I am tired,it's very hot today.lilone came down with a bad sore throat.balik school her voice sounded like a monster,hehe She is doing her homework now by the pond and here I am blogging.
Oh and grandmother just called asking us to go over for dinner...yay Ada ikan belah belakang she said.It's a family tradition to always have that fish.

I am trying to have an easy going tradition with lilone, don't want to stress her too much with schoolwork.Hubby and I agreed cukuplah dah Ada basic foundation yang very regimented for primary school.Athome we want her to enjoy her childhood.once it's gone,it will be gone forever. since I am the one at home,I always remind her to play at home,to just relax and santai....don't take school subjects too seriously.life skills is equally important.Keep on telling her that she must learn to be street smart as well.If YOU are street smart,you will survive whatever life brings you.

Ok,she is done with homework,playtime now.
I will upload picture of the ikan belah belAkang tonight :)


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