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Just finished watching Blue Bloods on 701 and I must go to bed now ,if not I'll snooze the alarm in the morning.LOL.
Love watching the strong family bond with the raegan clan!
It reminds me of my own family. They go thru everything together.

Just now after my workout, I did some weights training, I looked myself in the mirrors and can see that I am shrinking, a little by little. It is making my self esteem go up and it feels good. But tummy area,oh oh,still lots of fat to burn.

Lucky with music,I enjoy my burning calories session.

There's so many new faces at the gym. Its good to see.

On the home front, I have been clearing the clutter. Everyday I recycle stuffs. Its heading the right direction.
Sometimes the cleaning mood come and goes but when I am in the mood, everything gets settled. If bnot , messiness accumulates. LOL

I am putting jazz music to sleep tonight.It calms me down to Zzzzz


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