early riser

Was just telling Lil sister yesterday, I enjoy my night sleep. If possible on school nights, I must sleep right after Isyak and sleep the night thru till about 5am and then start my day. I know I sound so boring but I need my sleep on weekdays if not I won't function accordingly. LOL. Inilah agaknya ada schoolgoing child.I also instill in Lil one that sleep early is the best for her growing up years.but both Lil one and hubby have the same style, susah nak tidur malam and susah nak bangun awal. I have to nag!!! I don't quite like that but what to do? If I don't nag, lewatla they all.I pulak tak suka tengok they all lewat.well ,in other terms,they're not morning people like me. I love the smell of mornings. Before suboh. Peace and calm. I like that.

I love doing housework in the morning too,before they wakes up. I think I should start mopping after Suboh too. We will see how that goes tomorrow.

Today,bestie and I have another errand to run. We've been besties for 15 years. We don't see each other as much but when we meet up, there's so much to talk about,so many things to share.
But before that I must go exercise first. The after feeling of exercise makes me feel wonderful.thank god,I got inspired to exercise.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, saya pulak as age catching up, wake up at 5.30am....or 6. Terus da wash up mesti minum my iced coffee.
But my wife wakes at 7.30....I prepare breakfast for her before she leaves for work.

Weekend, dia bangun around 10.30am.
Me, still around 6am. I guess its a habit from my working days, as getup early catch plane to Singapore or Sarawak wherever.

But I enjoy see the sun rise....your sunset.
You there warm and hubby and anak enjoy sleeping. Kalau sini in winter when it's -26'c, snowing and ice outside, lagi ta'nak bangun, hide under warm comforter, ha ha.

Have a nice day, Ibu. Simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
Wow very good Uncle Lee. Early riser always the lucky ones, get to smell mornings, get to see sunrise,get peace and quiet..:)

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