Human Values

I wonder where human values are at now.I saw a couple just now obviously not husband and wife.They act like they're young and lively padahal dua dua dah berkerut.Hmmm I wont Kaypoh if not for them talking so loud sampaikan I cannot concentrate on what I was doing.
I usually dont care what people do when I'm out.But this couple they talk like restaurant tu bapak dia yang punya.So pissed off because its like I am not a customer at that place.I am paying for my food too so come on la humans,grow up la and think about after life.If you dont have enough respect for yourself to do that in public at your golden age.Go do it in private lah.
Astagfirullahulazim.Ya ALLAH forgive me for I have sin. Sin coz I saw what they did,in broad day light.
Forgive me ya ALLAH


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