Errands and exhaustion

Since morning I keluar,baru arrive home about half an hour ago.
Whoa,it was so hot being outside today.
After breakfast with hubby I went to the pharmacy to look see at the vitamins on the shelf.Belek punya belek,jumpalah seorang satu punya vitamins.
Got back home,waited for parents and sister and we headed to the new place.Ayah wanted to see what the contractors were doing. Little sister bawak painter .
Headed for brunch after that and then sent parents home before little sister and I headed out again.
We went to the hardware store to look for paint. Very satisfied and syukur sangat because the paint that I chose tak melebihi rm250.
Sent the paint to the new house because esok orang tu nak start kerja.Insyaallah Allah the paint job for Lil one's room Akan siap cepat.
It will be a total surprise for lil one...
Dah settle kat situ,little sister sent me home.

I got upstairs,kemas clothes yang bertaburan into a box.

Have to sambung kerja here but I need to take a rest first.haha!!pen at weiiii keluar dari pagi.

Pening ni tengok rumah macam tongkang pecah .So many things to declutter before packing them into the boxes.


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