I was playing angry bird when I received bbm from sister saying that our family friend in the UK passed away. My heart dropped. Immediately the memories of her came back. From our visits to the Uk,from her(their) visits here... Everything came back flooding me. When how they opened their doors,took in my mom and dad when after dad had surgery there. They're like another set of parents to me and my siblings. She was ever such a bubbly character.I remembered back in 1999 visiting them in their home with my parents and little sister. The memories of spending time with them ..and another visit in 2005...slept over in their cute little house. How they entertained us and took us shopping. I can still remember. The thing that came to mind. How is he going to survive this. They are each other's soul mate.

Aunty 'b',may you rest in peace. To uncle 'o' from afar, please accept our deepest condolence. I pray that you remain strong during this difficult moment.
I wish I am closer right now to them. To be there for him. I am so sad:(

I will end this post right now. Thinking of them.


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