housewife's job

I saw the dirty school shoes by the door.
The usual me will just let it be.
Its not my duty to keep it clean
But today I fail and I washed it
Geli tengok kasut sekolah kotor.
Now its berjemur under the fan.
I always have this in my head"when I jemur stuff I like it to be under the fan"
I tend to worry if I have to run out and I terlupa about the jemuran.And I hate it when I have to do double duty.
Ya because I have to do it all why not do whats convenient right
So now I am upstairs...trying to clean/minimalise whatever you call it.
Discussion  with hubby yesterday about excessive amount of clothes.please sort them out and giveaway some.
Macam tak dengar my mumbling.arghhh
So I have to do it too.

On a happier note I googled flight tickets and accommodation yesterday.
Planning the next vacay.
That always lift up my mood.

Okdoki gonna do what a housewife do now.
Have a great Sunday


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