Saja ja je...

I am sitting with hubby having our breakfast .He is reading the paper and i am blog hopping:)love it early in the morning,reading blogs and getting ideas on what to write about or do today...This morning I woke up I felt like I want to be in an office.Going to work and feel important.Entah apa lah yang I mimpi semalam lah kan.Ha ha
This morning too I lectured at lil one to have some urgency in her.Boleh tak kalau bila mandi tu tak payahlah nak menyanyi and cuci toilet sekali.Habis sabun and bazir air I rasa.To her,bebelan ibu ni...masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri.Hmm apa apa pun I hope she listens to what I had to say.Nak makan vitamin thiis morning pun she questioned me,"Why do I have to eat this yucky vitamin" ...Ish makan vitamin pun susah.Dah la sekarang ni musim orang sakit.Nanti kejap kejap balik sakit.
Pagi tadi I masak kegemaran dia and habis makan.Seronok tengok she makan pagi pagi so that in school tak lah perut berkeroncong kan.I try to instill in her that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.When you are full,concentration in class pun ok.
Semalam I cleaned a little bit.Puas hati bila ada mood nak mengemas.
Today I hope to continue the chores.Hopefully i succeed more.

Tak tau lagi nak masak apa today,maybe kari ikan.Hari tu I got the recipe from my grandaunt.Hopefully when I do jadi like hers.
See lah if bahan cukup in the kitchen.If not,Makan luar aje lah ..Ha ha


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