All out

Counting down to the day when we are moving,i have 14 medium boxes packed and 8 containers packed.
Now I am trying to push every boxes and container to the side to see how many more boxes I need.
books and clothes,albums and frames lah yang paling banyak dalam rumah ni,itupun banyak Baju I dah sort to recycle.must sit down second round to clear clothes. Argh....
Itupun,hubby have a lot still at the cleaners.

Supposedly the movers come to day to look at my stuffs,we need the quotation but since I had an appt this morning,had to tunda till tomorrow.
In the mean time I will continue cleaning
Ok I have to go and mop the house.after that I want to eat lunch and continue kemas.beum gym today but I guess the mopping will cover the sweating hehehe

Ok,dah mop, sitting down drinking nescafe before moving to the next task.exhausting!!!!
I wish I can part with my stuffs because I wish to move like no barang like that,like moving into the hotel.bawak baju aje....seronoknya if can be minimalist sampai begitu sekali. Tak apa,keep on wishing..and keep on reading those minimalist blogs to inspire myself.


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