This morning I snoozed so many times. Set the time for 5.39 but I snoozed till 6 I guess.. Hmm nasib tak terlajak. Cooked very early in the morning for Lil one's lunchbox.settled everything,solat semua.

Today, I begin again with my diet. Yesterday I timbang myself, not satisfactory. Been exercise like mad but not losing as much. Must change the way I exercise and change my diet as well.I need to lose about 10 kgs:) and then I'll look good!!

Gym routine has been understood by hubby and lil one. They encouraged and supported me everytime I said I have to go to the gym. I love that. They are my inspiration really.

Home need to be decluttered yet again. My cleaning mood have gone on a holiday I suppose,house is in a mess. Need to declutter all area of the house. Like I said to hubby, I need to clean like we're moving. I hope the mood comes back.

Ok, dah nak keluar.. And definitely will have me time with hubby for about an hour having breakfast with him.. Before he goes to work. After that I go to the gym

Have a nice Wednesday.. My blogging mood came back.


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