Went to have brunch at Lil one's choice .Duduk makan and minum.Seorang main phone,seorang main Ipod..Seorang terlopong makan menikmati brunch.Its really hot today.
After that hubby said nak pergi pro shop nak cari something so we went la and Lil one was happily putting away.

Back home,I chilled for about an hour and then started rearranging furniture.Hah!!
Moved a small sofa into Lil one's room and now my living room have one 3 seater sofa.One rocking chair and a big box of stuffs yang nak dikemas.No mood yet to do that.
Whatelse should I clear away?Makin lama makinsikit barang I.
Want to live minimally and trying very hard ni.

Okdokie,going to shower and get ready and go out


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