Its past midnight and i am still awake.
A thought crossed my mind.Was talking to hubby earlier on during the day how some people dont have respect for others in public places.Let me ask you,How do you behave in public places?Do you smile to people?Or do you have that aura about you stating that ,DONT LOOK AT ME.I DONT LIKE IT.
I have the soul of a happy person.I smile at people and sometimes I expect too much I guess coz I expect people to smile back.
Living in a condo,I like because everytime you bump into someone we say our hellos and smile and off we go.I met one or even two moms who are as friendly as I am.Some I met ,they just dont want any eye contact so I said leave it to them

I love it when neighbours bother and take the time to ask how you're doing .I guess I love the life of our parents where neighbors care about each other.
Ook I am melaluting now .

Good night.


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