Wednesday blues?

Easy waking lil one up today.And when I looked outside it was fullmoon.Alhamdulillah coz dapat tengok bulan yang dekat and besar sangat and so beautiful.

I tapaued something to eat at home and dah makan.After this I need to sort a few more garbage bag.
I wonder if anyone knows if I can just drop off some toys at hospitals.Where should I go and what should I say?

Lil one is getting bigger,she doesnt need as much toys.
Mom said,hantar aje balik kampung so that she can store it there...We will see how.

I need to do laundry but I dont like that
Something is on tv right now.Maybe I'll just do that dulu:)


Laracroft74 said…
lama tak drop by..been so busy since I came back from my Bandung trip.we just entered our peak period in the office.. this will last till year end..adoii..penatnya.. hectic!! nak update my blog pun tak sempat.. all my shopping stuffs pun still terbengkalai in the guest room..

p/s why dont you donate the toys to the orphanage..I'm sure the kids there would be more than happy to receive them..
salam ,
Hi long time no see you.
Wanna read about your Bandung trip..and wanna see what you bought there..

I've donated a lot of lil one's baju and toys..the one yang tinggal ni cebisan cebisan toys dia:)

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