This morning after gym, I sambung kemas all the barang that we took out from lil one's room. We place all of it on the dining table.Tadi I went thru her book collections, and wowza banyaknya her books. Story book,knowledge book,writing books,drawing books....Ada la sikit dah tarok tepi to recycle.

Old clothes ada dua plastic besar,esok pagi I nak recycle tu.
Sikit lagi I nak recycle junks sikit. Banyak betul junks dalam rumahhhhhhhhhh we all yang cozy ni...kecik je but junks banyak sungguh.
sambil kemas tu,sempat pulak tengok sinetron,haha

Now nak sambung kemas sikit lagi
Hopefully by evening today,dah clear sikit dining table I because kan nanti nak dinner...

Even after several times experience berpindah,I sepatutnya dah expert kan?heh
Yeah,I dah pack some into boxes...I dah tolak ke tepi.
One of these days movers Will come to evaluate my stuffs and give me quotations.hubby said,mintak quotation dulu and then we will discuss.
I rasa if I pakai movers to move,they just need to carry onto the lorry and hantar ke new place because I'd prefer to pack all my belongings. They can pack up my glasses n kitchenware.
Like Baku and albums, I suk a to handle on my own.

Ok, I need to run before mumbling melarat..


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