Morning wake up call

This morning Lil one woke me up at 4am,I set the alarm for 5am .She was so excited for the trip up north today and told her to sleep again and give me another few minutes to sleep if not the migraine will trigger the sudden waking up while all that time hubby was snoring music:)

After a liltte while longer,i woke up ...made nescafe and started making food to pack for Lil one.made her spaghetti and lots of tomatoe sauce.Called her to shower and almost immediately she stood up and showered.LOL...How nice if she could get up this easy for school.I wish!

We got ready and finally woke hubby up.Dia muka macam bad mood aje because he had been up doing his work.Bising la sikit pagi ni sampai kena tegur,boleh tak tak bising,I said...tak boleh...he he...My mulut is like this already,what to do.So we all got ready and met the group and started our journey.We stopped by at Rawang to have our breakfast and then stopped at Tapah for another round of makan.Continued our journey and arrived our destination at about 12.15noon.Waited in line to check in.The kids gathered and left.We checked in and I am having my nescafe now.

I am planning to go to the a bit but let me rest first because tonight,gonna meet my besties...Yay!!
Roger and Out.


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