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my dream home

I wish for good things for myself and people surrounding me

I dream for my own place that I can call home
A place that I can decorate and cook
A place that I can have friends over
A place to build our own memories.
A place where I set the rules.
A place that hubby, lil one and I can entertain lil ones friends and cousins.

I hope that dream will come true very soon insya allah
May Allah bless us all with good happy things

me time

I love hanging out at Ben'S because they play good music.
I feel like I am relaxing in Paris  I ordered my favourite and read a book. Bliss.

The ambience relaxed me and put me on the ground.
I know this is a place I go to when I need to be by myself. It soothes my emotions.

housewife's job

I saw the dirty school shoes by the door.
The usual me will just let it be.
Its not my duty to keep it clean
But today I fail and I washed it
Geli tengok kasut sekolah kotor.
Now its berjemur under the fan.
I always have this in my head"when I jemur stuff I like it to be under the fan"
I tend to worry if I have to run out and I terlupa about the jemuran.And I hate it when I have to do double duty.
Ya because I have to do it all why not do whats convenient right
So now I am upstairs...trying to clean/minimalise whatever you call it.
Discussion  with hubby yesterday about excessive amount of clothes.please sort them out and giveaway some.
Macam tak dengar my mumbling.arghhh
So I have to do it too.

On a happier note I googled flight tickets and accommodation yesterday.
Planning the next vacay.
That always lift up my mood.

Okdoki gonna do what a housewife do now.
Have a great Sunday


I tried a product for whole of march and I like that product Today I bought another product and will see the benefits in a months time Its very expensive these supplements.
I also said to myself I need to start burning 1000 calories a day again. I have been very lazy. I missed being fit and energetic.  Ok tune in head and force myself. I have to be fit again Insya allah
After we got back from dinner I washed a load of laundry.The ones yang dah kering I dah lipat and sort em out.
Never ending this house chores. Blergh
Now I am going to get ready for bed. I want to sleep in tomorrow since its the last day of school holidays. Next holiday in 54 days. Meaning in 8 weeks.


Nearing end of March.
How time flies
We were looking for food to eat
Rice in particular.
Found this Nasi Ayam Hailam shop in Publika Dutamas.

There used to be one near Bukit Bintang area and another one I know in Damansara Uptown.
The chillie that goes with it is to die for.

project for today

Can I start today?
I need to declutter my big plastic container.
Its all chucked in the bathroom now.
Should I start with the wardrobe?

Just finished mopping my bedroom.
I feel like I want to dump all the things in the container into the garbage bin bit those are momentos
But rimas lah!!!


end of the week.

I went downstairs to make my nescafe and saw the basket of dirty laundry.
First load loaded in.
Time to enjoy my cafe and start the friday.
The day full of blessings for us muslims.

Last night before falling asleep this came to mind.
In your life as a stay at home mom/wife how do you feel appreciated?
Day in day out you do everything how do you feel appreciated?
I have my days when I feel oh I am just a stay at home mom/ wife.
Feels like a maid .I have to do everything.
Even maids have their off days now a days
Entahla emotional a bit.this week as a sahm/w I feel neglected.
Padahal tak de benda pun. I love staying at home just need to be acknowledged that I am appreciated by those 2.
Emo gila dah makin tua macam ni

Just what I am feeling.ranting and ramblings
Hope this feeling pass quickly.

On another note I am reading a lot.
Books oh how I love books:)
books make me happy.
I am the one always with a book.

chat with dad

I love having chats with my dad
Today he spoke about keimanan and test.
I appreciate always that he always reminds us to be good muslim
To always remember that God loves us by giving us test in all angle of our lives

I thank my dad with all the nasihat and kata kata perangsang.He is my rock

Dad is always there for us
I am thankful for my dad.
Syukur alhamdulillah
I love you dad.

May ALLAH bless you always ayah.


In a couple of days routine begin again
We've been enjoying our out of routine activities
Coming week. Kena bangun pagi kena gosok baju. Ayayai.
Came from the getaway the other day I still have one big basket of laundry to wash. Just dont want to do it this week. Haha yes very the pemalas.
Yesterday I went to buy presents for nephews At toys r us I could see kiddies running wild. What is it about toy shop that makes them hyper like that. I dont blame them. I love toy shop too Kids need to play to blossom I for one believed in childs play. Play on their own or with their peers  Thats how they learn.Through play.

Ok enough for this morning. Getting ready .

sleep late

Its nice to be able to watch tv and dont mind what time it gets. Because the next day is not a school day
Tonight I watched "The lady" aung san suu kyi

I was so engrossed with the storyline It touched my heart and soul
I cannot imagine the feeling of not being there by your husband during his last days. I teared up.
I must get the book the lady and the biography of AUNG SAN SUU KYI

I had tears watching the movie and also another story "The Iron Lady" about MARGERET THATCHER

Goodnight now. Tonight I will sleep feeling so powerful and strong like The Lady.

3rd batch


2nd batch


1st batch of pictures


back home

We are back from our getaway.  This time both hubby and I learned and terpaksa menerima kenyataan that lil one is no longer the lil one where we can drag her anywhere for holidays.  She'd prefer to have a holiday that she can sleep in and sleep late at whatever time her heart desires And we want to have a holiday that we can go makan here makan there...and whenever we want to 
So no more holiday or getaway for a while. See what will happen for the end of may holidays. See if she wants to go or stay. We still want our breakaway :)

Its raining now so I cannot wash 2 plastic bag of laundry.Tunggu esoklah

Just lazing in front of the tv.
Later I am going to minimalise. Macam real kan

half empty

Wherever we go we will load a basket or a bag with tidbits This is the only time we are allowed junk food.ha ha
Oops herbal tea pun ada..


Woke up to the sound of thunder on a very early tuesday morning.
Made my nescafe
Flu this morning .the aircon was so could they sleep?
Holidays pass by so quickly.
Ini dah tuesday.
Next week school again.
On 1st april april fool day.
Kids will have a blast fooling each other.
As they get older their fools are getting better.
Not so kering like when they were little kan

I can hear bunyi hujan and desiran ombak.
So peaceful.

Yesterday in Melaka kedai yg we all selalu pergi tu tutup. Frust sangat because disitulah the best asam pedas keting/ketil whatever you call it.
We had to settle for asam pedas ikan.
Kenyang jugaklah alhamdulillah.

Upon reaching the hotel lil one was admiring thunder in the sky.
She was imagining so many things ..about thunder and skies.

Its now 1045
I just woke up after dozing  off again just now
They are both still sleeping

Guess what
Later today I am going for my pampering session
I always find it a little to expensive at the spas on holidays.
I shall g…


Here we are in Melaka.
            We took the coastal road to Melaka. Hubby and I both enjoyed the scenery but we could here mumbling in the back seat. Ehhh. Budak zaman sekarang ni memanglah tak reti nak appreciate kan things like this.

monday morning

Feel like so lazy. Tidur dah cukup
Terlebih kot. But Monday is Monday Malasnya!!! Even on holiday can feel the Monday blues The sound of peacefulness is here The calmness of the alam nyata If only if this is what we get in kuala lumpur Life would be blissful

Enjoy the serenity while it lasts.

Pictures of these hotel will come when we're back home
Took lots of pictures. Updated at 428pm
It is really a lazy day. We havent been doing anything except For makan baring tengok tv makan baring saja the whole part of today.
Ajak hubby pergi Melaka.Best jugak kalau dapat pergi Jonker Street kan. Will see if that is going to happen.
Now he is snoring away. Lil one with the ipad kejap, hubby's phone kejap or on the laptop.She rotates with the gadgets this holiday because at home she is not permitted to use all those unless its for school work. So takpe I tolerate.
Room service today untung because they ordered entah berapa kali. Ha ha

Its 534pm we are ready. Hubby is doing his work Sikit…


We took a drive out and the road was empty. Like in the zaman 80' nice the feeling. So peaceful.

As we got back to the hotel I wanted to rent bicycles but fully occupied so we went for a walk thruout the hotel.

It has a very warm and cozy feeling to it.

Now we are back in the room and spending time lazing with our gadgets.

Ha ha.
Holiday yang amat santai.


Waited for them to get up they didnt so I slept again.
The housekeeping people came.They were told to come back.
Now we are trying to get ready.
Hubby said lunch at waterfront.
We will see if that is going to be for tea.
Ha ha.

a wake up call

On a typical saturday morning we try to sleep in.
Lil one had a great sleepover.
Went to pick her up and went to dance class.
Hubby and I went to eat.
Picked her up and headed for our getaway.
Stucked in traffic because of an accident.
Whoa it was hot yesterday. Panas Hokay! !

Upon reaching the hotel lil one was like "are you sure the hotel is nice daddy"
Daddy answered ..."the best in the world"
Ha ha...they always have their antics going on and on and on

Dah check in lil one was so glad and announced "ok I am going to be stuck on the bed with my ipad...I am not going anywhere"

"Laaaaa we both said. ..its the holidays!!!!!"
No need la ipad ipad. ..she said "its my holiday so please be lenient with me"

Arghhh both hubby and I said...
And we realized that she is not little anymore.
She is not the one we have to entertain anymore.
She wants to do her own stuff.

Okla next holiday we are packing her off to her gramps and we go dating holid…




Yummy desserts

Which I of course didnt eat any.

a book + a croissant

Bliss it was
But I would love to hear Malaysian's pronounce croissant as it should be.
Its kruh sahnt.
Try google it and listen how french says it.
Its a beautiful language french is.

final day

Its the last day of school First term first break.. Lil one have been waiting for this day to come Mummy too actually.


Saw this tadi.
What a beauty sight


flat white and affagato
 This made us smile

pre holiday

Today I shall go to the grocery store and buy tidbits for our getaway.
Today too I shall empty lil one's camera and video cam
Clothes have been washed and put aside.
This time we are travelling minimally.
Ok I will try :)

I have a breakfast/lunch session today if I am not mistaken.

global blue

It came in the mail. 2 months after I glued the receipts and dump it in the box at paris airport.
I couldnt claim cash for purchases from the nordic country. So I finally got the cheque
Happy happy  Down memory lane thinking of my europe trip recently.
Ok now I am going to pack for the school holidays



out of routine

I have so many things to do today I dont know if it will get done or not Tuesday it is. Holidays approaching in a few more days. Things to do things to pack Ahhh best holidays!!! I can embraced the holidays with an open arm This is the time when routine goes haywire and its alright
For the past couple of weeks I have learnt a lot about parenting.  I changed the way I parent because the old ways didnt work for us anymore
I am usually strict but always been told that I shouldn't be so much Its hard process but I think I am able to be less strict.. I know I have to be the wiser one. My aim is to be a little more laid back parent. As days goes by as my lil one is growing I hope I parent her well. There's nothing more exciting than to see my lil one blossom into a full blown tween . With all the moodswings attached. I know I have to always remember this is just a phase.
Soon lil one will grow up and leave the nest. I am sure I will miss all the characters in this house.
May ALLAH b…

testing monday

Sambal belacan for breakfast

What a monday


Sunday chores
Washed clothes. Clean rooms.
Sweep room.
Found this hotel slippers.
Memories come back rolling
One night in Novotel Paris .
It was a cold winter night.We just arrived from Denmark and heading into Scotland.
Ahh what a life to be travelling here and there to different countries in a week

We had coffee at the lobby and saw aeroplanes passed by
We met with a canadian lady n french man.
They're on a pitstop there.
Enjoying their lives travelling the world.

I wish to have that kind of carefree life when I reach that age.

Ok back to being the house "maid"



Saw this on the way to the airport

Sayangnya missed it this trip

I am missing Edinburgh

The winter cold
The ambience
The architecture
The shopping

The experience we had...lovely


Continuance of spring cleaning When the mood is here nothing can stop me Less outing just more staying at home I can spring clean or just watch tv So nice to stay home
Its a cut cost on spending too.heh. Yesterday I took out our luggage to pack. I love packing for holidays. This time bawak satu je bag besar.cukup Actually the Europe trip pun bawah satu luggage and came back with 4 . Ha ha But in the country trip ni tak de lah luggage I beranak pinak kan...
Cannot wait for the holidays


After reading on yesterday's blog
I got inspired to spring clean our wardrobe
Its just the beginning but I started
Things not worn more than a year should straight go into the give away box

"How do I look" programme inspiref me to spring clean my wardrobe as well

I just wish there is somewhere I can go to transform how I look.
I just wish for a makeover so bad right now
Where do I go?
Who can help me?

Yesterday I just felt like having a different hair colour. Eeek.
Mid life crisis ke ni?


I dont know if it gets to peoples head but I am sick and tired with horrendous traffic
So to calm me down and lower my blood pressure I am reading this blog. I think everyone knows about it by now

Check it out. I am inspiring myself while reading his blog

♥ the thunder and rain♥

Low pressure.


Last night I dreamt of my dream kitchen All because I was reading this one book about this french lady's kitchen How her 2 year old sits at the kitchen island and bake cupcakes.
Awww...I want an island for lil one and I to bake and cook
I want her to learn and do basic stuff before she grows up and leave the nest.
I want her to be able to take care of herself when she begins her life outside of home
I want her to have that special memories with me.
Oh dreaming about my future home and my. Dream kitchen

♥♥♥ prada♥♥♥

The other day I was at bangsar shopping center I saw this lady carrying a green prada.oh my goodness I fell in love with that handbag immediately.
It is so difficult for me to like and fall in love with a bag that cost so much but the colour and design of the bag made me drool

So I googled and found this oh my goodness
Look at the colours
I am in love♥♥♥

sunday morning

12 more days to the start of first term break We are planning to go to the beach. Planning aje but belum booking I hope its not too late because sure fully booked kan
Sunday's are supposed to be a wakeup late sleep in day but I am up and awake.
I was blog hopping for while and having a cuppa nescafe
Planning for breakfast and lunch sessions for the coming week
I dont have that many friends but I try to spend quality times with the ones that I have. Must make a point no matter how  much I love spending time at home .he he....
Ok.going to start my day now. Have a superb Sunday ...

like the 70's

As soon as I saw this place I immediately felt like I was in an oldies movies..with the likes of Hail Amir and Uji Rashid
I felt calm and at peace and what a pleasant Peacefulness. I loved it. In the jungle of Kuala lumpur

extremely hot

Weather is hot...very hot. My temper flares very fast My face go all oily on me.
I dont like the hot sun. I wished it will snow like nobodys business That I would love.