I don't know why I kept some stuffs too long. Maybe a very bad habit from me, semua benda sayang nak buang. But today I angkut all old hamper baskets and gave them to the cleaners. They like it,smiling accepting it. So there is no more buckets or baskets stacked up macam kedai bunga. Next I have to kemas is the clutter that I have pushed aside by the wall for over a week now. Just that I don't feel like sorting. Urghh.Just feeling happy that tak ada clutter in our bedrooms. I make sure that we have the peace of mind to sleep at night...enough about cleaning talk today.

Tonight I want to watch Prada to Nada... Hubby watched sikit last night and said "must watch" , I couldn't because I dozed off while he was starting to watch. LOL.
hopefully tonight I tak zzz again before the movie begins.

Lil one is drawing something bigtime in her room.We both rearranged her study table again. Hope she likes it.

Okdokie, must go find something to do.
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