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Assalamualaikum morning

My alarm went blaring at 5 in the morning.So I had my dose of nescafe before showering.
Now trying to wake them up...while waiting for Azan Suboh.

I have many things to do today .

Updated: 9.45am
Just now after breakfast got back home,I tried to kemas baju baju lama Lil one...I found lil shoes,lil bajus...awww so cute..I cant seem to let go off them just yet.So dah taruh tepi and n lepas tu I hangdry laundry...

Now taking a break check blog for a while and then going to continue housework.
Today I told hubby I need fiery energy to make the house spotless..
While waiting for Isya prayers,I tertidur...Then I woke up by d sound of Azan...Rushed to the toilet for my wudhu and then proceeded to do my Isya.
Checked lil one,she's fast asleep.I'm done for the day.
Told hubby to check on lil ones room temp before him falling asleep.
G'night blog..
I'll catch up tomorrow

Some more books?

This morning after breakfast and dropping stuffs at Kak N's house we went to the market-Tujuannya adalah untuk membeli bawang and sayur.But as we entered the market we had to stop at the book stall.I got myself a book titled "HAJIMUDA" and MakkahAl Mukarramah.
Asked hubby to belanja me.He knows that I love books and lagi lagi berkaitan with our trip .Oh How I miss it.I can totally relate the topics in the book.Alhamdulillah.
Came back home I cooked.
Now I'm taking a break and surfing:)


Converstion between Hubby and Lil one

Hubby: Ok tell me my Darling, why do you solat?

Lil one: To make good deeds and ask from Allah for forgiveness

Hubby: Hmmm...

Hubby: Ok,now where is the best place to solat?

Lil one : Masjid daddeeeeee.....dont you know that already?In Makkah Daddeeeee...
Mummy : Hmmm:)

Hubby : tercengang cengang

Hubby: Ok one more now,Is it good to argue with your mommy?

a: No
b: Yes
c: No and Yes

Lil one : B...Yesssssssss...

Mummy : Actually tu soalan cepumas I asked hubby to ask her...And see what Answer we got so hubby had to explain to her its ok to give opinion but never ever argue and be rude to your mommy ok?

Lil one : Why not?

Hubby : Because she gave birth to you and Your heaven is bawah tapak kaki ibu...

Mummy : * Just waiting for her to pick up my feet to see heaven* but she didnt...:)

The Story of Muhammad

Bought this book in Madinah

She loves reading it so much.Now every now and then she will come up to me and ask me questions about our Nabi and she will tell me story...She's really getting interested because everytime when I put on Channel 106 on,she'll sit there and wait for the gambar masjidil Haram to come on and she'll go all excited.And she tells me all the time...."See mommy!!! Mekah Mekah,I've been there and I'm so happy...awww,I miss Mekah and Madinah mommy!"
I'll always answer her with this line,"Yes I miss Mekah and Madinah too!"
I dont know how to describe it so if anyone who have been there and can imagine what I must be feeling,Let meknow or describe it for me please:)

a playdate planned

lil one is on a playdate and enjoying herself very much.i am having cupcake and coffee while waiting for her to finish. I bought a book just now,cant resist it.. Its called dawn in madinah- a pilgrim's passage...
I made a vow to myself that i will read everyday. No harm done
but knowledge gained...
i am posting via mobile becoz my laptop got burnt. Well ya my fault,overcharged d hubby bising because he knows that i will definitely ask for a new one..hee hee...
So for the time being I just need to bersabar because money is tight.But I go crazy without a laptop.
I'll use lil one's laptop for the time being.

Today I have made ayam goreng masak kicap for dinner.Ya kicap is our favourite flavour to eat:)

Updates on books I bought at the pwtc bookfair.

1-The Ideal Muslimah
3-Important Lessons for Women
4-Kids Ugama books
5-Kids Dvd that lil one loves too much
6-Syarahan in English DVD by one Mufti I forgot his name

Surah An-Nisa'

4. Surah An-Nisa' (The Women)1. O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created his wife [Hawwa (Eve)], and from them both He created many men and women and fear Allah through Whom you demand your mutual (rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs (kinship). Surely, Allah is Ever an All-Watcher over you.2. And give unto orphans their property and do not exchange (your) bad things for (their) good ones; and devour not their substance (by adding it) to your substance. Surely, this is a great sin.3. And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan-girls, then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or (the captives and the slaves) that your right hands possess. That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice.4. And give to the women (whom you marry) their Mahr (obligatory bridal mon…

Moved but not 100 percent unpacked.

Its coming to 2 months we've moved here.Didnt finish unpack all of my stuffs..Too many stuffs... I donated and recycled a lot but still there's too many stuffs.
Like earlier today,I told my mom,I have 11 luggages big and small.She asked me where it came from...I answered this," All these luggages dari zaman anak dara lagi and along the marriage,I accumulate one luggage each during our travelling years.
I sayang nak get rid of my luggages..Still in good condition.So what I'm going to do is sort out whats inside the luggages and send some luggages to my mom to keep:)She have the extra space whereas I dont have any space here.

Ada gambar I ambik tadi but nanti lah I upload...
Memang tak habis habis kemas I ni,ye la no I have to do it setakat mana yang I mampu...

Another stage

This morning kita lambat lagi disebabkan ada orang tu tak nak bangun...
So dah lepas tu hubby and I pegi breakfast a rushed one because today he got tournament.So after that I terkapai kapai la seorang diri.Usually morning ni hubby and me will spend quality time together,breakfast,pasar,banking..But today tak ada so I balik rumah
I had to pick up souvenior at home to pass it to my bestie.Met up with her and we chat non stop.Seronoknya lama tak jumpa.Its nice to meet up without the kids once in a while.
So sembang punya sembang dah time nak balik.
I went to pick up mine and her hubby picked her up.We exchanged gifts coz both of us went away one week shy of each other.
Balik rumah do apa yang patut...Basuh laundry lagi.

I actually just text mom and my lil sister ...I'm going to sort 11 luggages yang I ada ni...All these years hubby and I travelled everywhere mesti balik with an extra bag..hmm...Actually in those bags ada barang barang i but I guess I should start with one bag.Then can cle…

Dejunk decluttering....whateva you call it

This is what I call dejunking...
Everything out from the masterbedroom.Clothes on the bed.Need to sort them out like this...
Want-Dont Want-Donate/Recycle

Have to do after Maghrib.
Will have a wonderful nearly empty wardrobe...hmmm...You havent seen the outside of the room just yet...Later will update with pictures..before and after pictures will do good to my mind


I simply love the view of the sun or moon for that matter.Cant resist snapping this

Book Fair anyone?

Madinah Game

The dvd's

Oooo no regrets about forcing dear hubby to bring me to the bookfair at PWTC this morning.I simply love books and got what I wanted.Bought a few books,board game,dvd for lil one too.All regarding our religion.
She was so happy to watch the solat dvd.It amazes me how interested and easy teaching her about ALLAH and solat.
This morning in the car she asked me about Nabi Muhammad.She didnt want to accept the fact that Nabi Muhammad became an orphan at the age of eight.She questioned me on that .hmmm .
That line can guna when she doesnt listen to me la..Like see how sad it is for even Nabi to be an orphan at 8 years old....I'll use this line," So you are lucky dear girl,you have mummy and daddy here on this earth with you"..
I used that actually this morning when she didnt want to listen .hee hee
She actually kept quiet for a while before sambung her tantrums:)

After we got back just now,I washed 2 loads of laundry and dah sidai dah pun.She requested for m…
I just telan the habbatusawda oil ...ermmm...funny feeling but hubby said its good for us.So telan lah..hee hee..

Going out early today and running chores with hubby
I tried dejunking this space today.I am sick and tired of looking clutter everywhere...So in the end I managed to dump away some junks on the shelves.

I am going to continue cleaning after Maghrib... to make it less cluttered la.
This is one yummy Arab snack.We had this in the coaster on the way to Madinah. The kids enjoyed it and in the end my youngest nephew said,"Why dont I start selling this thing for 1 riyal each

Keinsafan Diri

Coming from deep within which you cant describe it with words.
Like Mak said,this time the thought of Mekah and Madinah touched her deep.Not that it didnt before but this time even more.
Even back home it seems so surreal.Syukur alhamdulillah she said,I bersyukur too because I told her this trip,God opened up my deepest feelings .Insaf I .
Well I still dont have the words for it.


Kan orang dah kata jangan tidur siang...tu la bangun grumpy aje...
Hubby after giggling and laughing watching cerita MELAYU on tv terus tertidur.
I woke him up but "Arrgghhh, I want to sleep" is what I got and now dah pukul berapa kelam kelibut jadinya..
I have washed laundry and dah hang dry them.
I tengah dejunking my dapur.Semua plastic entah pah ape I masukkan in a big garbage plastic bag.Seronoknya rasa when its not cluttered anymore...

And hubby asked,"You masak apa yang?" ...Hmmm Belum masak la I tengah declutter..
Then I started membebel...tolonglah when I dah kemas d baju baju yang nak give away or sedekah ni tolonglah jangan tengok balik apa yang I dah kemas...I rimas la...baju banyak sangat tapi bukannya pakai semua pun...So he went like "Apa?" "Apa?" Lailahailallah...berapa kali I nak kata...kita ni tak baik la baju banyak banyak elok elok tapi tak pakai semua so better kita almari tu tak la cluttered...

Kan I DAH membebel har…
When I have enough sleep its easy for me to wake up the next morning so from today onwards cut off time is 10 pm.

Its been raining heavily outside since 3 something am...but then i fell asleep again.
Now its 5.40 am waiting for subuh azan.
Tried waking the lil one up ,very grumpy today padahal semalam masuk tdo awal.

Updated at 8.52am Aint it sweet to see your lil one growing up .Wanting to do everything by themselves.
My lil one is excited because this is time she's really involved in sports.
Apart from vigorous swimming lessons,she loves other sports too.

We just came home from having breakfast.I also sempat went to the market.Bought a kain pelikat for our mutawwife in Mekah.We're going to kirim to somebody who is going very soon.
Mom asked me to buy ,a token for the ustaz..

Now hubby is watching whateva cerita Melayu on tv..he is laughing ,giggling all the way.heh

Weather is too good to waste.I'm going to lie down for a while before starting my daily chores.

Update: at 10.31am
While waiting for Isya ,I watched Oasis channel 106
Orang kata tak elok letak selipar kat depan kepala masa sembahyang...but kalau ditutup dengan bag tak apa lah...
Miss praying at the Haram and Masjid Nabawi with my sisters...
I am sick and tired of the laundry that need to be done in this house.
I am sick even looking at it.

As long there is Pasta..someone will stay happy and content

Pasta and Sauce -Cheese and Brocolli.
Lil one simply loves pasta...wherever we go,Pasta is all that she asked for.
She is satisfied with her pasta today.
Now she's doing her homework and waiting for her tutor to come after Solat Asar.

Tonight I will make her a different kind of pasta.
Tomorrow is rice day

We will see what hubby wants to eat tomorrow.
Tonight I'll just make something simple for him.I'm not eating anything today for lunch and dinner because I had noodles this morning at sister's house