this and that.. banyaklah pulak tulisannya. macam karangan.

I am supposed to sort stuffs out but I am not in the mood to declutter, exercise or anything for that matter. My mood is at a low point right now. With the news of the passing of a beautiful aunty 'b' since last night I was feeling stagnant.couldn't do or think about anything else .just recalling good memories of her.

Daily now I put the music on 24 hours on d ipod on low... I feel like I am living in a hotel minus d housekeeping ppl to make the house looking spotless.LOL..

Lil one woke up this morning dengan moodynya. Well,that's an everyday thing actually. Ha ha! Nak bangun liat but bila dah bangun ok aje.layanlah ragam anak yang masih boleh dilayan. Just sometimes turasa macam nak jerit je pagi. Hubby always bising to me...eleh..he also liat together,tu yang boring with me in the morning.. Why can't they be like me? Apakata I pun liat juga? Biar dia orang rasa macamana I rasa every morning? Hmmph memang tak ke skool,tak kerja,tak breakfast lah kalau I biarkan..

I have to exercise but I am so malas. Alaaa kenapa ni? I need to burn and burn more calories. I am even amazed at myself because all these married years...I never ever burn anything at all. LOL.I simply love my food too much. But dah tua tua ni... Rasa macam don't want to age being so aunty aunty kan..(Jangan marah ye aunty aunty yang baca) that was why I started working out in the first place. Well of course got inspired by my siblings and cousins definitely. Oklah to at least burn 600-1000 calories a day. The last 400 calories tu depending on mood... Kalau tengah syok sweating tu,sambung to 1000 ...kalau x de mood, 600 pun struggle. I don't watch my calories intake. I tibai makan apa yang teringin... But puas hati alhamdulillah, I burn after that.

I want to go on a holiday. Hopefully raya nanti dapat getaway. If the pocket allows it. Pray that it will happen because we go on a local getaway pun I dah cukup satisfied asalkan ada getaway.. Hee hee.
Our year end trip belum tentu. Organising a getaway with my bestie.tak tau ke mana lagi. Either indonesia or thailand. Ini angan angan saja. Where we'll end up is all a different matter all together..a girl is allowed to berangan right? H a H a!! We will just have to book it to make it happen. And also berangan to go on another China trip ...nak drag little sister along. Most prolly in winter.banyak sungguh angan angan I ni bila malas nak buat apa.

Now I will go and masak...I am starving. Didn't eat dinner last night and now dah keroncong dah perut.


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