This morning took her to her class and then hubby came and joined me for breakfast...He picked up Lil one and then we did our normal regular thing during breakfast,Makan,dok main game,sembang,main computer...Ya we are very santai family.

After that hubby went off and Lil one and I proceeded to feed cats at sisters house.
Duduk punya lama coz Lil one was watching tv and I cleaned the cats area and played with them...

Told Lil one we kena balik before it rains .

So we got back home she requested for Pasta Goreng.

I made some for her and now she's relaxing by watching dvd's...

I need to fold clothes..ish ish ish malasnya....

But have to do it before hubby comes back:)
Oh We wished Mom and Dad happy anniversary very early in the morning


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