day 12

I couldnt sleep last night.
WOke up and went looking for minyak panas.
Looked at hubby snoring away.

Lathered minyak panas on my badan. Angin kot.

Woke up in a rush .Late today for class.

 In the evening we got ready to pick lil tween up.
Headed to bangsar shopping center.
Mood raya dah rasa kat sini.

Belek belek found baju raya for lil tween.Syukur.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, apa tu 'minyak panas'? Rub make you hot?
This something new to me.
Minyak chap kapak saya tau. Ha ha ha. Never did appreciate that strong smell.

Other one is that very strong smell Chinese 'fung yau'.
For headaches, rumbly tummy, whatever.
Old days bila travelling all over Malaysia, pagi, petang, malam last flights, these are the two scents I hate to smell when on board, as well bila masuk bathroom know someone da makan petai.

I can imagine Malay people looking forward to hari raya, the usual exodus of balek kampong, and of course the traffic jams. But I guess thats the fun in hari raya.
Have a nice day,
Hahahaha Lee.ya la minyak panaskan badan.hahaha.

But no smell. Ya I hate that minyak kapak and tiger balm smell.

THe fun part about balik raya is the traffic .
Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu...I hear from my Malay friends, they balek kampong to escape the traffic jam, chuti earlier, or leave the house, if KL, at 4am.
Holy Smoke! Also its the toll where the traffic gets held up.
Will you be going anywhere, balek kampong? We have never been back to Malaysia for CNY past 26 years.
Isteri no chuti.
Ok, tu minyak buat badan panas? Ha ha...I can think of something else instead of beli tu minyak, ha ha ha. Save money pun.

Ok, salam ceria selalu dan jangan lupa gembira di hati.
Bagaikan sentiasa kedengaran alunan lagu merdu.
Yeah we once balik 2night before raya. Halfway through the traffic went on standstill. For a few hours.
Accident along the way.
People just got out of their car to eat sahur.
Upon reaching kampung we all pengsan so tired.

Itu minyak panas I use minyak gamat to urut urut badan bila gassy. Ha ha ha

I like your pantun...
Thank you.
You too have a good day

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