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Jalan jalan cari makan...



Ayah wanted to take us out for breakfast but when there is 13 of us in the house,Breakfast became brunch...So we reached just in time for brunch:)

This is the place where we were at most of the time when we were small..So it brought back so many childhood memories...

Its nice because food is still cheap over here...Lucky!!

This is the place that I took swimming lessons.Diving lessons.I enjoyed my childhood..:)

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Good food,good company

We are all so full.I thought I wanted to sleep right after the bbq but I couldnt stand the smell on my clothes so I showered...

Went downstairs to refill my jamu drink then had to stop by coz mom is showing maktam her old pictures..So was flipping thru old pictures and oh how nice to be young and carefree...

I am upstairs in the room.Waiting for hubby to finish his prayers and then I have to do my Isya.
And then hi dreamland:)

BBQ in the rain?

Hujan oh hujan macamana nak bbq ni?Nasib baik Dad built a pavilion there...Luckily for us coz bbq tak basah:)

Ok going down already,nak look see what to do.
Oh ya,I need to call the cats home.Its raining heavily karang demam pulak

Its a nice feeling to be able to spend quality time like this.

BBQ with Dad's new bbq pit

My kakak marinade the Beef...
Daging korban that we are allowed to take 1/3 of it so berbbq la we all tonight:)

Hubby is going to start the bbq now,I have just folded clothes that came out from the dryer.Ooo How I love the dryer:D
I cant wait for the bbq...yummy...Nanti lepas maghrib will go down snap pictures..heehee..

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Coffee table

My coffee table that I've sent it here because I dont have space to put in at home:)

Tonight this is the place to hang for the bbq session

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Nice weather,nice sound...

On a beautiful Saturday morning I was awoken by the sound of birds chirping..I love it.And when you see outside you feel calm because I saw greens...I love the weather this morning.Such a ketenangan di jiwa.

The cats are roaming the bumbungs,Kids are still sleeping,well most of them are still sleeping in fact.

I made myself and Lil sis nescafe and now enjoying it.

Wonder whats planned for today.

Well of course la my hubby still snoring away.Malam tadi sembang ngopi sampai pukul berapa la tu.
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Tengah uploading scenery pictures.Best...I love to snap whatever that I see.

People downstairs still dok sibuk tengok tv...Gang Lelaki dok di luar minum kopi sambil berbual

I came upstairs ingat nak tidur dah and remembered that I havent uploaded scenery pictures.

Lil one will be sleeping with her Wan tonight..That has been the routine whenever we balik kampung.

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Mak is not feeling too well,penat kot.So she's sleeping right now.Ayah is entertaining Paktam and my hubby outside.
Maktam is trying to do something.Sisters are doing their own thing.The maids are in the kitchen.
Kids are making noise having fun.

Petang tadi I sakit gigi..Sakit ya amat rasa bengkak my pipi.I baring sekejap coz couldnt take the pain.Then before maghrib,got up kemas whatever that needed to be kemas and then I showered and solat.

Ada gambar nak upload but no card reader with me:)

So later la.

Dari pagi tadi panas ya amat then it ribut a bit petang tadi so the weather is nice now.

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Selamat Hari Raya Korban to every Muslims

Mom is making Sambal tumis udang to go with the Lodeh she's making.

Everyone semua dah terlentang baring tengok tv.

I think its very hot today.

I need to go down and make my nescafe and enjoy it with Lil sister.

Cats are roaming around.

Oh ya,I need to get the clothes out of the dryer,nak lipat lah..Korban Lembu not happening today because dekat sangat dengan solat Jumaat...

Ayah said esok pagi so I bet the kids will follow him to see ...

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As we were waiting for Orang Masjid to come Bertakbir,my Lil sister snap some pictures...But here is one piece...

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We checked out from the hotel at 12.30 noon...A lil delay because the hotel didnt have enough cash at the counter to return the cash to me.
Hubby waited in the car patiently and he made sure our bags are all checked into the car .

Lil one waited with me at the check out counter and then we headed out of Penang.All the way Lil one talked non stop.Ya Rabbi I dah naik pening coz matahari terik Ya Amat..Hubby said,sabar sabar...anak tu nak bercakap biarkan aje..I said memang la biarkan aje ...but I pening nak buat macamana kan...

She was asking questions I dont mind then she was making silly remarks and dok talk nonsense tu yang pening tu...Naik bridge finally,she was so excited to see both sides of the bridge filled with water.

We drove at normal speed along the highway and then suddenly saw a very familiar car.

My brother In law..driving alone lepas habis meeting.So he immediately call me and asked me nak stopover at Bukit Gantang tak nak beli fruits and makan durian..I said of course:)Duria…

Hari Raya Haji Eve...

View from our balcony...

Today is our last day here...
Lil one and hubby is still downstairs...enjoying the last few minutes in the sun.
I have to start packing .

This morning chatted with my kakak on fb ,she said balik cepat tolong mak malam ni Mak nak buat sambal goreng and Lodeh...Yummy!!

Lil sister is on her way back.
Nampak gayanya we will be the last one to arrive jugak...

Hmmm...tak apalah..We're going to singgah Kuala Kangsar to get Laksa if possible.
Tak tau lah whether they have it today since today is the eve of Raya Haji kan?

To my blogger friends,kalau travel ke mana mana,take extra care...berhati hati di jalanraya..

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I love nature shots

Amazing scenery...
Photos taken this afternoon while Lil one was in the pool and hubby dok bersantai di lounge chair:)I berjalan jalan checking the scenery...

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Panasnya hari ni

Bangun pagi ni amat payah sekali untuk Lil one.She didnt wanna wake up.The hotel bed is so comfy.Whereas mommy dear dont wanna miss the "FREE breakfast":)So tunggu punya tunggu she said ok she's ready to get up but no mandi mandi...Straight go for breakfast and then swimming.
So I went down with Lil one ,hubby tidur lama lagi lepas tu..
Lepas breakfast,we went to the beach.Tengok tengok and snap pictures..
Lil one nearly lost her GIRLS flipflops ditarik Ombak:D

Came upstairs,kejut hubby up,got ready and went downstairs again for swimming session.
She made friends at the pool.Harini she didnt want to join the kids club so Hubby and I had to teman her.Lama jugaklah sampai hubby and I had to order food and drinks..We had nasi goreng and Icelemon tea..

Pujuk pujuk Lil one and promising to come back down later,managed to get her upstairs and shower.
Now she's watching tv ,hubby is doing sikit kerja on his lappy.

Mommy dah basuh apa yang patut and now just typing this post.

Gambar …

24nov 2009...

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I am glad:)

I tried to nap just now but cannot because the room is too cold.Hubby ada di bawah bawak Lil one swim .Its quite a while already.I dah siap,nak keluar jalan jalan...
Manalah mereka ni?:)

Alhamdulillah because hubby is allowing and letting me enjoy this break 10 minutes here 10 minutes there...He melayan Lil One....

Malam ni kita nak makan apa ye?Ya ALLAH...makan makan makan...almaklumlah holiday:D

I bet Lil one will be exhausted because dah main satu hari.
I told hubby earlier I nak jalan jalan cuci mata malam ni..hmm we will see if that is gonna happen.

Signing off for now,will update tonight if I'm not too tired
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I wish I can have a home by the beach.I love the smell of beach and the breeze it brings...
Hmmm seandainya aku kaya,itulah impianku:D
Its not to dream right?:)

Enjoy the pictures ok...

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Selamat Sampai:)

We arrived at about 8pm.Hujan all the way.Pictures to proof that the weather was wet.

Why I insisted on travelling early is because I dont want to waste the money that have been paid for the hotel room...Bukannya murah and why want to waste.Coz we will be reaching by night time anyway.I am angry.I value money lah.Susahlah like this.
Why always want to make me feel like this.Stressful.I need this holiday to destress but in the end stress jugak.

I have always been on time kind of person.Never lambat for anything but for the past 9 years...I have always been late for everything.Borrinng...

Just now Lil one had a question for me

Lil one: Why do we have to wake up in the morning ?Why cant we wake up late?

Me: Lil one,only Lazy people wake up late...Dont be like that ya?ALLAH tak suka dengan orang yang pemalas tau...

Lil one: Ok Mummy,I'l try harder on school days.You see Mummy,I dont know why I wake up early during the school holidays and its so difficult for me to wake up during school days.

Me: Hmm standard la tu...saja nak bagi mummy geram!!!

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Dah siap...

We're going to shower in a bit.I made Lil one lunch coz kesian la tadi breakfast sikit aje.
Hubby texted saying he is on the way home..Ok ...we have to shower cepat:)

Mood is coming back ...


Yep we're still at home.Kan dah kata tadi,my hubby memang suka buat kerja last minute...hmmm..
Lil one is using Daddy's laptop..
I'm listening to Jazz to calm my nerves down.
I want to go on my holiday without stress...Where is hubby?Chis!!
Cant blame him la kan coz he is leaving the office for a week..I understand but I am also excited to travel now..
Where are you hubby?

I've packed the luggage and whatever else for that matter.
What else to do?Kemas rumah pun dah kemas..hmmm

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Our holiday

I woke up very early even on a holiday..washed a load of laundry.Tried waking hubby up but he was stretching here stretching there...Lil onejust woke up and feeling chirpy and all.
I am going to pack our luggage.We're going for our short break.I hope hubby doesnt come back too late from settling a few stuffs at the office.He likes to do things last minute and I dah bising pagi pagi ni...

We are surprising Lil one our destination ,she thinks we are going back kampung:)Cant wait to see her reaction later...

And I will definitely post pictures by tonight:)

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Its like a must to have this during weekend..He he..andlil one likes it too...

Sunday outing

First we went to have lunch and then we sent Lil one to a birthday party theme party...
After that we headed to Maktam's house.Lepak,chit chat,sembang...makan kopi...Lamba jugak lah di situ..

Then after that we went to pick Lil one up.Oh wow did she have fun at the party...

Amazing Party she said...

We're home,she just had her dinner and now going to shower.

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Ada orang bangun tidur grumpy ya amat.hish kalau tak bapak,anak ...if not dua dua bangung grumpy...hish balik balik I have to tolerate...

They both think only they can have mood to be happy to be grumpy...

Hish...Geramnya pagi ahad ni...

Malas nak layan so biar they all melayan perasaan moody tu.

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Sunday !

On a Sunday morning,How on earth can Lil one wakes up so early?Its a Sunday,tdo lahhhh....Noooo nak bangun awal and very grumpy.Hish mesti mimpi apa la malam tadi ni.

So I asked her if she wanted breakfast and she said yeah so I let her fry her own eggs...
And now sitting at the dining table eating and coloring..

Weather is nice today.Soon we will wake Dear Hubby up .
Anak ajak pergi outing.

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I slept while watching Channel 732 and then got up because I heard a loud noise coming from outside my door...Heard someone banging on I dont know which house punya grille...Chis..Kacan my sleep only.

So after that dah tak boleh tidur lah.

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Bestnya Breezy

On a breezy Saturday morning,I have done the laundry.Dah sidai coz angin kuat,hopefully kering la cepat.
Hubby and I ate yong tau foo for breakfast tadi.Lil one just wanted Cantonese KueyTeow so she ate after that.
Now we're back home.
Lil one is watching dvd.And she's gonna start painting soon.
I need to fold clothes.
Later going to send her for dance class.

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8july2008 I started this blog...Wow I didnt know it has been a year plus...:)

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Yippee Yay! School holiday begins...

Last night I dreamt of my cousin and nephew
Last night I also dreamt that I live on a landed property where I have many parking space.And my cousin said to me so now she can simply come any time of the day and can park anywhere...Hmmm

Last night I dreamt but I forgot what

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The sky as I was driving petang tadi.I ingat akan ribut sangat but nothing pun...

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The best way to let out my feelings is by here is what I'm feeling right now

Its a matter of choice.What you want for your offspring.I do believe I am doing everything possible to give my child the best possible opportunity and chances in her childhood.
I hate it when people assume they have the right to judge you as a Mother and person.

If you have decided that your child just be whatever they want,its your choice...but dont go on judging other people's choice.

If you dont have anything nice to say,keep quiet.
Dont start sounding like you're complaining about everyone elses life and choices.

Like I said earlier on my other posts...As I grow older I want to change for the better.I dont want to be the kind of person who talks about others.I dont want to judge other people.I dont want to waste my time listening to people judging other people.We as humans dont have that right.
Its one of the worst sins ever to talk about people behind their back.
I want to grow old gracefully.I dont want to be a bitter person .I dont want to talk and complain about other people …

Last day of school 2009

On a Friday Morning ,the last day of school year of 2009-Yay yay yay!!Finally the school year is over.

I remember those days ,our last day of school will be filled with parties,enjoy aje...
Kids now a days they dont have fun like how we did lah...hmmm perubahan zaman.

Since its the last day of school,I met Lil one's teacher to thank her for her dedication teaching Lil one and for being a good class teacher.
I was telling her how I appreciate the way she is with the children in her class and she was embarassed coz she said I terlalu memuji.

I told her,I puji,benda yang benar:)

As I was leaving ,the kids in the class were playing board game.From here the next school year,they'll be another year older ...They will experience different things as they grow up...

I wish my Lil one can remain little forever but keep on wishing ya?

Thank God we have 6 weeks of year end holiday.I need to take a break from the everyday hassle.We can relax this 6 weeks and have playdates
We are going to ha…
Goodnight..Esok early morning nak bangun...And continue blogging:)


Bersih tak?
Lil one scrubbed the floor...Seronok dia.
Someone came back from school asking if she can wash and scrub her bathroom.I said,by all means:)
So happy la dia sambil menyanyi dok scrub ,dok menyanyi and scrub scrub scrub...ok la not to bad for a lil person effort:)
Pictures to proof.

Kit lagi nak training mop rumah pulak:)


Owh owh owh I am so tired.This morning after logging off my lappy.I went to pick up the meehoon I ordered from my great aunt.Yummy.I sent it to school and saw so many cars around the school.I forgot that the UPSR results came out today.I sent the food in and saw many anxious parents...
I dont know when my Lil one's time come will I be as anxious since I'm much more of a relax mom..Entahlah...Eeee we will wait and see for that.

After that I headed to my kakak's house.She had her childhood friend over to sell some Muslimah stuffs.So I stayed on and checked out the stuffs.Ambik satu jugak tu..hmm...

Rushed home and went to pick up lil one from school.
Grinning from ear to ear and I wondered why.
Had fun in school with friends coz its the last day tomorrow Mom!!
The teacher came to the car to tell me too that Lil one's camera tadi terjatuh.Hmmm ish ish ish.
Kan Mom dah pesan,jaga elok elok so dah retak her camera.
That was Lilone's birthday present 2 years ago.But ins…

Memory bulan 4-2009

Memories of being in Makkah and Madinah pada bulan 4 yang lepas.Alhamdulillah .Syukran Wasalam

2nd last day of school

I have swept the floor ,dah jemur tilam and bantal..Weather is too nice,memang macam di London.Oh how I miss London and Paris:)

Dah breakfast.Dah rendam baju.
I think I should tukar title of my blog...Life as a housewife? perhaps?ha ha no la I 'll stick to my blog title coz thats what I am to Lil one..everything possible Mommy!!

I am going to collect food for school party.Nanti nak hantar.Excited la budak budak sekolah coz school is ending tomorrow.Lovely for kids to have a long holiday.
Moms yang pening dok memikirkan apa nak buat.Hari hari mesti nak kena ada activity ..
Coz I dont like Lil one to watch tv aje memanjang...

Received a steamboat dinner invitation tonight but I cant make it because tomorrow is yet another early day.

Then maybe saturday nak kena pergi cari birthday presents coz Lil one dapat birthday invitation.

Malam tadi before tidur Lil one asked me why I cannot eat soup that you're making...
So pagi ni makan ni before school Roast beef soup and nasi...

A link...

Just saw something that made me teary eyed early in the morning...

Reading that post this morning menginsafkan I pada pagi Khamis ni.
To GOD,i asked...Forgive me for I have sin.

Sayu I this morning.Ya ALLAH
Syukur alhamdulillah for allowing me to feel like this.
Alhamdulillah di Pagi Khamis ni i woke up to a good positive attitude.Listening to Jazz while waiting for Suboh,making my nescafe and tweet a little.

May ALLAH bless us all in all kind possible way!Insya ALLAH.
Been looking for these magazines because Ayah called up this morning asking for it.He wants to redo and organise Mak's laundry area.So he needs all the idea he can get.
I'm going to google some for him as well.

Tadi masa I was playing Jewel on Fb,i terlelap ..he he he...I am tired but now I want to go and have a Milo and then head to bed.

Remembering....Ibadah Journey

I miss Makkah and Madinah

Semalam ada friend berangkat menunaikan Haji...itu yang membuat I lagi merindui Makkah and Madinah...

Folding clothes

Apa lagi kerja housewife?Basuh baju,sangkut baju,lipat baju and it repeats everyday!!
Those things I can cope with but not ironing:D
I leave Ironing to hubby or just hantar dobi.
But most of my baju everyday is just lipat and simpan kinda baju,so usually hubby tolong gosokkan baju sekolah anak aje..:D
To some that might sound eeee teruknya kasi hubby gosok..but he gosok better than me!!!
And he doesnt mind it at all.

So now ada one load in the washer nak tunggu kena sidai,one load dah lipat ,nak tunggu simpan
Ha ha

Sikit lagi nak masak pulak.Apa lagi,favourite hubby and Lil one lah...tak masak kicap,sup daging roast...and vegetables and sambal belacan to go with it.Will check if ada ikan masin tak..and that will buat penyedap makan later

Bilik semua dah kemas.Tingkap semua dibuka so that masuk angin sikit.
Lagi apa?Lepas habis kerja rumah tu semua nanti,I'm gonna snap pictures

Saje je...

After our breakfast,hubby had to go to the supermarket.He went to buy stuffs for me.As I wanted to stay in the car listening to the radio.Interesting topic today.

About how your child behave when you're out.

Sambil tu dok mengemas handbag and you know as always I will carry my camera with me.Dapatlah snap a picture this morning.
Saja je suka suka.

I hope today will be a better day for everyone reading.Smile will make you feel better ,try it.

Its the 3rd last day of school.SPM started today.UPSR results keluar tomorro I think...

Next year another new beginning...hmmm...

The weather is making me lazy and sleepy!!
Lil one is not feeling good,and dok baring watching Rapunzel.
I am contemplating to sleep or munch...
I love this weather,Thank you ALLAH

Cute?Ok ler...

This morning I woke up without the alarm clock .Usually lagu Aizat yang mengejutkan I bangun.Automatic I woke up had my morning coffee before shower and Solat Subuh.
Put a load in the washer,got the lunch box ready..made breakfast and woke Lil one up.Mengeliat tak mau bangun dia pagi ni.
Finally got everything ready,ler nak poopoo pulak so masuk le balik rumah ...mulut I pokpek pokpek..Ha ha ha..

Arrived school today I masuk becoz of some reasons,..dalam Lil one was sitting down with her friend copying her workbook,came a group of older friends and Lil one's friend tadi cakap there tu he is I asked who is here...Itu lah..the one I told you about...Lil one said
He always say I'm cute mummy...
Which one?I asked..
This one...and I said OOOOO...
He said lil one is cute in front of me and cubit pipi Lil one and I was I asked the boy,Aunty tak cute?
That boy answered me this,"Aunty ok"
Ha ha ha...

I said to Lil one before I left,no wonder he a…


Dah lepas solat Isya tadi,terus datang berblogging:)Nak buat penutup topic pada malam ini.

Just curious and have been wondering about this topic the whole day but I am not too sure what people might think about it.

In your daily life,what is your purpose?Like when you have done your kemestian,what do you expect from yourself each day?

I made a promise to myself in my heart really.To be a better person each day.I also said to myself,I want to live my life to the fullest.
I should enjoy my sporting activites more everyday.To make myself healthy.
Almaklumlah dah makin tua umur ni.I also dont want to sound tired everytime I pick Lil one up from school.I want her to have that memory of me in her that my mom is something else.

I do question my expectations too.What do I expect out of Lil one?Do I expect too much from her?Noooo

I am a mummy who gives all kind of opportunity (co curricular)to my child so that she lead a balanced Life and have a happy childhood.
I know that now a days in school,the le…


I can feel the holiday mood already.I have just confirmed again on our hotel bookings and informed hubby:)

Weather is gloomy today here in Kl...Wonder when is the sun coming up.
I have put a load in the washer and gonna wait for it so I can dry em up quickly.
Thinking of what to cook also.

Nothing much to write right now..


Here it is,Monday .
The last Monday of the school term.Yay!!
Finally mommy and kid get a long break.Alhamdulillah.
I am not sure what time is it now.I am watching the biograpy of dr mahathir..

I am going to bed very soon.
We have a very busy last week of school.


Since it is Sunday.I go about my day as slowly as can be.
How nice to be able to santai rush for school for anything for that matter.
Lil one is enjoying her dvd's and after zohor ni baru nak pergi lunch and Family outing.
Whatever that comes to mind,Here it comes.
This blog is like my diary,I love it.

Whats the most important thing in the world to you?

This morning I text my friend In Terengganu,asking how she's doing.We all miss her daughter and her.She texted me back saying that her mother is not well.Quite sick lately.
I told her,tak apalah,Take care of your Mom...She is more important than anything else in this world

Here I am typing this,Lil one came to me with her daddy's laptop asking to connect.She wants to play a game.So there you go..Satu family sibuk dengan gadget masing masing:)

Hubby is still sleeping..well,its Sunday kan..

I've washed a load of laundry and dah sidai dah pun.

We might just go take Lil one have fun again today.Sunday,Family day!!

So sad

It shouldnt have been an issue.

When the topic came up I feel like I was being attacked personally.S*(*&!!
I hate feeling this way.

Why do people expect certain standards from people when they themselves cant live up to that standard

Hubby and I are the type of person who will not expect anything from anyone and we dont take to heart about whatever it is.We learned the hard way of course.

But to certain people,I'm always in the wrong.I simply dont get that.

I spoke my mind and said it in a nice way that I not even the tiniest in me have that kind of thoughts.

I pray to God everyday that I wont be someone who talks bad and have ill feelings towards others.I hope God heard my prayers.

I am sad today.Its such a pity
Woke up at 4.30am this morning.Couldnt sleep again so I washed my dishes,folded laundry,Solat and watch tv .After that I came online.Surfed and blog hopping:)
Both hubby and Lil one is still asleep.I should wake them up in a bit.

Not in the mood at all:(

This morning I woke up feeling yucky .Then Lil one also not in the mood.Tired from concert day yesterday I suppose.
Got into the car and still felt yucky.I think hubby can see my mood so he didnt say anything and I just looked out the window.Not in the mood to talk or say anything.

Got back home,hang dry laundry and then came online and surfed.
Needed to get some details about some stuffs.

Weather is too nice today.I love it.
I am still not in the mood to do any cleaning today.

My bestie called me up just now and we spoke for an hour and a half about our kids,our life,our hormones.Nice chat bestie!!
Hope to get together soon.

Okdokie,now wanna go laze on my sofa and watch tv
As the school holiday is getting nearer,we are all excited because we dont have to rush in the morning for 6 weeks.Yay.
I have things planned for Lil one .Hope she wont get too bored this holiday.
Today we are going to be busy.
This weekend,hopefully hubby is in the mood again to bring us out for a fun family outing.We will see where we will go..maybe Ice skating:)

Okdokes,I feel like a migraine is coming.I want to relax -breathe in and out.


Sometimes things just dont go your way.Today Monday,I feel so not in a position to say anything at all.When I talk,I feel like talking to the wall..When I smile,I feel like I'm faking it.When I look into the mirror,I didnt see me...Saw a grumpy person..
Heh! This is a PMS posting..ha ha!!

Why cant the building beside ours stop drilling already?Hate the sound of noise.
My house is filled with Jazz music.Ahhhh relaxing.

Washing the laundry.Thinking of what to cook today.
I love the way Lil one reacts everytime I pick her up from school..
Her conversation will begin like this,everytime
"What did you cook Mummy?" "I'm hungry mummy,I ate lunch already but I'm still hungry!!!" Everyday the same topic when she sees my face.
I'm lucky she wants to eat whatever that I have prepared on a daily basis.

Fun things to do on a weekend

I try and make time for family time every weekend...Its a great feeling to spend time with lil one and hubby...
I love it.
This morning weather terlalu panas sampai we all mandi dah dua kali by zohor.
Now at nearly 4pm weather dah mendung...Alhamdulillah.
I actually dont have any idea to blog about saje je tak nak kasi blog ni terhenti.I do wonder where my blogger friend went.Dah lama dia tak update her blog.
If you're reading this,update lah..he he
Mom ,Dad and My kakak just went back.They had breakfast here.
Now I'm relaxing listening to Jazz...Been a while since I last blog.No idea to really.
Pagi ni rasa banyak sangat energy because I started on my diet again.I need to lose kilos..hayo cannot like this.Nanti nak pegi holiday,gemuk semacam buruk aje rupanya..hee hee..So on dr's advice I go on the pill.

Now I am cleaning the house,taking a break here and there...

Halloween cuppies...

We ordered halloween cuppies for the first night the kids enjoyed the party...
Saja suka suka...