Ayah wanted to take us out for breakfast but when there is 13 of us in the house,Breakfast became brunch...So we reached just in time for brunch:)

This is the place where we were at most of the time when we were small..So it brought back so many childhood memories...

Its nice because food is still cheap over here...Lucky!!

This is the place that I took swimming lessons.Diving lessons.I enjoyed my childhood..:)

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maklang said…
maklang sampai sekarang tak pandai
he he Maklang..

We all were asked to take swimming lessons because ada one outing dulu naik boat,boat we all tersangkut and after that My mom panicked so dah lepas tu ayah said have to belajar .
So we did ,sampai sekarang I love swimming:)
madam gold said…
You know how to dive??Wow that s great.I took swimming class in U once.But one day one Sudanese guy ,my classmate, came to me and said.."I think sister it is not right for you in swimming suit taking this class.I quit half way.
Once my instructor ask to jump and dive.So I dive lah,serah pada takdir,pas tu tak timbul2 ke surface.
Then she had to come to me underwater and brought me up..he..he..he..Those were the days..
he he he Madam Gold.I also took a live saving course.

Its a must for us kids.

Kelakar jugak your cerita Madam Gold..

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