Friday morning,I have prepared her lunch box. She's having breakfast in bed!! Hmmm
A week since the school reopened. Cepat je masa berlalu now.
Last night we gathered at sister's house for dinner. I made my famous in the house dish. LOL

Today after school,lil one have a playdate with her bestie.
I try to fit in at least once a week for her to have that playtime.

I was supposed to bukak the books almari to sort my books, but I know mood must be 100% if not,the clutter will burden my mind. Entah bila lah nak mengemasnya.

Gym time should be around 9ish. Must at least sweat everyday!
Feels good after my workout. But time makan,makan jugak! Haha

Okdokie,shall go get ready now!
Have a blessed Jumaat everyone.


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