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Monday birthday

Happy birthday lil one,you're not so little anymore,I know you had the best time of your life yesterday.I am proud to be your mother,I am glad you are my daughter.Your daddy and I are both glad that you came into our lives 10years ago.I pray for you every time to grow up to be the best you can be,to be a good muslimah,to be our obedient child,to be always turn to god during your good and bad moments...insyaALLAH.To be successful in whatever you choose to be.Daddy and I will always stand by you. We love you no matter what.


Friday morning,I have prepared her lunch box. She's having breakfast in bed!! Hmmm
A week since the school reopened. Cepat je masa berlalu now.
Last night we gathered at sister's house for dinner. I made my famous in the house dish. LOL

Today after school,lil one have a playdate with her bestie.
I try to fit in at least once a week for her to have that playtime.

I was supposed to bukak the books almari to sort my books, but I know mood must be 100% if not,the clutter will burden my mind. Entah bila lah nak mengemasnya.

Gym time should be around 9ish. Must at least sweat everyday!
Feels good after my workout. But time makan,makan jugak! Haha

Okdokie,shall go get ready now!
Have a blessed Jumaat everyone.

forgive to move on

I am reading this article in the malay mail.
Forgive ,for your own sake.

I was just telling husband the other day,we must forgive and let go. I believe in the saying.if you don't forgive on whatever or whoever, you cannot move on. Its like you're holding grudges . Its not healthy for your sanity. You choose your happiness. Do not let other people pull you down into negativity like that. When you don't won't be happy.

Forgive and let go,even if you cannot forget.

I am waiting for hubby to finish his evening meeting . We tagged along . We seldom do but today we did.
Wonder what time will he finish it, I want to watch tv now!!
At home she read today. She'll make it a point to read everyday.

I just hope she continue to read always.

I enjoyed today's episode on Lie to Me... About how a "kiasu" mom wanting everything for her child not because of her chid but because of her.On a daily basis,I bumped into these kind of mom's at school...I am for one is not them type of mom.

I will definitely encourage and support what interests her but I won't force her into something that she doesn't like. Insya Allah,I hope to remain true to myself like this.
She will decide what she wants to do. I will not make that decision for her
Ok, now I want to continue watching tv, let's see what is good to watch.

Guten Tag!!.

this and that

Just finished watching Blue Bloods on 701 and I must go to bed now ,if not I'll snooze the alarm in the morning.LOL.
Love watching the strong family bond with the raegan clan!
It reminds me of my own family. They go thru everything together.

Just now after my workout, I did some weights training, I looked myself in the mirrors and can see that I am shrinking, a little by little. It is making my self esteem go up and it feels good. But tummy area,oh oh,still lots of fat to burn.

Lucky with music,I enjoy my burning calories session.

There's so many new faces at the gym. Its good to see.

On the home front, I have been clearing the clutter. Everyday I recycle stuffs. Its heading the right direction.
Sometimes the cleaning mood come and goes but when I am in the mood, everything gets settled. If bnot , messiness accumulates. LOL

I am putting jazz music to sleep tonight.It calms me down to Zzzzz

back to school

Monday first day of school after a 2 week break. It was a total holiday for my lil one.No books opened at all. Hmmm, yep...that's how a holiday should be.