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I woke up today with alhamdulillah, syukur that I am able to wake up and better person insya ALLAH...
I am dreaming of A handbAg:) anniversary is coming soon, hope I'll be surprised with one. Am also thinking what to buy for hubby.. Hmmm

missing the travelling!!!

One of those days where people are going on their vacation,planning their vacation that makes me wonder,bila agaknya dapat pergi vacation..seronok betul travelling here and there.. Bukan apa, happy tengok tempat orang, cuaca orang, and shopping orang:) I miss all those good times but apakan daya, masa n wang ringgit tidak mengizinkan.. Tak apa ,sabar aje lah...masuk this year it has been 5 years since we travelled out on a plane ..those were the days.
I simply love the packing, flying and reaching the destination.The smell when you land in another country. I miss those times. The renting a car,driving the car in another country...upon reaching our apartment,I miss those feelings.but nevermind,insya Allah soon...

Lil one doing her homework

And mommy doing her housework:)What else is new for mommy right?
I like the fact that she knows that she have to finish all her homework and knows her responsibilities at home.
She is asking for food too. he he
Food food food!!

Hubby is so happy because I made sambal belacan .I will do sambal belacan in one go,and simpan to chill in the fridge.Just now he came back and smelled sambal and he was so so happy:)He he

Ok I nak sambung buat kerja ni...

ikutlah rules

They say whEn you live in a condo, follow condo's rules and regulations. No pets allowed,period. Kalau jenis pet yang diam tu I can understand...kalau jenis yang bising tu macamana? Dah la menganggu ketenteraman jiran tetangga especially jiran yang stay at home like me.Why do these people suka sangat break the rules? Anjing tu bising menyalak nyalak ,hisj...I have complained to the management so many times. But why aren't they doing anything about it? Not only on my floor ada orang bela anjing... FLoor lain pun..hubby said I complain too much. Mana tak complain, I duk sini I follow rules and orang boleh buat seseka hati aje. Hish boring lah......

On the hills

We are on the way to kemaman when I am typing this ,seronoknya because i get to type while hubby is driving...lilone is pokpeking away....Cuma x Ada connection...I love my iPad supercool....

Testing from iPad

Just testing
Spent the whole of friday at parents house, dari pagi teman ayah shopping . Seronok tengok he is so excited to jalan and shop. As usual mom will be thinking dulu before buying. Ayah always tell her to buy apa yang berkenan di hati, but mom will always say "that is so expensive" "nantiah" "I fikir dulu" . Ayah have been working all these years to provide us the whole family with everything...and we are so lucky to have an ayah like him...Alhamdulillah.... So back to shopping, after that we went home,hung out and then lil sister dropped me off at home before I had to go pick Lil one up from school.Lepas tu terus pergi parents house again... Hung out until 11.40pm .

Now am back home, need to shower and head to bed.
Remain firm and patient when facing insults and criticism.Forgive whoever that have hurt you by showing them the most beautiful of manners. Turn away from them. And do not feel distressed by their schemes. Their disapproval of you only increases you in worth and merit.
That is a little bit of a sentence I read frm the book Don't Be Sad...
Today I got hurt again by someone so close yet the bitterness in that person is becoming very obvious. I in my heart I wept. I was hurt.

But nevermind.Dengan berkat kesabaran yang ALLAH beri, I bersabar.
Its not hubby btw.
Gave lil one her dinner early. Today is a very santai day. Eat and watch tv. Weather like this I can have everyday... Hubby sure is stuck at the office with this thunder anD kilat. I have cleaned the whole house. I like the fact that husband will come back to a cosy house. little lamp shades are switched on. Balcony sliding doors are wide open,wind is blowing in and out of the house..

Sisters and cousins are updating their whereabouts thru their blackberry.. Keeping each other notified what's going on ...
I shall relax and have an early night tonight:)

loving the wind...

Wowee the wind is blowing very strongly. I am making ayam masak kicap.ikan goreng, sambal belacan n sayur for dinner. Thought of cooking early today so that we can go swimming but it started drizzling so lil one is in her room drwaing and relaxing ... I am multi tasking actually. Masak and mengemas. Ya ya what else is new for this mommy...

try ...

Today I am going to try and read a little over again.
When you read, you broaden your knowledge

Lately I feel like I am soul searching. I want to get to know my inner soul better.
When quiet happnens, there is silence.
When there is silence you can hear what your inner soul is saying

I shut my mouth a lot now because I'd rather be on the safe side... Not saying sometjing that people don't like to hear...
I shut my mouth a lot because when you're at your lowest , your sayings doesn't matter.
What a world we live in, when you're blessed with luxury, you tend to go overboard when you talk or act but those without luxuRy, our sayings don't matter

I just pray to ALLAH that I remain calm and sensible if given the opportunity to havE luxuries in my life.

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Not in the freaking mood

This morning I tak ada mood.Adalah sebabnya so after sending hubby to work today I went for me time  Coffee with Ipad in tow.Seronoknya coz leka dengan Ipad and minum kopi sorang sorang.Duduk punya duduk then I headed to the post office .After that ingat nak jalan jalan but pikir dua tiga kali,tak payah jalan lah nanti habis duit.Dah nak keluar ke car park.Nampak pulak kedai luggage.Haish ,singgah jugak.I saw a bag that berkenan di hati.I didnt buy because tak ada cash in hand.And I didnt buy because I'm saving up for another  idaman bag:)But I told the girl I will come back tomorrow .So we will see if I go back there tomorrow.
Cantiknya bag tu.Very simple but still very expensive tu yang pikir bagai nak rak tu.Siap try try bag tu on my shoulder and siap berangan kena ke dengan baju raya nanti.OOoo this year tak buat baju raya,pakai aje baju baju collection yang jarang dipakai tu.
Hubby and I will recycle la,pakai ulang.Lil one pun baru buat baju haritu so tak payahlah nak buat ba…

Nearly a year

Sept nanti,Setahun we moved here.And can you imagine I am still cleaning and decluttering.
Alhamdulillah minggu ni mood cleaning datang and seronoknya cleaning.Rumah makin minimal and I love it.
There are some things that we are not able to let go.Lil one toys I have put aside,nak hantar balik kampung nanti.
I've got collages that need to be put up on the wall but wait for hubby to do that.I tak pandai nak paku paku ni kang lubang dinding.
I need to go shop for blinds for the balcony.
Apart from that,we are fine alhamdulillah.

Haritu dok kemas baju Lil one and I.Seronoknya because have donated banyak jugak.
Ada at one corner of the house,things to bawak turun masuk kereta.Need to recycle and buang.

I love it when I come into this comel place that everything is nice and kemas.
Lil one and hubby cannot say anything because kalau mood I datang,habis satu rumah I kemas.And if tak ada mood pun,they all cannot say anything..ha ha ha

I want to go to the beach
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Today is the most boring day.Woke up with a migraine and sure hubby dont like to see the look on my face pagi ni.
They are both getting ready.I am not in the mood to go out but need to take Lil one out makan.

Cut the stress,istighfarlah wahai diriku sendiri

Dah sibuk beberapa hari.Dok mengemas rumah tak habis habis.Memang lah banyak benda yang I let feeling..

I am sad because I am in the mood to go holiday.Lagi lagi dengar orang pergi airport,naik kapalterbang...can ah like that?Bukan jealous or busuk hati but envious...Ramai orang pergi holiday now.I wish I can just pack our suitcase and leave the country for a holiday,long awaited break.Heh!! Dream on.

We are still not entitle to go anywhere for vacation.
Debts need to be settled first.

So dari sedih tak tentu pasal,I spring clean,dejunk the house like I am moving.
Family members tau la coz we all dah banyak kali move house

Ok lah nak continue cleaning,Weather macam best di luar.
Eversince Ayah gave us the standing fan tu,I dah kurang pakai aircon.Ya this unit ,memang tak ada installed fan on the ceiling.Memang before this I use the aircon macam kat hotel:D

Feeling down

Feeling down,feeling sad.hmmm

Those days

I miss Those days,when we can afford to eat outside all the time.Before Lil one besar.We practically ate out alternate nights.Dulu murah rezeki ALLAH beri ,seronok rasanya hubby spoiled me makan sini makan sana,belanja sini belanja sana.

Now we're not in our capacity to simply makan apa yang kita teringin .We keep that for once a month .Itupun kalau fancy,jarang sekali sesuka hati.
Now there are more things to do with the $$$$ macam macam nak bayar kan.Fees segala macam.

Of course lah sedih but dugaan I accept dengan redha.But this is a blog where I write what I feel.Not talking about orang lain,just myself and my feelings.

Like I have been wanting to eat Durian,but durian pun mahalnya sekarang ni.Tak apalah maybe next week,I will buy durian for hubby ,Lil one and I.Sebelum musim durian habis:)


Very lazy Sunday.Woke up quite early jugak but just laze around and relaxed.Lil one just got up.And watching tv.Hubby tried to betulkan the fan we got yesterday.Ayah bought us one each..for his daughters:)So today want to ask Lil sister bawak pergi kedai balik,something is so wrong with the fan.
Today tak masak lah.Nak makan outside.Donno where yet,maybe kedai masak asam di kampung Baru:)

Ok hubby has gone in to shower,Lil one is really enjoying her Sunday.
And here I am trying to sort my house.
Nothing fancy..Just normal everyday kemas

Our Saturday

Lil one didnt want to wake up on time for her ballet class this morning so hubby and I took our own sweet time ,didnt have to rush.Lil one woke up at about 11.30 am and then we took our shower and headed for lunch.Makan at SriThai,ya ALLAH sedapnya sambal and ikan stim:)
After that we went to Bangsar to get birthday present.Lil one dapat invitation to a party tomorrow.While we headed up to the shop,we saw cars on display.Told Lil one,nanti later,mummy nak tengok kereta kereta tu.
So we headed to the toy shop.Belek punya belek,Lil one wanted to get herself something and I said,"Of course not!!" Its not your birthday.
She wrapped the present on her own and then we headed downstairs.
We belek all five cars .Bestnya.Siap masuk duduk...Volks...Canggih.Alangkah bahagianya ada cash dalam tangan boleh beli sebijik..hihihi:)
Hubby picked us up and Lil one dengan nyaringnya kasi tau Daddy,"Please please buy the car,I love new cars Daddy"...Haish.ingat beli car tu dengan syil…

Spring cleaning

My cousin said to me the other day,"I wonder how much you've thrown away since moving out from the house you stayed before" I answered,"A lottttttttttt" and I'm still sorting and throwing stuffs:)

I am back:)

Eversince I got the Ipad,sudah kurang masanya dengan laptop ni:)So today I bukak laptop .I was spring cleaning my home.Today I managed to clear my kitchen counter.Felt so good looking at it,spotless.
Weather was bad in the morning but then come lunch hour,it started to pour.Lightning and all.Until now,the weather is beautiful to me but gloomy to some.

I need to always remind myself that my job staying at home is to look after the house.To make sure that it is clean.I love watching "cleanaholics" to inspire my lazy bumm up and start working around the house:)

Ok it has been a hectic week since I last blog.