Its been nearly 2 years since my last purchase of wishlist...You can read it here http://ibumommymum.blogspot.com/2009/08/wishlist-granted.html  Seronoknya bila dapat shopping macam tu.I have been wishing for another handbag ,been saving up for it but still belum cukup:) H a h a.
But this morning i was just browsing the net for the handbags and saw something new.La lagi lama la nak save up to buy my dream bag.Well actualy its not really a dream,just that i need to have it.
Tapi as I grow older ni,I can tahan...keinginan untuk membeli...But I want it! Haish lambat pulak duit tabung tu nak penuh.
Tried to cut and paste the gambar but cannot.They dont let people copy their pictures.Hmmm

Doalah banyak banyak lagi supaya murah rezeki:) note to self


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