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Our Sunday ...

Sunday morning we made hubby dearest drove us to Pavillion to get Cream Puffs..We hung out at the Loaf for a bit before heading back to this side of town. Hubby went golfing and Lil one and I had lunch at the club before heading to my kakak's house to feed her animals.(My kakak is on vacation)
Fed the animals,had our shower there and then headed to R.Green for a get together..The girls yeah us and the guys...their hubbies..
Kiddos had fun in the pool from 2pm -6pm
Girls had good laugh giggling to stories from the past and the present.Cool we are.

Now I'm all ready for dinner.Lil one wants dinner NOW

Updated: 23.00

After so much persuading from Lil one,Hubby and I decided ok we will take her out for dinner...eventhough hubby was too tired to open his eyes and me with my back aching and all...

Went there,ordered our food,then her cousins joined us.Lil one and her cousin text each other saying that they're going to the same place...heh Kids now a days...with their mobile and all.So …
I stumbled upon a blog that made me cried this morning.I am so sad..Read it here
Nearly a year ago..
How time flies
Making our way into the holiday mood...As I sit here watching lil one finishing her holiday homework,I thought to myself,What shall we do during the school holidays?

I will start to teach her how to cook.Basic food.For example Mac and Cheese + Broccolli or Just Plain Bolognese Pasta...Oh I know how she'll love learning all those things.
We used to make our own pizza..she simply loved it.

We will also make lots of art and crafts...No opening school books at all.
I want her to have a good satisfying holiday
So lazy today
Slept 3 hours ago and then suddenly I woke up at 1am.
Why is the tv still blaring at 1.15am?Football channel or something...hish
I am going back to sleep now....Sakit perut.Maybe because of my jamu?
Nighty night


Lil one just helped me with the house cleaning.She's having her dinner now.
I have mopped her room and my room.
I am going to clear a lil bit more stuffs hopefully by tonight.
Its a good feeling to start training them with house chores when young.
She helped and did what she was supposed to do but sulk a lil bit...:)

Opportunity comes rolling perhaps?

This morning I went for a meeting at a friends house.
She has a proposal for me to work in an organisation which will make me have to commit my time and skills for the newly setup organisation.It sounded like a good idea for me who stays at home doing nothing except for the household duties and parenting duties.
I thought it would make me a better human being to be able to find some source of an income.Provided hubby allows me to do it.

I'll basically work from home.Fill in all the details and data for whatever the organisation is handling.I personally think that wont be so difficult aint it?
Since I'm a very skilled typist..thanks to blogging and facebooking:)hee hee

So I told my friend I'll sleep on it and will inform her very soon.
I need to discuss it with dearest hubby tonight.

Insya Allah if he permits me to do it,I'll start very soon..
Yippee Yay...Inikah rezeki yang Allah janjikan pada umatnya yang tanpa henti henti berdoa dan memohon...Seandainya iya,Aku bersyukur ya…
The after school hours spent with lil one doing her homework and revision.I decided to clear her room today.Removed and old furniture .Going to throw that out soon. Her room looks uncluttered for tonight:)Tomorrow I dont know what's going to happen...he he he...

I am thinking about LIFE at the moment.How temporary everything is in this world.How lucky I am to be born a Muslim and to be able to understand and learn about my religion in more wiser mode.
Nothing else quite matters now.Duniawi kita terlalu banyak sampaikan kadang kadang kita lalai dari mengerjakan tuntutan agama.

I am thankful to GOD that my heart and soul is heading that way.
Yesterday I met a friend who turned her life after coming back from Makkah the second time.She said unless you've gone thru it,you wont know what it feels like to be blessed and the shine that you feel coming from your heart.
I feel it friend...Alhamdulillah syukur.

After Maghrib,I have to sort out clothes.Need to see which one I can give away..
Found this on the internet and thought it is a nice view to look at ...How I wish i have a unit like that

Duty starts all over again...

Washing my sarung bantals...nak tarik the kain cadar but they're both sleeping on basuhla apa yang sempat dulu...

This is the divider I use to protect preying eyes..hee hee
Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.

The dessert.Kering Kontang membuatkan kita bersyukur mempunyai kehijauan di tanah air kita...tapi bak kat my hubby and I,walaupun kering kontang kita nampak dari mata kasar...ketenangan jiwa melebihi segala galanya di sana.

Alhamdulillah syukur Di Pagi Isnin ini...
Betapa aku merindui TANAH HARAM
Finished my solat and trying to wake lil one up for school.
I can hear snore..hmmm..
What a beautiful MOnday morning.
Going to do my laundry in a bit.What else is new heh?
Got this from somewhere...dont want to lose it so i type it in here...
Here’s the bottom line: It’s up to both parents to create a culture of accountability between them and their children. And that culture of accountability says, “You’re accountable to me and I’m accountable to you. And no matter what else is going on with other people, you have to speak to me in a certain way and I’m going to speak to you in a certain way.” End of story.

The Loaf

I love this place..I know that I will be a regular there whenever I'm in Kl.
If ONLY there is one in Pj would be great:)
The coffee is not only cheap its delicious,the bread,the creampuffs are yummylicious...

Anyone who loves to have coffee and good tasty breads ,go to the Loaf in Pavillion...
You wont regret it
Alhamdulillah its friday...I washed laundry,settled my fardu's and now trying to wake the lil one up.She's quite a difficult person in the morning.She doesnt get that from me ,thats one thing for sure I know..

OKdoKEs...Have a superb Friday...Hari yang paling mulia adalah hari Jumaat.

Is that me?

This is what we do on weekends.
This morning jalan sana jam jalan sini jam
As usual our morning routine would be to have our breakfast together...Today both of us angin very baik.Sembang sembang makan makan.
While on our way home,mak called ..talked about safety.To always be on alert because now a days banyak sangat case ...
Kesian how people resort to things like that.
I pity em

I washed laundry before going out this morning so laundry dah nak kering.
I am supposed to sort out Lil one's ol bajus.
Will have to do that after this.

A cousin and I have plans for later but pun have to becareful lah nak pegi mana pun dengan berbagai penyakit and mcm mcm lagi.

So we will see where we'll end up at.

Quite a while ago...

This morning I snapped this picture.I love the sight of clouds ,moon,star,sun and greens...I wish I have that camera that can snap faraway pictures...scenery I mean.
Yeah hopefully one day my wish will come true

But I told dear Lil one today or yesterday ,"Guess what mummy wants for her birthday"...She answered,"Bicycle":)Hee hee ...Ya I wanted one last year but tak kesampaian.So she assumed I still wanted one this year...No I said,"I want a good camera!!" and she said,"Ok I'll make sure will inform and remind daddy to get it"

Earlier on I went out to look for language classes for my lil one.But chis,the place was closed ,So frustrated,my friend said lets go to the Pavillion again...I said,alright mate!!

So I had cheecheongfun for breakfast and she had meehoon prawn I think.
After that we browsed Tangs..They're on SALE..up to lucky if I have the cash to throw away ,Luckily I didnt have any on me..I didnt buy anything....…
After breakfast with hubby at the club,my friend picked me .We went to Pavillion.Oh how I love the environment there..its like you're on a holiday.heh.
We chatted,we browsed the shops and then we hung out at The loaf.
I love the cream cute and yummy.I also bought some breaf to bring home.The price there is reasonable.An ice cappucino is about 11.60 for
After that I drove to my grandma's house.Mom was there...We lepak-ed ,chatted-ate lunch and then sent mom home.
Oyya...we had sup tulang for lunch sedapnya.So lembut the isi...

Came back home, I washed laundry and had my shower.I am resting now and going to start housework at about 6.After maghrib we are buying a cake for a nephew who officially became a teenager today.

A day out at the park...

The past couple of days I have been too lazy to update my blog.
But yesterday was a fun day
My sisters and I organised for a photographer to snap pictures of the younger generation group in our family .
Meaning the Great Grand Children.
Oh how the kids had fun posing for the camera and mommies and aunts had fun looking at them .
It was a hot day yesterday
After we finished everything,We got home and pengsan-ed.

*Well I didnt snap any pictures because the photographer had her camera?*:)

Girls day out.

This morning after sending Lil one to school,Hubby and I went to eat at uptown.There at our table sat an old man with his tongkat like kayu zaman lama dulu punya...Nice man he seems to be.I offered him kuih muih :)He politely decline.
After that I did some banking,came back to the table,hubby was chatting with him..Its nice because seldom now a days we jumpa people yang baik that can have nice conversation with

After that I rushed to my sister's house.Cousin came to pick us up.We had a girls day outing...Best coz when we were having breakfast...another cousin called and asked where we were at,she came to join us...Best coz its been a while since us girls had an outing with any kids tagging along..hee hee:)

We went to the Coach store and also the Lv store...oh woweee...I saw 3 things that I like..I know its expensive but I do collect its time to save up to get what I want...hmmm...Lovely...lovely...

We rushed home to pick the kids up..
Then we had lunch at sister's house at …
I am too lazy to update my blog because I have been busy this past couple of days.
Monday helped cousin moved house.Best watching people do all the packing and we did nothing.
Today I had breakfast with friends.
Tomorrow I'm going out on a girls outing with sisters and cousins..O o o we have to concentrate tomorrow:)

Now waiting for Isya and Lil one is watching Tv iq...She simply adores that channel.
I have so many things to do after solat.

Oh yaa..I bought the travelog Haji and started reading it earlier on.
Will continue reading it tonight before bedtimel..

monday blues....

Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues...
I didnt want to wake up this morning.monday blues syndrome is it or i waa simply tired to get up. Why is it that ots just me who ha
Earlier on I watched "World Trade Center " on off the channels.
Its like I was there...feeling what those 2 women felt when they didnt know whether their husbands were alive or dead...
Can you ever imagine going thru that situation?Allahu Akbar

I surfed a lot tonight:)
Now I'm going to sleep.

Have a meeting tomorrow morning...heh!

Feeling green

So say: "O my Lord! grant Thou forgiveness and mercy for Thou art the Best of those who show mercy!"

This morning we all woke up late.Rushed out and then went to have breakfast with hubby.Had kueyteow plus meehoon soup and he had mee kicap...

After that went to my friends house.Had to make a payment on something.
Now back home,checking mails before I start housework...Whats new..

At 11.16 am I have vacummed lil one's room her curtains and bed too:)
The living and dining room also vacuumed already.
Now going to lipat clothes.Wash clothes
And then see if I have the mood,I'll dejunk:)

Love handbags...hmmm...A dream is a dream...soon soon soon...

An Lv scarf for me?

Do you like bags?I like this one,berkenan sangat but this bags are like blardy expensive heh!!But since I'm a collector..d dream is there:)

The first Lv bag I received was in 1997...I love it...It is now 12 years old.

The second Lv bag I received for my birthday was from 2005..It is now turning 4 years...

In between that,I purchased a wallet and ciggarette holder which I still have till now.

I think I am going to get it embossed with my name on it.
I'll scan for pictures of my loves very soon...

I have a dream and the dream will always remain a dream..


Going out with my cousin.We have so many things to do today and so many places to go:)
Hee hee...
I've just washed my dishes and going to store them away later when I come home.
This world is nothing but temporary conveniences,and the greatest joy in this world is a righteous woman

Good morning blog...I woke up quite early today and have been reading a bit..
Going to shower now and perform suboh before waking lil one up.
I just simply love the morning smell...makes me feel so fresh.

I have errands to run today with Lil Cousin.
Apart from that I have a made a wise investment decision yesterday.Let it make me proud and responsible of it ...:)

Happy Birthday Ayah dearest

I sms'ed him after suboh prayers...Then on the way to school,I made Lil one called her Atok and we all wished him a very happy birthday..

*Malam ni I makan very late.Nasi Lemak yang isinya ada telur,petai,ayam goreng...yumm sedapnya..

Okdokee nak gosok gigi then nak tdo.Want to read a lil before falling asleep..

good night

After settling Lil bean into bed,I surfed a bit.And switching on the Syarahan .If I'm able to pull away from the dvd,I'll read before I fall asleep.

I am also trying to amalkan nama nama Allah before I sleep.Try gives you the peace and serenity reading it.

Okdokee..Tomorrow I will snap a picture of my oldest diary.I had it in 1985...Can you imagine how long I kept it?Ya I love to write in that lil diary.

Sorting out Lil one's artwork to laminate and keep.I have her artwork since she was little.It makes me a proud mommy to use it when she have birthday invites.I just photostat whichever picture she likes and then let her paste it on an empty card.Its her specially handmade by her.

What book shall I read tonight?
The Ideal Muslimah or You can be the Happiest Women?
Dunno yet...
Never Ending Laundry washing,hanging,folding.
I'm sick and tired of it.


Tadi I was texting hubby dear,tanya dia jadi tak kita nak ke destinasi yang I cadangkan...He replied ,"Insya Allah" So I went on surfing the net for the best possible flight rates and room rates.I cant believe I'm looking and hunting like a mad woman..Ha ha...Iye lah...Apart from Makkah and Madinah,we havent been anywhere since to Krabi in 2007.Just imagine how itchy my feet get now..
Since I'm a born traveller I"ve missed it so much.But this time with a purpose.Insya Allah..semuanya dengan Kehendak Illahi.

So ok back to normal life story...My lil one is having her shower.dunno la main air ke bubbles or really shower...Dok panggil beberapa kali still tak mau keluar..

I am going to hangdry laundry and then gonna sort some old clothes to give away.Never ending my job as a stay at home mommy,ibu,mama bonda,mak,Mum

SPA?I wish....very soon

I want to experience this...a whole day at a spa...How nice.Dont know if my hubby will allow me too but theres no harm trying to pujuk him right?
Life would be bliss...
Yeah ,right now I'm attacked with Migraine.I need to manja myself more often.
I like it in the morning...Nice

D party today

We attended a birthday party somewhere in KiaraMas.Look at the picture ,snap it while I was lying down on the bench..amazing aint it to have trees around us...with a good clear sky...

Lil one had fun in the pool,in the jacuzzi,at the playground at the tennis court playing with her friends.
It was a simple party but definitely the best for kiddos...

Mommies chatted,kiddos running here and there..Its amazing how one part of Mt Kiara is like Singapore..full of tall buildings yet when we were there,it doesnt feel congested or whatever like that.We felt that we were at a resort relaxing enjoying our holiday.


Sunday a very lazy day for us.
We woke up 15 minutes to 10am and been lazing about.

Hubby and I have been listening and watching the ceramah@ syarahan non stop.Its inclusive of everything from the Quran.
Lil one still watching tv ..she asked me,"Mom can i watch 611 because Wan said I have to watch it more often to improve my Bahasa" I said it for a while..
And 10 minutes later when I checked whats on tv,she's watching 613...hellooooo...
Heeehee..grinning from ear to ear..

Me lazing in my room right now.
Have to get ready soon anyway.
We have a birthday party to attend after zohor.So we will zohor at home and then go grab a present and go to the party.

Deep within.....

Not only hubby and I are missing Makkah and Madinah,Lil one is missing it too.Never had I imagined that she's going to go googaa gaa over watching Makkah and Madinah on 106.I asked her earlier on if she wants to come along when we go to Makkah next,she asked me "when ?when?"

How nice the feeling...

Today in the afternoon,Lil one had her first dance lesson with someone who was famous back in the 80's...
She had a great time and I'm glad she loves it...
Great!!Something else apart from her ballet lessons.

Lazy Saturday actually...

Woke up with a slight headache. Just hope I dont come down with anything I can handle...nose feels funny

Now lil one is eating nestum and watching tv.Hubby is still snoring away.I wonder when do I ever get to sleep in??
Heading for the shower now.How I wish I am Down Under..just miss the smell and just being there..
Saturday is full of dance classes.
After that we might just visit lil one's cousins,give cats food..coz I'm cat sitting for the weekend.
بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيم
Feeling so grumpy oh my god.
Dont like feeling like this.Please help me god.
Can you throw away and make my PMS dissapear

2nd may 13-06

الْحَمْدُ للّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِين
I want to go to the beach.Planning with hubby where we're going for the school holidays.We really need the break
We went to uptown for breakfast.
Dah kenyang we came home.Now Lil one is watching her dvd about Nabi Nuh and Nabi Adam.
And here we are hubby and I listening to the syarahan in the english Dvd.
Awesome.Easily understood .

After zohor I'm going to clean my house.
I'm cat sitting today

Its really hot today.
What a labour day...never ending triple pay:(

Thursday Night...

“Allah puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him.
Allah will grant after hardship, ease.” ~ Al- Quran 65:7

“Surely with every difficulty there is relief.
Surely with every difficulty there is relief.” ~ Al- Quran 94:5-6

I got this off someone's blog.
I believe in that saying.

We got home from dinner at Kak N's house.We had roast lamb..Yummy.It was her first attempt on doing so and she did it great.

We chat about our childhood while the hubbies listened ...dunno either bored or what but we didnt stop..Ha ha

The kiddos were watching tv and for the first time ever lil one said,"Lets go home"
She never ask to leave my sister's house..She was super tired I bet.

In the car on the way home,Hubby and I talked about our first house.How we missed it there..Starting from a two bedroom unit ,next to a 3 bedroom unit with a store room,then a 3 bedroom plus one maids room and a store room and then to a 4 bedroom unit with a store room ,to a double storey semi detached an…