Supplement and vitamins

I started hubby on a vitamins + supplement routine.
He is the type yang kala sakit,tak nak pergi clinic.Takut le tu,tapi nak control jugak macho kata "ooo I got my own remedy kala rasa nak demam "
And I also started religiously with vitamins+ mineral + supplements.
Ada la satu brand ni yang memang I suka sangat and reasonable so will stick with it lah.
I also googled a bit about Chinese herbal medicine.Must go and buy one of these days.yang malasnya,susah nak parking.Kalau in kampung dulu,can just stop kereta tepi kedai macam drive thru tu to buy my Chinese herbs.I miss kampung style,not so hectic

I didn't do anything much at home today.Was busy googling minimalist blogs.Seronoknya and gotten myself inspired again to declutter before moving.Ada one blogger ni kata,"bolehkah anda declutter and buang sebanyak mungkin". Ada comments dia yang kata,tak bolehlah,macamana nak buang semua sekali? Ada yang kata,mungkin boleh within a time frame.Actually when reading those kind of blogs,boleh buat kita inspired or simply give up hahaha...
Also I surfed about recycling centers yang ambik barang bulky kita free of charge.senang sikit tak payah kita fikir nak panggil lorry kan.

I have got a big bag of old clothes,dah siap to give my that feeling when the wardrobe dah makin kurang baju.Just my baju kurungs,baju melayu hubby yang he sayang to let go but bukan selalu pakai.Yang about that masih dalam stage memujuk...hehehe

I think I shall start with the second round of decluttering the containers full of toys and junks.maybe boleh downsize lagi kan.mintak mintak la boleh.


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