I have been reading this one blog my cousin suggested and cannot stop reading.
Today I made sure I finish my housework before getting on the sofa and start blogread...:p

I was cleaning earlier on and texted with bestie at the same as to how I need her in my house to declutter for me. Heh.Sound so selfish kan but she's a cleanaholic.I was thinking about her minimalism and inspired to clean. And she said she feels like a therapist.LOL.

I tell you her house is so clean and very minimal. She keeps her house in top condition at all times and I admire her for that. I am such a messy person but at the same time trying to teach lil one to live minimally. Hmmm. How will I succeed in doing that I am still figuring it out.
I hope I will do better each day.
I remembered when I have just gotten married to the most eligible bachelor in town, his house was spotless but kesian him as he lived with me day by day, he is becoming like me. Haish. Cannot jadi ni. Haritu while I was going thru the drawer where he puts all his receipts , I noticed coins all over the place.I told him immediately to start putting them in the tabung.. So now all of us have our own tabung. Yay!! Can simpan coins to save up for whatever that we have been longing for.

Eh eh tetiba plak banyak nak cerita kat sini.
Lil one is drawing and relaxing. I love days like this. No homework.

Oklah, have to go. I have tonnes to do.
And tonight I will blog hop again.


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