cReam bATh...oh I miss you!!

I am due for my manicure and pedicure.But of course without the nail polish and all..he he Saje je ambik gambar ni...

Need to make and appointment for those sessions and a massage session too.Its been a while.
Must learn to remember that after working out like mad woman, I need to be pampered too.
Sometimes without realising it,I let go off these pampering sessions because its too expensive.

Teringat when we were on a vacation in Jakarta years back...Husbands went golfing and us ladies went to the spa.We had about 5 treatments for about rm78 for all those 5 treatments.I was like shocked!!!But it was an amazing experience.Miss it tho.

Just about a couple of days ago,My bestfriend from school texted me telling me this "You check out this hotel..coz when we're heading there,thats the hotel I want to stay" I was like "Hellooooo,bila kita nak pergi Jakarta ni?" She said,"bila kita ada masa" LOL LOL...
I wish...

I must go watch tv sekejap before falling asleep.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, Holy Smokes! Handbags, shoes, manicure....
Ni belum keluar clothing yet.....habis cherita!
Looks like ini comes under high maintenance, ARHAAAA HA HA HA.
Just joke joke, ya Ibu.

Tapa la, have to look beautiful to your hubby....dapat manjah lebeh....and he don't bising bising credit card keluar asap, ha ha.
Have fun, Ibu.....
Hahahha uncle Lee,itulah disebabkan your posting,now I feel must be all a woman can be.
Clothing I not so much,as long comfy.
First have to be beautiful for me loh

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