We had dinner at gramps house.Oh my goodness,Kenyang alhamdulillah.SyukurAda ikan belah belakang,Kari Ikan with Bendi,Pumpkin soup,Papadom,sambal belacan...After that we had durians...Ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive:)Sedapnya.Even Lil nephew tried some.
Lil one is busy with her handme down ipad...With her auntie in the room watching tv as well.
The adults are at the dining table,talking ,chatting,laughing,loud and calm voice all mixed together.Cuma tak cukup korum aje malam ni.Cousins semua not around.

Ok i am tired...been out the whole day today.
Gambar malam ni tak sempat nak snap because terlalu lapar.Ha ha!!


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