Happy Birthday LiL nIecE...

Happy Birthday Lil Niece
Party Pack in the bag...
We went to a birthday party today.Seronok because we had all the time to chat and catch up with cousin who came back from Down Under..They're on holidays.Seronok because dapat jumpa Lil nephew yang dah pandai cakap sikit sikit and so cool to sit down and lepak .

After party we headed to my kakak's house and we all had a really great time chatting,make jokes,talking ,laughing...We had dinner we had coffee,nescafe,milo...he he...We had so much to talk about ..Seronoknya,just like old time sake.
We have plans to go out very soon all of us together cousins...go shopping and go coffee beaning:D
Okdokie...I'm tired.Need to shower and go to bed.


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