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Sikit sikit

This morning I headed to the new house, tunggu orang blinds sampai,tunggu orang furniture shop Sampai,tunggu contractor sampai,tengok they all buat itu buat ini and now I am back home.
Masak and minum kopi before getting ready to go again.
I mengangkut lil one's stuffs sikit sikit.Her room is off limits to the workers.
Ni pun dah prepare lagi stuffs to bring over.
Actually for me pindah is a norm but this time tak teruk sangat because stuffs dah berkurangan.

Busy as a bumblebee

Semalam tak exercise,today pun belum lagi.
Washing loads of laundry,swept the house,opened the doors...
Hello Sunday!
They are enjoying their Sunday by sleeping in and I feel like it's just another day for sleeping in,routine like usual.

Been very busy the whole of last week,very tired but very fulfilling week.
This coming week will be more tiring.lots to settle with little sister.

Need to go to the new house ,bawak a few boxes, carpets and get ready for the kenduri.
Semalam my new bed sampai,so happy and puas hati because it didn't cost us a bomb to get new bed,syukur alhamdulillah.

al fatihah untuk adik faris

Sedih I baca pasal entri adik faris di blog mazidul akmal.
Semoga keluarganya tabah menghadapi dugaan Allah ini.

monday blues

Monday morning yang redup,hujan renyai renyai
Pagi pagi off late,traffic is getting from bad to worse.
Whats happening?
Tadi we all sat at this shop for breakfast,pandang ke kanan jalan,main was chaos.not moving .
Langsung tak de ketenangan bila nampak jalanraya traffic jam macam ni hari hari

Got back home I headed to the gym...Dah 2 hari tak pergi but makan melebihi had limit.heh

Balik rumah nampak ni dalam peti ais,happy sendiri...heheh

Resting for a while before mengemas session bermula. arghhh!!

Saturday yang terlalu busy....

Lil one is making her breakfast and I am mentally preparing myself for the stuffs that I am supposed to be doing.Counting down till we's practically my job to settle everything before the move.

Tring to get hubby to get up and eat breakfast.

We have lunch date and then lil one have dancing class and we're having dinner tonight

Friday,syukran wasalam....

Semalam I was thinking,Friday ni banyak kerja nak buat but come Friday,tak boleh nak buat kerja run errand here and there because lil one is's been a few days I dah tau she's gonna demam because of the change of voice so here we are at home getting ready,I surf sekejap and she's watching tv...eeeeeee seronoknya dia tengok tv...demam demam ni...hehe.usually on school days she doesn't watch tv because it melekakan her.I tak suka so that has been the house rules for a long time.tap kasi chance lah,orang sakit kan.

Ok, for now...later !

Supplement and vitamins

I started hubby on a vitamins + supplement routine.
He is the type yang kala sakit,tak nak pergi clinic.Takut le tu,tapi nak control jugak macho kata "ooo I got my own remedy kala rasa nak demam "
And I also started religiously with vitamins+ mineral + supplements.
Ada la satu brand ni yang memang I suka sangat and reasonable so will stick with it lah.
I also googled a bit about Chinese herbal medicine.Must go and buy one of these days.yang malasnya,susah nak parking.Kalau in kampung dulu,can just stop kereta tepi kedai macam drive thru tu to buy my Chinese herbs.I miss kampung style,not so hectic

I didn't do anything much at home today.Was busy googling minimalist blogs.Seronoknya and gotten myself inspired again to declutter before moving.Ada one blogger ni kata,"bolehkah anda declutter and buang sebanyak mungkin". Ada comments dia yang kata,tak bolehlah,macamana nak buang semua sekali? Ada yang kata,mungkin boleh within a time frame.Actually when reading thos…

Errands and exhaustion

Since morning I keluar,baru arrive home about half an hour ago.
Whoa,it was so hot being outside today.
After breakfast with hubby I went to the pharmacy to look see at the vitamins on the shelf.Belek punya belek,jumpalah seorang satu punya vitamins.
Got back home,waited for parents and sister and we headed to the new place.Ayah wanted to see what the contractors were doing. Little sister bawak painter .
Headed for brunch after that and then sent parents home before little sister and I headed out again.
We went to the hardware store to look for paint. Very satisfied and syukur sangat because the paint that I chose tak melebihi rm250.
Sent the paint to the new house because esok orang tu nak start kerja.Insyaallah Allah the paint job for Lil one's room Akan siap cepat.
It will be a total surprise for lil one...
Dah settle kat situ,little sister sent me home.

I got upstairs,kemas clothes yang bertaburan into a box.

Have to sambung kerja here but I need to take a rest first.haha!!pe…

cReam bATh...oh I miss you!!

I am due for my manicure and pedicure.But of course without the nail polish and all..he he Saje je ambik gambar ni...

Need to make and appointment for those sessions and a massage session too.Its been a while.
Must learn to remember that after working out like mad woman, I need to be pampered too.
Sometimes without realising it,I let go off these pampering sessions because its too expensive.

Teringat when we were on a vacation in Jakarta years back...Husbands went golfing and us ladies went to the spa.We had about 5 treatments for about rm78 for all those 5 treatments.I was like shocked!!!But it was an amazing experience.Miss it tho.

Just about a couple of days ago,My bestfriend from school texted me telling me this "You check out this hotel..coz when we're heading there,thats the hotel I want to stay" I was like "Hellooooo,bila kita nak pergi Jakarta ni?" She said,"bila kita ada masa" LOL LOL...
I wish...

I must go watch tv sekejap before f…


Went to the gym this morning,told hubby to record the Grammy's.
After gym,I headed out to monitor some stuffs with the new house and got home just in time to see the tribute for Whitney Houston.Sedih I how Whitney's song can leave me with that kind of impact .I guess just because she's simply an amazing talent with a superb powerful voice.And I also grew up with her songs.
Just like when Michael Jackson died,I was so sad.I grew up with his song too.

May they rest in peace finally.

Updated : Malam while waiting for my laundry to finish spinning

I found this just now

Whitney Houston passed away

Whitney Houston is dead at the age 48.
I Love her songs!!!!!!

Looking minimalism

Finding ideas to pack less.I feel like a failure because I will go on being sentimental to everything that I touch.arghhhhhh helppppp
Reading blog after blog,some say get rid once and for all.I wonder where do they get the courage to do so?
Looking and reading about moving list as well. I am feeling overwhelmed already.

Hubby decided that we are not going to use the movers that gave us the quotation yesterday.he said he will buy boxes,I will not need more than 30 that's what the movers said yesterday. I will pack everything as soon as I get the boxes.this should be easy!! I have moved so many times and I guess this is the most minimal move.I hope!!

Less stuff to move because I have been getting rid daily since I found out that we're moving.You know?I got on you tube to cari ideas how to continue mengemas nak berpindah ni.Adalah tears inspired sikit for today.
They said clean one room at a time,well I dah bawak keluarkan everything from all the room ,so how?kenalah buat jugak,n…


I decided not to go to the gym this morning when my alarm went off at 5.30
Sometimes a girl need to do what a girl need to do.
Slept till about nearly 10am.dah tak ingat when was the last time I slept in.
Bila bangun as usual those two still snoring away.let them be
I started washing laundry,made myself yummy nescafe,sikit lagi nak goreng telur.lapar pulak rasanya.

Yesterday I went to see my gynae,spoke to her about all sort of stuffs.She was happy to see me and said I look happy and healthy.Alhamdulillah...if only she knew how I really look while pms'ing.LOL.
Spoke to her about that and asked her to get me on a supplement or what.she recommended me a product from Sweden.To start immediately.It's basically to help me go thru my monthly pms. I hope it will help.dah start semalam. Is that why I am aching today? I don't know but 'feeling' cool.

Later the moving people are coming,banyak kali tertunda.
After that we shall get ready for lunch and go here go there...our u…

All out

Counting down to the day when we are moving,i have 14 medium boxes packed and 8 containers packed.
Now I am trying to push every boxes and container to the side to see how many more boxes I need.
books and clothes,albums and frames lah yang paling banyak dalam rumah ni,itupun banyak Baju I dah sort to recycle.must sit down second round to clear clothes. Argh....
Itupun,hubby have a lot still at the cleaners.

Supposedly the movers come to day to look at my stuffs,we need the quotation but since I had an appt this morning,had to tunda till tomorrow.
In the mean time I will continue cleaning
Ok I have to go and mop the house.after that I want to eat lunch and continue kemas.beum gym today but I guess the mopping will cover the sweating hehehe

Ok,dah mop, sitting down drinking nescafe before moving to the next task.exhausting!!!!
I wish I can part with my stuffs because I wish to move like no barang like that,like moving into the hotel.bawak baju aje....seronoknya if can be minimalist …


This morning after gym, I sambung kemas all the barang that we took out from lil one's room. We place all of it on the dining table.Tadi I went thru her book collections, and wowza banyaknya her books. Story book,knowledge book,writing books,drawing books....Ada la sikit dah tarok tepi to recycle.

Old clothes ada dua plastic besar,esok pagi I nak recycle tu.
Sikit lagi I nak recycle junks sikit. Banyak betul junks dalam rumahhhhhhhhhh we all yang cozy ni...kecik je but junks banyak sungguh.
sambil kemas tu,sempat pulak tengok sinetron,haha

Now nak sambung kemas sikit lagi
Hopefully by evening today,dah clear sikit dining table I because kan nanti nak dinner...

Even after several times experience berpindah,I sepatutnya dah expert kan?heh
Yeah,I dah pack some into boxes...I dah tolak ke tepi.
One of these days movers Will come to evaluate my stuffs and give me quotations.hubby said,mintak quotation dulu and then we will discuss.
I rasa if I pakai movers to move,they just need to …

Sick of the clutter

Eventho I am sick of it,every time I go through a pile,sayanglah,sentimental like this?
I have just tossed clothes in a big garbage's white garbage bag,so besar,so puas hati.
While cleaning ,sorting,throwing,dumping, I keep on telling myself this : I WILL NOT FALL IN THE CATEGORY OF CONSUMERISM anymore. Because,ehhhh penatlah nak mengemasnya.
Can I just pack up our clothes,books(the most important ones that is) mana bolehkan? Coz I have hubby's paintings to bubble wrap,my picture collages to bubble wrap ,our albums to put in boxes...haishhhh don't know how many boxes I need just for albums!!!!!lil one's soft toys.not so soft periuk and segalanya di dapur handbags,

Nonono can do it.I must do it. I will be a minimalist.I should at therate I am going.

I didn't know

Yesterday after so long ,I hung out with little sister and her friends. I forgot how nice carefree can be.My little sister looks happy being surrounded with her friends.these are her friends that she goes marathon with and also to the islands for their yearly vacation... They laughed,made jokes and giggling all the time.and as evening came the table grew!
Teringat pulak masa zaman I muda2 dulu,in my hometown growing up asal petang aje we will gather at this one shop, makan minum and bergelak ketawa...those were the and happy to be young.

Malam pulak,we went bed shopping...I didn't know that tilam can be so mahal...we chose the cheapest of course.browsed for cadar as well but take Ada yang berkenan di hati so the delivery date set and one of us must be at the new place for the arrival of all the newly purchased furniture.

After that we went to eat Siamese food.
While there hubby sketched a drawing for little sister to pass to her Id.

Little sister and I dis…

Internet connection

Lama sungguh tak Ada Internet connection. Itu fibre optic Sudah rosak so mau panggil itu orang repair pun was very busy.
Since sudah Ada connection again,I have been playing games non stop and also catching up on reading blogs. So happy and smiling reading all these blogs.
Like I recently told my sister,ini rumahhhhhhhhhh macam tongkang pecah .I need to declutter before I pack to move,but itu mood declutter sudah hilang tak tau pegi mana..
Actually I have donated,recycled and thrown a lot out but this tiny bitty Knicks knacks yang buat I penning kepala.

Apart from that,nothing much to story.