I know,I'm a housewife

I love watching Perfect Houswife,Cleanaholics and Hoarders.It makes me want to clean and dejunk.I tend to get inspired wathing these programmes.
So now I have pushed in 3 big containers which contains Hubby's shoes,Lil one's soft toys and Lil one's art work.These are the things that I know that I want to keep but its not wrong to take them out and sort them out again right?

There's another big box that I dont want to even touch yet because then I dont have the place to put em .

So now,starting slow,going down on my knee...declutter begins:)


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Mom, you just have fun, but watch out don't throw away hubby's favourite shoes, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.
hee hee Uncle Lee...he he he:)

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