Dinner -salmon and crabstick salad

Went to sisters house,took a book along but didnt have the chance to read.
I received a very disturbing phone call from someone and it worsen my mood for the day.Chat about half an hour and then went inside and lepak at the dining table sembang with Mom ,Big Sister and Lil sister.We talked and talked,best sangat!!
After that Dad and brother in law came to join the chit chat session.
Hubby came a while after that...Cerita zaman masa kecik ,seronok sangat..
After that about nearly 11/30 semua nak balik.
Lil one and her cousin followed gramps.They're having a sleepover...excited sangat sangat budak budak tu..he he...
Hubby and I drove home.
Now I'm here typing this.
Tomorrow yet another session of chit chatting...
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