Lets talk about life purposes....
This morning in the car as we were driving home from breakfast,terbukaklah topic about someone that supposed to matter to husband dear but dengan perangai yang tak elok..terjadilah persengketaan keluarga.

As we grow older,we need to change.We need to have in us the capacity to change.We cant be like how we were 20 years ago.We go thru life as a journey and gain all the positive and negative experiences in life.We have to change,oh come on we're all in our mid life stage right now.For heaven's sake,CHANGE

People grow up.People learn from their own mistakes.People be there for each other.During hard and easy times.Dont just because someone is at their bottom of their life that people tend to ignore and just forget that that person existed.

We were speechless and told ourselves.Thats it.Thats the end of it.
Not just us,the rest of us too

We got a closure from that person's naiviety.
We let go.


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