Looking minimalism

Finding ideas to pack less.I feel like a failure because I will go on being sentimental to everything that I touch.arghhhhhh helppppp
Reading blog after blog,some say get rid once and for all.I wonder where do they get the courage to do so?
Looking and reading about moving list as well. I am feeling overwhelmed already.

Hubby decided that we are not going to use the movers that gave us the quotation yesterday.he said he will buy boxes,I will not need more than 30 that's what the movers said yesterday. I will pack everything as soon as I get the boxes.this should be easy!! I have moved so many times and I guess this is the most minimal move.I hope!!

Less stuff to move because I have been getting rid daily since I found out that we're moving.You know?I got on you tube to cari ideas how to continue mengemas nak berpindah ni.Adalah tears inspired sikit for today.
They said clean one room at a time,well I dah bawak keluarkan everything from all the room ,so how?kenalah buat jugak,nak tak nak....


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