one to arrive our kampung ...Planning an early morning trip tomorrow.
Mentang mentang school holidays,Lil one is still sleeping.Biarlah dia,bukannya selalu dapat sleep in pun..
Hubby bawak kereta check.And doing his last minute round of work.Workaholic la dia!!

I am proud of myself today because found empty spaces:)Yippeee...meaning rumah makin sikit barang :)

Kit lagi i nak upload connection entah pah ape...errrr

Eh eh dah bangun pulak Lil one...She said "Pack bags Pack bags!!" he he excited nak balik kampung

one year ago...

One year ago we moved here. In the fasting month as well. And I am still cleaning,sorting, throwing stuffs till now. You won't know how much stuffs you've accumulated until you start sorting and throwing.

Hubby is at work. Lil one wasn't feeling so well last night. Tummy ache, silap makan lah tu masa berbuka semalAm.

My plan is to go out and throw some stuffs away,need to send the car to wash as well and going to the shop and see what to buy for buka puasa..

But all depending on the mood.


Just crossed my mind, while thinking of going to the shop to buy something for LIl one..this is the year that hubby and I tak shop langsung..eventhough sedij, but very good feeling inside...

Lil one woke up very moody!!

Entah mimpi apa tadi tu?aishh

Hubby tu macam tak sihat aje..


Soon enough,insya ALLAH it will be spotless. Still there's a little bit more to throw out. And then it will be nice and clear and minimal. Its some sort of a feeling good inside at every step along the way. I cannot describe how I feel.

As day goes by, I kept on looking for stuffs to throw or recycle. Just cannot stop doing it. Everyday I bring a load into the car to throw.

Don't stop just yet!!!

day 25

Berbuka puasa at aunt's house last night. Macam macam ada, syukur alhamdulillah.Grandmother too ..... We chatted, ate and had a good time.Met my grandaunt as well and gave her raya money and cookies cause she's leaving for her kampung in a couple of days...

Aunt waS letting go off her stuffs so everyone picked and choose what they wanted..
We left at about 10 and headed to coffee bean. I delivered some cookies to my sister's friend. We hung out and had coffee and chAt while LIl one was busy with her drawings. Hubby came and joined us after his urgent meeting at putrajaya.

We came home At around 1 plus. Sent LIl one to bed and I settled some stuffs. Prepared sahur as well .

Tomorrow I need to run some errands, maybe with LIl one..

I also need to hantar a few stuffs into the recycle box... Tengah seronok kemas rumah.
As I am sorting thru clothes and all, I opened a luggage and found some stuffs too. Visualizing my dream luggage * yeah dream*

Weather is nice today.lil one is clearing her dvd's

We're going to buka outside today .

Ada orang haritu posted a comment at my blog and it suddenly occur to me that orang kat luar yang tak kenal kita pun can read our blog. I 'met' some honest bloggers. We sometimes exchange comments on each other's blog. But to have someone so rude leaving a comment like that on my blog, I terus privatekan this blog.

I only allow honest trustworthy people to hop on here.
Missed a couple of days blogging coz I find it very disturbing to have that rude person without their blog enabled for me to leave a balasan comment back.

Well hello again bloggie!!
I have made my blog private. Due to someone who posted a comment but didn't enable their identity, I think its much safer for me to private kan this blog.

To my friends who used to read and leave a commenT at my blog, if you want to read my blog, I have to invite you thru email ok.

a little...

When you watch something inspiring, you get eye opener for me. Watching oprah this morning.. what we can live without and what we can do to simplify our lives.
I was watching tv and fell asleep. Ha ha hubby pulak kacau.. Tanya this kuat kuat "you tidur ke" "you tidur ke" lerrrr kalau dah tanya kuat kuat macamana I nak tidur lagi. So bangunlah ni.. He is just disturbing me . I continued to watch tv and then dengar pulak orang dok drilling. Haishhhhh. No peace and quiet langsung!!

So now I am up.. Nak declutter lagi. Note to self * simplify my house* * make do with minimal*

I rasa the flu bug is here in the house. Hubby have been sneezing non stop since semalam. My nose is blocked.Hoping lil one is doing fine .don't wanna be sick for raya.
The alarm went off at 4Am. I pressed the snooze button so many times and finally woke up at 4.30.. Lil one is eating, hubby not yet.. He said wake him up at 5..

Woke up thinking of the dream I had..funny how sometimes I can remember and sometimes I forget all about it. I think it have got to do with what I was thinking before I fell asleep.

Been thinking about so many things these past couple of days. Mood level, very cranky... Bila anak cranky siapa layan? Bila husband cranky siapa layan? Bila diri sendiri cranky, sendiri kena layan jugak..what else is new?

Today"s agenda is to go shopping!! Just to layan my crankiness. I hope the place I am heading to will have good bargains, I don't like and I cannot afford to buy all those overpriced bajus... I hope retail therapy will ease my crankiness..


As I saw on Oprah today, they talked about bully. What we need to teach our kids now. Saying "ignore it" is not going to help our child anymore. We have to teach them how to say "stop" " enough is enough" "I'm not taking anymore of this from you!!" We also have to teach our child to use their body language. To stand up and prove a point to the bully!!

I think it was a good show.

Very fullfilling and at the same time educating us to how to teach our child.

Talking about bully,somehow,somewhere ,somewhat... When come to think of it, mental torture is also bully. Hubby has someone like that in his family. I put a stop to it because it affected me as well. That particular some can't simply bully my husband and act as if its alright. Nope ,not to my hubby and my family. I will stand up and defend my family no matter what.

the right to write....

Passing thru the shops early in the morning, I saw pelita empty pagi pagi ni... So sememangnya customers they all ni sure mostly muslims.

I was in the queue at the postoffice just now and there was one lady at the other counter staring at me. Oh come on for heaven's sake. YOu don't stare at is so rude of her. We were raised to have some civic mindedness..When you're in a queue at public places, try be nice to people. Say hello, if you think I remind you of anyone but don't stare!! Its just you are looking at me like I owe you something. I don't do that to people. I am the type who will always start a conversation with people.
Hate that about people but don't they learn simple manners!!! I agree with someone that said, your upbringing defines everything about YOU!!!

On another topic pulak I ni actually just containing myself at the moment.this is what I feel " doesn't effect me whatsoever" "I am not feeling it" "I a…

hAppy birthday mom

Without you I won't be here mother! MAy ALLAH bless you with a happy heart,good health,happy moments,good life and a blessed one. We will always and forever love you
Went out to buka outside today with LIl sissy. Before thAt sent LIlone to a birthday buka party.. She had fun . Got back home I settled her into bed , swept the house, washed clothes and watched tv..

Now I am having tea and thinking of what to do tomorrow.I need to go do some grocery shopping and I need to do some shopping for LIl one. But will see if that is going to happen tomorrow. I also have a few more days left to throw whatever that's left. The target date is so near.

Sorting some more stuffs in the wardrobes. Need it to be minimal as well.
I am so happy to see my house is spotless. That is the best anniversary present I can give myself..