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Saturday Brunch

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

We're having our brunch and Lil one is having a playdate.
I'm looking for food quotes.I'm making a collage for my dad .He wants a big picture frame to put in his soon to be ready renovated kitchen.
I'm going to make it extra special for him.

Hubby is busy on the phone.I think I might drop by at the bookstore after this.Need to browse books.

Oh Ya,I'm having a weekly mission from today onwards.
I am going to have a garage sale this coming weekend.
Sorting stuffs out to sell.
I'll post pictures when I 'm doing it.

Listening to samba now and feeling like I'm out of this country.
Weather is good.Hope it doesnt rain later because Lil one and I are going to exercise and play badminton later..

Okdokes for now...
Its 1.34am and I'm going up to sleep.
I had to read my mails and check my blog before falling asleep.

Where we were yesterday

In d mood to clean my kitchen today

I cleaned my fridge and my countertop,basically I cleaned out the kitchen.
I am letting lil one relax and not follow routine today:)
We're waiting for hubby to come back with the supper

Okdokee...going to continue cleaning now

4th week 3rd day

Read Marina's book page by page little by little...The content of the book gave me the chills.I somehow understand how she must have felt at that moment.I experienced my dad being sick a lot of times since I was little so practically we were in and out of the hospital for days,weeks,months...

I like to read about Tun Dr M and his family.How strong they are,how bonded they are.It reminds me of my Parents and siblings.

Mom called us up this morning to tell us to meet somewhere outside for breakfast.Lil one and I got ready before hubby did...and well he did took his own sweet time.No sense of time at all.Upon reaching at the kopitiam...we chat,ate,laugh...
After that I followed hubby to the office.The roads were practically empty.Woohoo.
Mom and Dad went to look for furnitur with my sister and what a bore to find all the shops closed.

So we met up back again at sisters house.Had a very hot mee goreng and Ayam tandoori..Delicious!!

Lil one buat perangai when we were about to leave.Got back …
We had a surprise birthday party there tonight.We enjoyed ourselves with the whole bunch of "Cucu cucu Dato Seri"
We all had good food,good company,good ambience,good memory picture taking.

Tuesday-Cny 2nd day

When I woke up this morning I received 3 text messages.From mom and Sister,asking me to get ready.We're going present shopping.
I finally got the book by Marina Mahathir and people must think that I'm crazy because I was practically reading it while walking:)
Anyway,I'll continue reading it later .Now we are all resting because we have a place to go to tonight.
I am tired from all the walking in the mall today.Too many people .I felt out of breath.
Gong Xi Fa Cai...
Its monday 26th Jan.
We woke up at about 10 am and then my cousin texted asking if we're going out today.I said ,yeah no problemo...We got ready and then she came to pick us up.
Lil coogee aaawwww so cute.
We went out and ate at Basil.Then my older sister came .We wanted to shop but most shops were closed so dissapointed ,we decided to go home.

At home,Lil one watched tv,I checked mails and blog...after that we played badminton.
We just came in and I made her instant Pasta...She's eating now while doing her holiday homework.I have to do some housework...but not in the mood at all.


We all woke up late today.
We all woke up with good feelings.A wedding we went to yesterday was a simple but nice occasion.Small but lively.
Wishing the bride and groom a happy marriage and hope it will last forever and ever.

Its 14.25.
I've washed laundry,hang dry em.I've washed whats left in the sink.I've fed the cats.
I can hear the gardener mowing the lawn.

I am going to get ready and send lil one over to gramps house.


We managed to get our bums out of the house at 3 to finally go find F-0-0-d.Hubby was shivering kelaparan.Pity him ...He wanted to eat steamboat but something not right there so we ended up eating Laksa,curry me and udon.
After that we bought some kuih to go to gramps house.
Berbagai bagai kuih lah.
We hung out at gramps and played with our lil niece .
She wanted to come to me so that was a nice thing...coz she chooses who can carry her:)heehee
After a while,hubby ajak balik.So we left lil one there and we went off.Hubby went to get his stuff and then we came h…

Wedding of the year

I am not cooking today because we are going to attend a wedding this afternoon.
Right now,I'm just surfing and reading the internet.Will have to do my housework later ...Maybe tomorrow.

I will have to go to run some errands before noon.

Its 13.13

Went out just now to send my kurungs to the laundry .After that went to to buy a few things at the grocery store.Went back to pick up my kurungs and headed home.
Its so blody hot today.The sun was glaring straight into my eyes while I was driving.Luckily belum kena migraine.

I'm having my nescafe...this is a daily must!! And watching whatever crap that is on tv.
Need to shower in a bit.


We got stuck in traffic from Kl for about an hour.It was horrible.When I see traffic like that I'm lucky I'm a stay at home mom,I can choose the time I drive out or in.I can avoid all the chaos of the traffic.
We detoured 3 times.Never ever again tak the Semantan Road during peak hours..Madness.

We reached home,Lil one went to shower.She's losin…

3rd week 5th day

Today is the last day of school before they have a break for almost 2 weeks.
Its Gong xi fa cai and kids are so happy today in school.

Today I'm going to ask her to make a card.Draw something for the Gaza kids...
Listening to "Strangers in the Night" and hanging my laundry-tears dropping on my face.I feel so sensitive today.

Just a rant from me....and a link from RantingsbyMm

I am not in the mood to do anything today.With all the shit going on...Why do I always have to be the good one and take it all in?Why cant I this time be just tempremental.
Because I am not self centered I suppose.I always think what others feel before myself.I think that shouldnt be the way.I want to be heard...I want people to understand how I feel.I want to protest now

Marina Dear,I hope you dont mind me copying this into my blog...Just wanted to spread the word

This is what a link From RantingsbyMM...
Dear folks,

Since December 27, 2008 when the Israelis started bombing Gaza, children and women have suffered the most. Over 800,000 children have been exposed to extraordinary levels of violence and insecurity, some 1,600 have been injured and more than 300 children have died. Gazan children who have survived are experiencing unimaginable trauma every day, cowering from fear and suffering from stress-related health problems such as asthma.

Even though there is now a truce, the ordeal of th…

3rd week 2nd day

Lil one woke up on her own but after having her milk she slept again...haiya...
Told hubby I dont want to wait for her to shower...Let him handle her ...

I am jumping into the shower and then I'm ready for today

She dilly dallied and luckily got to school on time.
After that hubby and I thought it would be a good idea to go to the post office but the queue was long and its not even opened yet.So we drove home ,wanted to go for morning drink but the stall we go to is not yet open..Heh...Everybody is late today.

So we got back home and told hubby this,"I'm not in the mood to do anything today".
I'm on my lovely superking bed with the laptop on,I might just fall asleep again:)


I made prawn olio cili padi for hubby and me today.Lil one's without the cili padi of course.
She's doing her homework and I'm watching a spanish telenovela.
Going to let her snack in a bit and then going to exercise and play badminton again.

3rd week 1st day

Woke up this morning with a cramp stomach.It hurts.
And I'm very grumpy too.

I need to rest and take it easy today.
2 weeks has gone by just like that ....2009 is passing by too fast.

Sunday morning

Last night we had steamboat dinner at sisters house.We ate so much till we cant eat anymore.And then came the macadamia white chocolate cake.Whoa!!
While chatting after dinner,An uncle and his future wife came over.All the men had cigar session at the gazebo and the ladies were scattered around in the house.

The kiddos slept early except for Lil one and the eldest.When its time to go it was about half past midnite.

Came home surf the internet and watched tv for a while and we just got up now.

Little sister just texted me asking whats the plan for today.And I told her the plans.
I am going to make nescafe now and then wake them up to shower.

We're going to for english breakfast

We met up with the rest of the family and had english breakfast .After that we proceeded to Grandmother's house and hung out there for a while.
We left at about 1pm for the birthday party.Lil one had fun for nearly 3 hours.Hubby and I went to eat and then had coffee with his sister.

We came back home and Lil one…

Saturday a fine shiny day

On a saturday relaxing...After class we picked nephews up from school...
Mom and Dad went shopping with 2 sisters..
Hubby went to wash car...

We went to lunch with the immediate family.We ate and ate and chat and fun just being together.
Got back home lil one and hubby spent time playing their train set.
After that Lil one and I played badminton and had a good exercise scrubbing and washing the backyard.We watered the plants,we swept the leaves away,we scrub the drain,we washed and scrub her toy house and then we came inside all tired and wet from all the washing.
Hubby scrub and wash the porch.They left to go buy some vegetables for the steamboat tonight.
I am just relaxing and having some me time before they come home.
We will have to get ready by then.

2nd week 5thday

I woke up with an aching body and lil one's leg on me..She has this habit to come into our room just before getting up time to snuggle with us...I guess thats a sweet blessing because she's growing up too fast..I know I should relax a lil bit more...let the sweet things happen:)

She's still sleeping tho .But I can see she's feeling better.

Today Mom and Dad dropped by to pick up some thing from my house and then they went off to sister's house.
I went out to run some errands,check something out.Came back home .Did laundry .

Picked up lil one and she immediately sat down at the dining to finish her homework.She had oats for teatime snack
Its so windy outside,I opened all the windows and I think its going to rain.
1) Listen to soft and relaxing music.

Listening to soft music is a stress relief tactic that you can use to relax yourself before you go to bed or even to calm yourself down. There are people who purchase alarm clocks with nature sounds or classical jazz. You can also purchase a compact disc like this with a variety of soothing sounds on it. While listening to the soothing sounds, you should focus on enjoying the moment and relaxing yourself. You will notice that when you are done with this method, your body will feel less tense and your mind will be clear. Many people love to use sounds such as a waterfall, chirping birds, or a wonderful rain shower.

A turning point

After speaking to dad today,I googled lots of things and I've decided to make some changes in my life.
I want to start frugal living.Life is hard at the moment.Economy is spiralling down.
We as a family have to change our ways of thinking.Actually we already have but we have to put everything on paper and into perspective.

First things first...Prioritize..Focus...Change.

I will jot down every singe thing that come accross me later.

2nd week 3rd and 4th day

Yesterday 3rd day of school second week,She came back from school and told me that she vomitted in school.She also vomitted while playing outside in the evening and then after I gave her medicine she vomitted again.
She said ,"I want to sleep mommy i want to sleep".That made me panicked and called hubby to rush home.
Hubby said I go take her to the clinic first coz the roads are all jammed up.
I arrived at the clinic at about 7.10pm.Luckily we were the 3rd in queue.But even that,the dr took a long time to finish patient by patient.When we were inside the dr's room only we found out that most patients come in with the same symptoms like mine.
Pity these little children..So little yet so many diseases.The stomach flu season is in town.

He gave us vomit,tummy and fever medicine.

4TH DAY second week of school
We all woke up at about 10.30am.
Lil one is off school.
She looks lethargic,quiet and not her.
So we keep her home.
No fever but her body temp can change in a split second

Mom and…

2Nd week 2nd day

I managed to get up when the alarm went off the first time...I went downstairs to make coffee and milk.Came back upstairs lil one was up.
But when come shower time she was just being naughty and lazy.
Managed to get her in the shower quickly and we went downstairs ,gave her bread today.
Upon reaching school..I saw a different environment..oo oo we were early.I was so happy.

After that Hubby and I went to have curry mee for breakfast...Makan makan and the bill came up to 15.90 Breakfast so expensive..Nevermind,its rezeki right?
Hubby dropped me off at the grocery shop .Went to get a few things yang urgent je...
Came back home,made up Lil one's room.
Went downstairs to cook.
I made soup with lots of potatoes and carrots,pumpkin inclusive...We will try how it taste later..

Yesterday I made chinese stlye herbal soup .They both like it.

Oh ya we're in a soupy week because lil one had went thru a terrible food poisoning days last weekend.

I washed a load of laundry and hangdry em.
Now I'm r…

6th day off schooling-2nd week 1st day

2nd week of school

This morning I woke up and felt funny with the dream I had last night.
Tried waking the Lil one but she didnt wanna wake up just yet.So hubby had to pujuk her up.
She showered herself this morning.
Went to school 10mins before the bell rang.
Good job Lil one

Picked up lil one from school and came home...Let her finished her homework.English and Maths...She had the healthy soup that I made..After finishing her homework,we played badminton but it started to rain.We came inside and then SIL dropped by.
Chit chat and she had to leave to pick up her hubby and then Lil one and I played badminton again.

She had the same healthy soup plus a lil fish and then she went upstairs to shower.
I vacuumed the dining room area...
I decluttered my dining room-looking for space to put her school stuffs.Thats where she does her homework .So have to find storage area for her stuffs...

I'm listening to Jazz and relaxing for a while.Need to do laundry but too lazy.Maybe that can wait.

We have fo…
active parenting is the key to a truly intelligent child

reading can change a life.
Saturday Lil one was attacked by fever out of the blue.Her body temp went up high and we were quite worried .Hubby and I was on standby monitoring her.
Sunday morning she woke up feeling a little bit better.Gave her medicine and we got ready to go out.We went to have lunch and went to buy her badminton racquet and a small ball for her to play with.
On the way to the car,she felt something was wrong.She wanted to poo.I went to the toilet with her and she accidentally pooped in her panties..washed her up ,went back home and changed her.
Then we played badminton and ball.We sweat and felt good about ourselves.And then suddenly she said she wants to go to the dr.
Hubby went to take her while I stayed home,made her porridge.
They came back with dr's orders,to eat the medicine provided.
She then showered and went to bed.
I woke up feeling yucky.Hubby is just testing me.He knows very well how I hate to be late for anything and I never break my word...He made me feel lousy yesterday .I am so angry.And he didnt make the effort to say he is sorry.I hate that.
I am just going to be on silent mode.
Lil one is enjoying her nintendo.

We are going to get ready for ballet afterwards.
I have done my laundry.Just need to hang em.
I am having my dose of caffeine now.
I am planning our day.


Getting enough sleep is the key.....Lil one will be so happy if she can get this bed:)

5th day of school

5th day of school-wow how time flies...She woke me up yet again but then she fell asleep again...

4Th Day of School...

This morning Lil one woke me up.She said this,"Mommy,mommy,wake up I got school today":)
I'm so happy when she wakes up on her own so I dont have to face the hassle of waking her up...hee hee..

Yesterday she had 2 homework.

Today only one homework

In the evening she asked to go play outside.With new found friends ...They played badminton
Its the 3rd day of school...I have just made coffee and milk .
I am going to wake them up .I hope its going to be easy as yesterday.
Lil one is having trouble sleeping at night.Have to find a solution for her.To make her tired in the evening after finishing her homework.
Hubby looks like he is not in the mood today...
I need to clean my house from top to bottom today

2nd day of school

Kak N came over this morning and I made nescafe and gave her lil oranges to munch.We chat about so many things.Then she asked if I want to follow her out.We went out to the shopping center .The purpose was something else but that didnt go well..So we went to the supermarket ,bought snacks for the children and whatever that is needed.At the cashier she said she wanted to go to the bookshop and I said,I'm hungry so we hung out at Bean,I had salmon scrambled with coffee and she had Chinese Chicken Salad and Ice Latte.We chat some more.
After that we drop off things into the Recycle Bin and then picked the boys up from school.
Saw Jim's face,so sad...He is sad in the new school because no friends yet.And F was ok.He looks settled.
Came back home,I cooked .Lil one's favourite Vege-Spinach and Baked Dory.

Hang out for a while in my kitchen then went to pick her up.She looks tired today.Came home I let her let loose she played outside while I cleared my porch.She played her scooter,p…
second day of school and I have to wake up late...hmmmm....rushing now...

After school first day

When she was in school,hubby was in the office,I spring cleaned the house.I'm not done yet but I'm quite happy with whatever that I've cleaned.
Now Lil one is having her shower.No lesson in school today.First day the teacher said, Just read,color or draw...
Tomorrow is the beginning..

She havent seen her room that I've redecorated...She will be so excited:)

Weather is gloomy...I can feel the rain is coming...

Yay to the first day of school

Took her into school,settled her in the classroom.Met her class teacher.I love her teacher.She have the passion for kids and teaching.She is one of a kind.
Chatted a bit with the teacher,went to the bookshop and then sent her the book.Told her to enjoy school.

Went for breakfast with hubby.
Came back home,I cleaned up lil one's room...Just a lil surprise for her when she comes home later.
I am taking a caffeine break and going to continue housework after this.

2009 begins...

Lil one woke me up and I'm very happy because I didnt have to wake her up.
Now she's waiting for me to get her ready...Yay for first day of school.
Have to settle a few things in the morning ...

Eve off 1st day of school 2009

We went out to eat lunch at about 2pm-We had mee soup,wantan mee,mee curry.After that we went to do our grocery shopping to stock up stuffs for tomorrow and the whole week.
We got back home,kept everything where it belongs and headed to Kak N's house for a coffee meeting.
We chat,we ate,we drank tea,coffee and chat some more.
At about 7 pm plus we left because its aschool night.
Headed to burger king to tapau food.Lil one ordered Chicken Tender and Ice cream.
She's having her dinner now and I'm waiting for her to finish to go upstairs and settle ourselves to bed.
I just hope I can sleep early tonight.
I dont want to be late tomorrow

Sunday Morning

One day before school starts,I woke up at about 10.15am and those 2 are still sleeping.
Must get them up.Need the lil one to sleep early tonight because I dont want to be having trouble waking her up tomorrow.Urggghhh

Need to do some housework before I shower.
After that going out for lunch and then going to to Kak N's house petang ni...Saja lepak
Hubby is napping,Lil one is watching dvd,I'm in the kitchen,watching a Hindi movie and checking lunch recipes for the school year.
I dont know whether it stopped raining ,I'm just feeling too lazy myself...I think i shall go lie down for a nap too.

Just putting a load in the washer and then I'll go lie down.
We're going to a wedding tonight so I better go rest.
Love the weather...Want it to be like this everyday.
Everything is relaxed and calm:)
How can it rain and be gloomy on a saturday morning?
We just couldnt wake up.
I have to find a solution for the lil one tomorrow.
Keeping up with the housework, laundry, meals, etc. while still trying to spend quality time with the family proves to be quite a challengeDon't Beat Yourself Up -- You're Not Alone
Change your Expectations to Match the Situation
Involve the kids
Organize and use routines
Be proactive
Simplify to make things easy on yourself


Hubby is watching America's Got Talent,Lil one is watching a dvd we bought just now and now I'm surfing and feeling so out of control because these 2 are just not listening.
Okay okay,Let them ....2 more days,school is starting so tonight is her last late night...

I am googling a new chore list for my lil one.

Believe it or not, but kids actually like to have structure in their lives.

Kid's Chores ListTasksClean your roomCut the grassDo your homeworkSet the dinner tableSweep the floorTake out the trashVacuum the family roomWash the dishesThats the basic chore list....well I can leave out number 2:)
This will start this weekend.

New time table

1. To-Do List
• List chores or tasks not done routinely. Tell who is to do them.
• Note a change in tasks (when someone different is to do a task).
• Give a reminder if someone keeps forgetting a routine task.
2. Meetings and Activities
• List everyone’s activities and meetings.
• Put down dentist or doctor appointments.
• Have each person add his or her activities.
3. Meal Planning
• Write down the planned meal.
• Write down who will start or prepare it.
• List other reminders (for example: take food from freezer, buy certain ingredients).
4. Shopping
• Mark specials and where they are.
• Keep track of items youneedor use all the time

Sense of Humour

I had an argument with the lil one and hubby.When things like this happen,they will be on one side and I'll be on the other side alone...I wonder if I have a son,how would that circumstances be?Hmmm sure a son will protect his mom right?
Never mind,it was just a minor thingy about Sense of Humor...Our lil one is just like her makcu who doesnt have any sense of humor...So I disturb her just now and hubby got so angry with me...He said I'm just teasing her and I said,yeah,cant I joke with my daughter?
And they kept on being mad at me...So I just said to them,"You both keep quiet" "Both of you dont talk to me!!!!!!!!!!"

When we got into our Kak N's house,I went on to tell the lil one....-Why is it that when both of you make jokes and tease me,I have to accept it but when I do it to either one of you,both of you are humorless...hmmmm?
She kept quiet so I gave her a piece of my mind...

I know just by typing that I sound so silly but I was hurt earlier on.

* On the…

Self esteem

How Parents Can HelpHow can a parent help to foster healthy self-esteem in a child? These tips can make a big difference:Watch what you say. Kids are very sensitive to parents' words. Remember to praise your child not only for a job well done, but also for effort. But be truthful. For example, if your child doesn't make the soccer team, avoid saying something like, "Well, next time you'll work harder and make it." Instead, try "Well, you didn't make the team, but I'm really proud of the effort you put into it." Reward effort and completion instead of outcomeI learnt something new today,I thought I could say,next time work harder but I should say I'm proud of the effort...Be a positive role model. If you're excessively harsh on yourself, pessimistic, or unrealistic about your abilities and limitations, your child may eventually mirror you. Nurture your own self-esteem, and your child will have a great role model.I have to show a positive …

A busy New Year

We had steamboat at makcu's...Itupun we all tau dah petang...Was at saujana and received the text so we got back home,showered and then went to Makcu's house...Sedapnya steamboat...

We reached home exactly at 12.00mn....2nd January...Wow how fast time flies...Just not more than 48 hours ago were in 2008 and now we're in 2009 -second day pulak tu...

Lil one brushed her teeth and Daddy sent her to bed.
It is still raining heavily outside and I'm watching Broken Promise on 702.

I should be going to bed now....

We made a pact to be strong together,love each other be with each other during the hard and easy times ....

We both woke up at 12.15noon on new years day....a good resolution heh?ha ha

Yeah we're exhausted because we slept at 4am.
We got back home at about 2 .30am from the bbq and then we had to get ourselves showered because of all the smoke from the grilling and then we watch the british whatever awards and then i watched the opera singning.I just love the way they sing.Went into sleep at 4am and realised that its noon when we woke up.

Went down to make nescafe and had the urge for chocolate.
Now I'm going to shower to pick the lil one,she had a sleep over at Kak N's house with Wan and cousins of course...
Sometimes I pity her,with no siblings....she asked me the other day about when is she getting a little sister ...Kesian..
We are like no more -closed shop but when she say things like that,kesian her.
She must have a blast sleeping over at her cousins place...

Hubby is lingering around in front of the tv...I better get to the toilet...
It hit the thousand mark....
I wonder who reads my blog...

Happy New Years everyone...