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Pride and Prejudice

Its been a while
Today I folded Lil one's clothes that is tight.I felt happy folding them coz its gonna be hand down to people who needs it.

I have so much running thru my head at the mo but alhamdulillah everything is going according to plan.

*i may be poor but i have pride*


Went to the gym earlier on and after that while waking up, some uncles and the guards were talking...discusiing a hot topic .they always gather and have their chats and coffee and I guess that is what that makes them happy..a news broke out that a student fell to his death at a nearby condo.. Urgghhh very eery...

I came upstairs and both of my lovelies are still sleeping. Hmmm bliss for them. They can sleep like nobody's business.
I am going to do my housework now.

selamat hari raya korban

Salam aidil adha untuk muslims semua... I wonder how our pilgrims are doing in Saudi? Semoga semua berjalan dgn lancar..

Lately, the first thing that pops into my head is GYM. I must go everyday. Sakit ke,sihat ke, malas ke, sibuk ke.. I ni dah jadi exercise freak and I am a happier person after I exercised,alhamdulillah. Trying very hard to persuade hubby to start exercising again too. He used to be a gym freak, back in the days.

The outcome from exercising is, I can fit into smaller size jeans and blouse and its getting loose even more.
I feel good and confidence level is skyrotting

On other news, the engagement news broke out yesterday. The handsome prince William is set to be married next year. Aww..
I am missing my blogger friends so I shall open this blog for viewing in the next few days. Some friends I have made on blogger.I love reading their blog.

I went into hiding and did some soul searching. I got hurt quite bad by some stuffs actually. No its not about my marriage k.

I learnt that you just have to be you. Stand up for your rights and beliefs. Do not allow anyone make you feel unworthy of your own values because if they succeed in doing that, you're just like them.
Somehow along the way a bond have broken into pieces. It can never be the same ever again.
I opened up my mind and my thoughts became very clear. I think there must or should be some good clear reasons why that happened.

To those who are not meant to read my blog, stay away!do not read and comment!!

As for Lil one, she's been going thru a growthspurt.. Suddenly she is changing into that "tween" stage whereas to me . Noooooo I am not ready for that!!!

On other matters, we're fine alhamdulill…

Report card

Alhamdulillah,everything  is fine:)So happy that Lil one did fine in all her subjects,what more can a mom asked for

lesu and seram sejuk

Making bubur nasi because suddenly lil one yang tak sedap badan tu lapar ya amat yang tak boleh tahan Its cooking. she's watching tv and I am having my nescafe. Yummy. Waiting for hubby to pick us up , I need to go to the shop and buy something for the kitchen. Ya I know I said I won't be buying anything but this one ,I need it to dry off the pinggan mangkuk..

Lil one lesu so quiet. Tak dengar suara langsung. Tak sihat la tu.


I burnt 600 calories today.... Yay!!!!

i feel good

After yesterday's picture I feel like a new person. I indulged in buyin health fitness magazines yesterday.
I exercised for 45 minutes today and just laze around the house after.I am changing my eating habits slowly.
I am also planning a getaway in december.hopefully everything turns out well..

In this life, prioritise what's important and enjoy every moment of it.I care for people who care about us. That's all that matters. Other then that, they are not worth my time.

Life changing experiences makes me grow up mentally and emotionally.

happy and proud of my achievements

Today my alarm went off , ada reminder... Exercise harder am n pm.. ha ha. What have I become into? A gym freak? No just exercise freak maybe...I know I have lost weight because 3 people have said it to me , I am so very happy. Yesterday I went to curve, was heading to mph but then I stopped by at debenhams... They have sale going on.. I browsed thru thei 50 percent off rack and found myself 2 pair of jeans and 2 blouses. I tried on 2 size smaller and I was so glad, so happy!!

Its not an easy job to do but I forced myself..
Now I am going to bed and hoping to go to the gym very early in the morning.