Not feeling too well...
Since my period have always been irregular,this is the worst ever.The cramp and the back pain is the worst feeling.I dont know as I GROW older,its getting worse.Hmm
Ok la enough about my pain.
Lil one had her time on FB just now playing fv .
Hubby is still sleeping.He is recovering from our holiday and yesterday he went south for a day trip.So pagi ni I woke him up he said give him another 10 minutes.
10 minutes have passed,he look like he wants to sleep in so I let him.
Just hope he tak bangun terkejut and marah me later for not waking him up.
Lil one had her soup roast for breakfast and I am trying to clear my luggage yang penuh dengan baju.
Lil sister is coming tonight to borrow a luggage.She's going for a trip with Big sister:)
Seronoknya they all,hope they will all have fun
My duties masa they all tak ada is to catsit my Lil sister's cat n my cat yang she bela.
So that should be a fun filled week ahead:D
Ok la I nak baring and continue what I have to do later.
Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)


maklang said…
memang kalau makin berumur period makin banyak. that was what's happening to me now. kadang bulan ni macam paip pecah, next month pulak sikit.

dr. kata amek EPO every day, since then period ok dah ..tapi this month sebab banyak telan ubat sebab batuk, period delay sampai 10 hari!

Maklang doakan IMM sihat...tercari2 gak kenapa tak ada komen, maklang ni pulak mata macam nak tersembul dek menjahit banyak, migraine pun ye...tu malas nak blog hop...

take care, dear :) hope you will be well soon, amin...
Thank you Maklang,nanti mommy balas panjang ye..
Maklang...i cannot take EPO coz my selera makan naik and i i stopped taking it.

Bestnya maklang menjahit.
Mommy teringin nak crochet tapi tak reti..he he and lagipun nak beli barangnya mahal mahal jugak kan?Takapalah biar bermimpi dulu:)

Thanks maklang,i feel much better..

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