I decided not to go to the gym this morning when my alarm went off at 5.30
Sometimes a girl need to do what a girl need to do.
Slept till about nearly 10am.dah tak ingat when was the last time I slept in.
Bila bangun as usual those two still snoring away.let them be
I started washing laundry,made myself yummy nescafe,sikit lagi nak goreng telur.lapar pulak rasanya.

Yesterday I went to see my gynae,spoke to her about all sort of stuffs.She was happy to see me and said I look happy and healthy.Alhamdulillah...if only she knew how I really look while pms'ing.LOL.
Spoke to her about that and asked her to get me on a supplement or what.she recommended me a product from Sweden.To start immediately.It's basically to help me go thru my monthly pms. I hope it will help.dah start semalam. Is that why I am aching today? I don't know but 'feeling' cool.

Later the moving people are coming,banyak kali tertunda.
After that we shall get ready for lunch and go here go there...our usual Saturday routine.lil one have dancing class .

Have a great resting day people.this is not my rest day.

Ok the girl came to view my stuffs and then about two hours later she texted quoting me the price for the packing and moving.I find it ridiculously expensive for the stuffs that I am moving.Told hubby about it and he said why dont we do this..."I will buy boxes, you pack and then i will call orang lorry" I said, I dont mind really but you gotta help me pack the masterbedroom wardrobe. He tercengang and said nope.I said,susahlah like that because benda lain i pack, you just help me a little bit then he smiled,Ok ok...anything for cutting cost.I said,"You bet"

So after lunch,our usual saturday routine at the same ol restaurant,we headed to send Lil one for ballet and now we're hanging out  having flat white ..while hubby is busy bbming little sister for this and that.Here I am typing this.The crowd over here are mostly youngsters.
Terasa tuanya lepak di sini...but to go home and come back this side to pick Lil one up, I rasa waste of petrol.

After this i have an appointment with a neighbour .He wants to show me a supplement product.I am interested to buy but want to read on it still.Its quite pricey but for a good cause why not kan!

why cili ni lebam?

hubby goreng for dinner
cuppies ku dah terbalik...yeah at the back ada garrets:P

not bringing list


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