Monday again.
Yesterday before I slept I said to myself
Soon must plan for our year end trip.
Oooo cannot wait.
This time hopefully we spend time gallavanting from our country to the next.
Dont want to spend too many nights at the same place.
This will happen if money permits
He he

Start planning .
We prefer travelling in winter rather in summer.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, aha....plan pergi tengok to Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights at Canada's Kuningpisau or Yellow knife.
Ok, start planning....passport? Check? Luggage bag? Check? Duit? US $24,000, check! H/phone spare batteries? Check.....
Ha ha.
Al-Manar said…
My idea of a holiday is a quiet place, peaceful and good food food. That is if there are just the two of us. We have had enough of travelling with children. Those days of adventures and surprises are over.

Have a good time.

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