finding inspiration..

I was reading blogs about running ,cycling . Half marathon.full marathon. Not that I am keen to join but to get an inspiration to go to the gyn regularly again. I have been lazy this week. Arghh. I don't know why but I want to go. I don't wanna miss it. I want to feel and look good. Eventhough I am not losing the kilos but I feel great. Where is the feeling of wanting to go morning and night? Its gone into hiding that feeling. Oh please come back because in ramadhan I know I won't be going. Eek. Nanti baju raya x muat. O h o h!!
The feeling of rushing to the gym at every minute just thinking of it.please come back mood.I need to exercise daily because next week, I bet ya,I will be on food spree...
When I look at people on the road cycling in their racing bikes, I feel like having one and join them. I always wonder if I will ever have that kind of stamina to cycle..looking at their fit bods makes me want to workout harder. I know for sure their life is all about working out and sweating it out. So seronok to feel that way!
Ok,I hope today after running errands and breakfast with hubby,the mood to go to the gym comes back. I need to sweat it out!
Please please


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